Giants will retire Eli Manning’s No. 10

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The Giants opened up Eli Manning‘s retirement press conference with a video showing the top highlights from his 16 years with the team and then co-owner John Mara took the microphone to make some introductory comments.

Mara acknowledged the presence of Manning’s family, former teammates, former coaches and former General Manager Ernie Accorsi, who made the trade that landed Manning in 2004, before turning his attention toward Manning. Mara said he remembered his father Wellington telling him after the final game of Manning’s rookie season that he thought the team had found their guy.

It would be the final game that Wellington Mara attended before his death in October 2005 and he was proven correct over the year. Mara then announced that the organization would be retiring No. 10 in Manning’s honor.

“We would be honored to induct you into our Ring of Honor next season And please know this: No Giant will ever wear No. 10 again,” Mara said.

Other honors will be more hotly debated, but there’s little doubt of how prominent a place Manning holds in the history of the Giants organization.

44 responses to “Giants will retire Eli Manning’s No. 10

  1. He defeated Goliath twice in the Superbowl. Mad props for that. But at the end of the day he is 117-117. Not sure a .500 QB deserves to have his number retired.

  2. He was not flashy. He was not fiery. He was not controversial. He has a career .500 record. All he did was win the sports biggest game against this century’s greatest franchise…..twice.

  3. It will be great walking into that stadium, looking up at the rafters, and thinking to myself… Right there, is the number of the athlete who lost just as many games as he won.

  4. This may be an unpopular opinion but I think Eli Manning is at best a career average and just happened to be two Super Bowl winning teams. Think about it, was he ever at any point in his career considered a top 10 quarterback in the league?

  5. Ugh, nothing against Eli but I really despise the practice of retiring numbers.

    It’s… just… a… number!!!!

    Like the team hall of fame, actual hall of fame, and 2 super bowl rings aren’t enough to honor someone. Hell, build him a statue and put his picture all over the stadium. Build him a mini museum inside. I mean my god, why do they have to retire a number as if it actually meant something?

    Why don’t they retire the stadium he played in as well? Makes about as much sense.

    They only get so many numbers. This entire practice is unsustainable and unnecessary.

    End rant.

  6. As much of a mess as their two SB teams were, they don’t get either of those wins without Manning.

    Now put Jim Plunkett in the HOF and everything will be fine.

  7. Giants can and should honor him like this, but he’s not an NFL great. Going to take lowering the bar significantly to get him into the Hall.

  8. If eLI is a HOF’er then so is Plunkett and Flores and Shanahan and any other player or coach who won multiple Super Bowls because unless you are a NYG fan you realize that is the ONLY reason he is considered anything other than mediocre as a player.

  9. A lot of bitter fans that wish Eli had spent 16 years on their team. Let’s face it, 25+ franchises would take what the Giants accomplished over what they did. The only exceptions are the Patriots and the Steelers…

  10. Ranking a QB on wins and losses seems dumb in a team sport, especially when 40-50% of the game that particular player isn’t even on the field.

    Eli is not a top elite QB of all time.

    But there’s something to be celebrated about consistency, stability, and class. Eli was straight up class on and off the field. And respected by his peers and teammates.

    Hall of Fame? If I had a vote, probably not, but I won’t complain if he goes in. But that’s beside the point, the point here is that we’re celebrating a pretty damn solid career…..15+ seasons as a starter in the league is something to honor.

  11. WelcomeToBroncoLand says:
    January 24, 2020 at 11:32 am
    Much deserving. No doubt a hall of famer
    Plenty of doubt.

  12. As a Giants fan I’ll always be grateful for those two otherworldly runs Eli took the team on. If people want to call the Tyree catch lucky its hard to argue. But Eli’s determination to continue the play and not go down most certainly was not. His focus and determination, when he wanted, was formidable. The pass to Manningham involved no luck whatsoever. It was a great, great pass under pressure when his team absolutely needed it. Whether he’s an NFL hall of famer can be subject to debate and really isn’t up to me. But he can proudly take his position next to all of the other greats to wear the Giants uniform. Thanks for everything Eli. Was a h*ll of a ride.

  13. Jim Plunkett, Trent Dilfer, Jim McMahon and Brad Johnson also deserve consideration to enshrinment in the Eli wing of the Hall of Fame.

  14. jjackwagon says:
    January 24, 2020 at 11:22 am
    He defeated Goliath twice in the Superbowl. Mad props for that. But at the end of the day he is 117-117. Not sure a .500 QB deserves to have his number retired.

    Giants defense won those super bowls

  15. good guy, above average player, 2 great seasons. Is it a sad state of affairs in the NFL when we have to over compliment a guy for not being a total Dbag off the field?

  16. The doofiest QB of all time… beat the chisled chin of the cover boy in New England. Twice in the Superbowl. One because of helmet stickum to a player who was out of the league two years later and the defense. Two because of the kicker, who should have won MVP.
    Lucky to be in the right place at the right time I guess.

  17. pksizzleblog says:
    January 24, 2020 at 11:31 am
    It will be great walking into that stadium, looking up at the rafters, and thinking to myself… Right there, is the number of the athlete who lost just as many games as he won.


    And two of the wins included a Lombardi Trophy and MVP titles. And only a handful of QBs EVER can claim that.

  18. Solid quarterback but the very definition of an average career. 2 great months out of a 16 year career should not get you in the HOF. It diminishes the accomplishments of many of the great players already in there.

  19. Guy screwed the Chargers who drafted him by refusing to play there, later gets nailed for selling fake game worn jerseys, gets worshipped for doing it “the right way” en route to a .500 career.

    I think that covers it.

  20. If the Giant Defense won those Superbowls why did Eli have to come from behind with 2 minutes left in the games twice?????

  21. Anyone claiming Eli was ever carried is delusional.

    Giants have always been above average, they always played their best football the last 6 weeks of a season and during the playoffs.

    All the close games he won with lack luster weapons around him. He won the two biggest games of his career throwing to players that were outta the league within 2 years of those games.

    The last 3 years are the most talent hes ever had around him on offense and its a shame he just fell off physically and had no oline.

    Im a Raiders fan btw, no doubt in my mind that Eli is a First Ballot HoF. Numbers speak for themselves regardless of the career record because the post season record and rings is all that matter.

  22. None of the points the Giants put on the board in those two Super Bowls — 17 then 21 — would have looked good had that defensive line not been an absolute monster. And in that second SB, Perry Fewell had Brady muttering something to the effect “it’s like throwing into a forest.” The official also acknowledged that had he called the game the way he calls regular season games (i.e., had it not been the decisive drive of the championship game), Eli would have been whistled in the grasp of Jarvis Green. (JG had some key sacks of his brother Payton). Then who knows if the Giants would have converted a 4th and long. He also benefited from a dumb decision by Belichick to go for it on 4th and 13 rather than kick a make-able FG. Three points would have come in handy in a 17-14 loss.

    And finally there was the strange drop of an easy INT on that decisive drive by usually reliable ball hawk Asante Samuel. Eli gifted him a floating duck and he mistimed a very unnecessary jump, perhaps thinking he had a wideout draped over him when no one else was in the vicinity. It was that bad a throw.

    So I wouldn’t be too quick to annoint Eli. He had a good career but some of those memorable moments on which his HOF consideration rests so heavily are a little shaky.

  23. Very classy gesture on the part of the Giants. It is fitting that some numbers be retired. Hope when Larry Fitzgerald retires the Cards retire #11, some shoes (or jerseys) can never be filled!

  24. Overall not a Hall of Famer. But because of the two Super Bowl runs he’ll get in. That’s just what they do in the Pro Football HOF. I’m surprised they haven’t put Kerry Collins in the HOF, given the low standards.

  25. We like to think of Eli as David to the Patriots Goliath. Oh how we forget. Who was drafted #1 overall with a heap of expectations? And who was drafted 199th (6 round) behind 6 other quarterbacks?

    Uh huh.

  26. Eli Manning was “elite”, not too many quarterbacks can play for that long.

    Let’s see if Joe Flacco can get another ring so we get the same argument all over again.

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