Dolphins hire Gerald Alexander as defensive backs coach

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Gerald Alexander appeared in two games for the Dolphins in 2011. He is returning to the defensive backs room where he briefly sat as a player.

The Dolphins have hired the University of California assistant as their new defensive backs coach, Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald reports.

Alexander replaces Josh Boyer, whom Brian Flores promoted to defensive coordinator when Patrick Graham left for the Giants.

Alexander, 35, coached at Arkansas State, Washington, Indiana State and Montana State before Cal hired him as its defensive backs coach in 2017.

He played 44 career NFL games, spending time with the Lions, Jaguars, Panthers and Jets.

12 responses to “Dolphins hire Gerald Alexander as defensive backs coach

  1. Dude, we don’t care if Tua sits to 2021. For the Fins that would ve perfect. For Detroit, or the Chargers, not so much. Their coaches need to win in 2020.

  2. Imagine having 120M to spend, two of your biggest holes being FS and LT and you had two very good young ones, but wanted to go in another direction. Now they’ll be looking to draft guys who can hope to be as good as them.

  3. He is probably thinking it’s a good time to get on the Phinz train because the AFC East crown is the next stop. Sorry BB but without Brady your just average.

  4. Miami fans are delusional if they think that without Brady suddenly the Patriots will be no good, and they will capture the AFC East. Belichick has already proven twice that he can win without Brady. He went 11-5 with Matt Cassel back in 2008 and Cassel then didn’t do anything after leaving, and he went 4-1 with Jimmy G and Jacoby Brissett after Jimmy got hurt. So this idea that suddenly the Patriots will become irrelevant after Tom leaves is simply wrong

  5. “Another disastrous hire, does it ever end?”

    Flores got 5 wins out of a team many were predicting would go 0-16, and some of the losses were very close, competitive games.

    Now instead of having his roster gutted right before the season by the GM he’ll get a draft full of good young players.

    How exactly is this “disastrous”? Seems like Flores did a great job last year given what he had to work with, and things are looking up in Miami

  6. Sooo in addition to a whole new roster the fins will have to implement a new culture with a new set of coaches at key coaching positions such as OC and DC and more. What makes it worse is that the players who were on the team last year have to basically see that there isn’t much continuity carrying over from the previous year. Not good!! Some how some way fins fans will label Flores a genius for this.

  7. All of you Monday Morning QB/GMs, SMH!!!! Fitz didn’t want to be here, why is that so hard for you to get? Tunsil, is good but not great. He was going to warrant a contract, that would have paid him as the highest LT in the league. He’s in Texas now and we are crying like he was great in Miami. Let’s see this play out, this is year 2 of Flores regime. I am willing to see this to the end, be patient.

  8. The Dolphins wanted to keep Minkah Fitzpatrick. The practically begged him to stay when he came into Chris Grier’s office and told him and Coach Flores he didn’t like his role in the defense and wanted to be traded. I totally agree with people that they should have kept Tunsil, but Grier got an offer from a desperate Texans team that he couldn’t refuse. If the Dolphins can fill that void at left tackle either through the draft or free agency, then it was a good deal for them. These high picks give them flexibility to maneuver through the draft to get a player they covet.

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