Drew Brees: Not a given I come back, but it will be for Saints if I do

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Drew Brees has not said whether he will play football during the 2020 season and said this week that he’ll take some time to “decompress” before making that call, but he knows where he wants to be if he does decide to play.

Brees told Jane Slater of NFL Media that he has no intention of playing for any team other than the Saints. The Saints have said they want Brees in their uniform as long as he wants to play, which explains why Brees isn’t sweating a contract negotiation that would follow a decision to keep playing.

“I never been in the situation where I was mulling over the thought of [returning],” Brees said. “To me, each one of these contracts, I don’t know how many it’s been, I’ve played with them 14 years. It’s not a matter of if it gets done, it’s when. At this stage of my career, it’s not a given if I come back every year but when that time comes, I’ll always be a Saint.”

If one wanted to read into which direction Brees is leaning, they’d likely see that response as a sign that Brees and the Saints will keep it together for at least one more season.

15 responses to “Drew Brees: Not a given I come back, but it will be for Saints if I do

  1. I see the saints having some good records and brees having some good stats recently but they haven’t done everything the playoffs for years.
    In fact ever since beast quake in 2010/11 they haven’t done anything since 2009.

  2. Time to hang’em up. Great career but it was very obvious that he can’t get the ball deep down field anymore.

  3. purpleppleater84 says:
    January 24, 2020 at 8:28 am

    Time to hang’em up. Great career but it was very obvious that he can’t get the ball deep down field anymore.

    Great assessment. Not sure why there are so many blind faith people on these boards. Brees and especially, Brady are done. Brady should have taken a page from Manning and left after getting the ultimate prize.
    If not for Brees having a 5 game break, he would have had another noodle-arm series of games at the end of the season like the previous year.
    Brees and Brady are NFL greats, but the time comes for everyone to hang up the cleats. I think Brees will retire. But Brady is stubborn and trying to promote his TB12 brand to show his longevity. Let it go, Brady, you will only look worse next year.
    Look at these new young guns in the NFL. Brees and Brady can’t measure up. Brady looks like a dinosaur out there and Brees can’t finish the season with a strong arm.

  4. Maybe he is contemplating whether if they have another good year and then bomb in the playoffs again, it tarnishes his image a lot, not that he’s not going into the Hall. Everyone goes into the hall it seems.

  5. in 2019 Brees had his best QB rating of his career, 116.3
    2019, PFF #2 QB, Tied with Russell Wilson and just edged out by Ryan Tannehill
    2018 PFF #1 QB, ahead of Mahommes.
    Brees is performing at an NFL record level, unlike Brady, Rogers, Rivers…
    Football Wins are Team wins.
    Remember when Brady intercepted Russell Wilson on the goal line to Win the Superbowl?

  6. He doesn’t have the leverage he is used to having, not with Taysom Hill around. he still can play at a high level. Will the Saints pay him what he wants? I would say 60-40 he comes back.

  7. He still has to get his revenge on the commissioner for screwing the Saints! He’ll be back!

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