John Lynch squeezing Mobile in before Miami


Mobile to Miami” makes for a great slogan, and a better T-shirt.

Mobile to Santa Clara to Mobile again to Miami, not as good.

But that’s the more accurate description of 49ers General Manager John Lynch’s recent travel plans, as he made a quick stop at the Senior Bowl this week to start working on the 2020 version of his team before joining his friends and co-workers next week for the Super Bowl.

That’s why you’re in Mobile the week before the Super Bowl,” Lynch said, via Jeremy Fowler of “It’s a big decision, do you leave back home? Because there are a lot of details to get wrapped up. But you’ve got to constantly be better and trying to better your organization. This is a valuable opportunity to do that.”

Lynch had other plans to make, but he viewed this trip as an important part of the scouting process for the future, as they try to get the 49ers back to a place of consistent winning.

“Our vision was to come in here and get this place back,” Lynch said. “How long that was going to take, we didn’t know. But we were going to put our head down and work every day to try to improve our organization. That was our mindset. And we tried to bring in guys who have that same mindset.”

At this point it appears they’re on the right track, as a year of losing put them in position to use last year’s trip to Alabama when they were coaching the game to their full advantage. Next week, the goals become more immediate, as they try to win the franchise’s sixth Super Bowl.