Eli Manning: It was important for me to go out as a Giant


Eli Manning spent 16 years with the Giants. He didn’t want to spend a single year with another team.

“It was important for me to go out as a Giant,” Manning said at his retirement press conference on Friday. “It was the right thing to call it a career and end it instead of trying to uproot my family.”

Manning previously made it clear that he has no interest in serving as a backup. There’s no indication that any other team would have offered him a clear-cut starting job for 2020, which surely made it easier for him to decide to walk away.

He said little about future plans, only that he intends to spend time with his family. He didn’t rule out accepting a role with the Giants at some point.

Money surely isn’t an issue for Eli; he has earned more than $250 million during his NFL career.

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  1. the last horse shoe fell out of his butt in 2011; that’s a long time to eat a team’s salary cap with no production. could have been spent on defenders like those who delivered the 07 and 11 championships.

  2. Its amazing how much vitriol Eli elicits. Man, you guys are tough. For those of us Giants fans who went through the dark years after Simms, Eli was a godsend. His numbers and 2 tiles would LIKELY be enough to get him into the HOF, but his tremendous relationship with the media will make it a slam dunk; maybe not in the first couple of years, but not too long after that.

  3. Walk away and be proud of what you accomplished Eli. The people who try to tear you down on the way out the door are them same people who were screaming “we won we won” when you were having those Super Bowl parades. Your going to Canton… Thanks for the memories.

  4. The last few years of his career has not been outstanding but he belongs in the Hall of Fame. If somebody like Jeff Garcia can be nominated for the Hall of Fame, then Eli should be a first ballot inductee.

  5. Elways #s games 234. 56% completion 51,475 yards 300 tds2 super bowl wins 1 mvp

    Eli 236 games 60.completion 57,023 yards 366 tds 2 super bowl wins 2 mvp

    1st ballot.

  6. As an Eagles fan, it took me a long time to respect what Eli did. The guy may be an easy target on the internet due to his legendary facial expressions. He’s had as many downs as ups. But the guy brought two Lombardi trophies to his team and no one can argue that. Class act along the way, as well.

  7. Not a Giant fan but have seen enough of Eli to give my two cents (not worth much). My take on Eli is he was a solid starter for several years. Somewhat overrated as far as I’m concerned. Super Bowls won are more on their defenses for both those years but you can’t discount what Eli meant to those teams. He was certainly durable never missing games to injury. He’s also a class act that I’d like to see more of.

    That said, I’m torn. I don’t think he had the career of a Hall Of Famer. He had too many ups and downs as far as I’m concerned. Too many pedestrian seasons. But the fact he was solid, durable and the way he was on and off the field (classy), I don’t have an issue if he were to be voted in. He deserves it a lot more than the Terrell Owens’ of the world that were talented but not team players. More of a cancer in the locker room.

  8. As a Giants fan, I remember the clutch times. When he went into Green Bay in the playoffs and beat Favre and Rodgers, both frigid cold. Also one of those years went on the road into San Fran against a hot 49ers team. The pass to Manningham could arguably be one of the most clutch plays ever(on both parts). Even with the helmet catch he did escape and then had to throw two more clutch throws afterwards for a TD. Beating the Pats twice. Everyone throws for 4000 yds today. Eli has had incredible sports moments that stats don’t always point out.

  9. Cowboys fan here.
    Great career. Not gonna forget that he used his Manning royalty as a vehicle to pull an Elway, tho.
    Imagine the flack if Lamar Jackson had done that. Really. Think about it.

    Take away David Tyree, and his legacy isn’t even what it is now.

    Not hating. Over the past four years, I would have rather had Eli over Dak. He would have flourished here.

    But that doesn’t take away from the fact, Papa Archie maneuvered his career to the Giants. And it’s simply not right. That it happen sixteen years ago, doesn’t all of a sudden make it OK.

  10. Not gonna forget that he used his Manning royalty as a vehicle to pull an Elway, tho.

    Agreed. All the “class act all the way” comments seem to overlook that he refused to play for San Diego. The Chargers obviously did not have a great outlook at that point, but were they really that hopeless of an organization? Rivers never made it to a Superbowl, but it’s not like he never had talent around him.

  11. Be honest football fans, if YOU were the number #1 pick in the draft, would you play in SD ? Yes the fans and weather were great but its the Spanos family, that fired Marty Schottenheimer after a 14-2 season ! If Rivers couldnt win a championship there, who could ?

  12. Comparing Elways stats directly to Eli’s is foolhardy. They are from two different eras. In Elway’s era you could hit the QB, DBs could be more physical, and going across the middle was actually dangerous for receivers. If you put Elway in Eli’s era, he has 70,000 passing yards.

  13. Say what you want but outside of the pats and pitt who else has two SB in the past 16 years?

    Look at the list of players who showed up today to say goodbye as well as former team coaches and management

    I am of course a Giants fan and will alway be happy we made the deal to get Eli in blue

  14. Its amazing how much people sht on the guys resume. Someone on here just compared his stats to John Elway and I was shocked to see the similarities.
    I’m a die hard cowboys fan. Eli ruined alot of my playoff hopes.
    He made the Romo led teams look way underwhelming. My hats off to Eli the stone cold killer. You get Eli in the playoffs and he turned into king clutch.
    I’ll be looking forward to his Canton speech. 1st ballot

  15. Pro Football Hall of Fame has players, coaches and a few dedicated media that have input into who they select. I’ll take their decision over fans or the process that baseball and basketball use.

  16. His legacy is entirely tied up in a small number of memorable moments. We all know that he had a mediocre record of 117-117, and we all know that his championships were secured more by a defensive line for the ages and a secondary that had Brady muttering something to the effect of “it’s like throwing into a forest” (which was made possible by an effective 4-man rush).

    So we get sentimental over a 3rd and long on a final decisive drive in which Manning, while in the grasp of Jarvis Green (a play the official acknowledged would have been whistled dead if it were not the decisive drive of the championship game), pasted the ball to the helmet of a relatively unknown wideout (the only catch of its kind).

    We get sentimental about the fact the opponent in these two championship games was none other than the dynasty of record, the New England Patriots, which in 2007 was 18-0 and two years removed from a stretch of 3 championships in 4 years. As of 2007, Belichick and Brady had never lost at THIS level. Yeah, they had been showing cracks and wearing thin for weeks after a season in which every opponent treated the New England game like a personal Super Bowl. By the time the Super Bowl arrived, it felt like the Patriots were stumbling into the ring for round 15 while the Giants were coming out for round 5.

    Ask yourself if Manning would feel like a HOF QB without a helmet catch and if he had faced a 12-4 Denver Broncos.

    On that decisive drive, Manning threw one of the worst passes you’ll ever see, a floating duck right into the usually reliable ball hawk Asante Samuel, who mistimed an altogether unnecessary jump perhaps out of disbelief or perhaps in thinking he must have had an intended receiver around to contest the ball (there was no one in the vicinity). The man literally dropped 19-0.

    The Giants also benefited from a curious decision by Belichick to attempt conversion of a 4th and 13 rather than attempt a very make-able field goal. The margin of defeat was only 3 points.

    So due to these memorable moments, Eli probably will be admitted to the Hall, but don’t tell me he should be regarded as first ballot material.

  17. Eagles fan here…

    I’ve always liked Eli and think he’s been a great QB for the Giants. Two championships and two MVPs says it all. Although his last few years were not so great, that’s often the way it goes. I respect the way he handled being benched this season, and that he’s going out as a Giant. After getting to the Giants, he maintained class, leadership, and a competitive edge for 16 years.

    Good luck with everything, Eli!

  18. That dropped interception by Samuel, may keep him out of the HOF, despite two championships, over 50 career interceptions, not to mention total TDs off the interceptions, especially in the postseason.

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