Judge orders mental health evaluation for Antonio Brown


After Antonio Brown turned himself into the Broward County authorities on Thurday night, his attorney said that there would be a bond hearing on Friday morning.

Brown made that appearance in front of judge while wearing handcuffs and, per multiple reports, was granted bail despite arguments from prosecutors that he should be held in custody. A bond was set at $100,000 for Brown on a burglary with battery charge. He faces two other charges related to an incident at his home earlier this week.

Brown allegedly struck a moving truck driver after an argument regarding Brown’s refusal to pay for his services. Brown’s trainer has also been arrested.

The judge also ordered Brown to undergo a mental health evaluation once he has been released from custody. He must also surrender his passport and wear a GPS monitor while the case plays out.


63 responses to “Judge orders mental health evaluation for Antonio Brown

  1. Finally some sense. This dude has issues, and I don’t think it is whether he is smart as some people want to suggest. I am 95% certain he has some bad wiring up there. Never been a particular fan but I hope he gets the help he needs. For himself and for every life he touches.

  2. Finally someone pointing him in the right direction – hopefully this is bottom for him, but that remains to be seen.

  3. Finally. A big shout out to the judge because this was long overdue. I seriously believe that something mentally is out of sorts with AB. I truly want him to get the help he needs (if indeed there is some sort of mental issue). It’s just sad that it took him being arrested for it to happen. Let’s hope that this is the first step in getting AB the help he needs.

  4. This judge should be applauded for getting the mental health process started. Brown might be trash, but it’s clear he’s also sick. Meds won’t stop him from being trash but it might stop him from being a career criminal now that his football career is nearing conclusion.

  5. If only that darn NFL wouldn’t keep dragging its feet on deciding whether he should be cleared to play, he could get a contract to help pay bail.

  6. This is the best News for AB . I know he won’t think so and will fight it tooth and nail… but it is a great first step.

    I truly wish him the best….. If he can do the counseling and change his life now the road and only get better for him in the future.

  7. Who really thinks he’s going to follow the conditions of his bond? There’s zero chance he’ll do that. He does whatever he wants and has shown he feels he’s not required to abide by any rules. Hopefully the judge will revoke his bond if he doesn’t fulfill those conditions and requires him to do things BEFORE his release.

  8. Finally some real consequences Antonio can understand. Obviously losing a NFL contracts and endorsement deals worth $40+ million in due to his behavior wasn’t consequential enough for him. Probably because his mind lives in the moment and he figured I still have millions. Nothing sobers a person up more then the real risk of losing their freedom. Now judging from his decision making I expect him to do something in a few days to violate this court order but for now I bet he’s at least thinking a little bit about his actions before acting on impulse.

  9. This whole saga has become really sad. It was less than 18 months ago that AB would have been a consideration for the HOF after retiring.

  10. He’s ignored the rules to this point, so this lesson will be a telling one for him. I would have kept him in custody for the evaluation, as I suspect he’ll either game the system for the eval, or simply ghost it. Then the fun begins.

    There’s still plenty of bottom to drop out of this one.

    Sad situation, and I hope he eventually gets diagnosed and treated.

  11. Mental illness is no small issue. I hope he gets the help he needs, as it seems he has such issues. I remember Brandon Marshall, often described as “mercurial” became quite open about his battle with bipolar disorder. When he was with the Bears and under a doctor’s care, he was a model citizen and great player.

  12. Time for tough love. No more bending the rules and getting away with it or only getting slapped on the wrist. The money will eventually run out, and soon if an attorney has anything to say about it.

  13. It’s about time. AB may or may not be too smart, but that is not the cause of his troubles. He clearly has mental issues and acts compulsively; I’m no doctor so I won’t hazard a diagnosis, but only a crazy man acts the way he does, and throws away a multi-million dollar career in the process. Whether or not he ever puts on an NFL uniform again, this is the right step for him, and I wish him the best as long as he continues on the path back to sanity.

  14. As these comments run the gamut from entitled jerk to imbalanced to unhinged to substance abuse it pays to keep in mind those things aren’t mutually exclusive. It could easily be all of the above. If AB can be helped let’s all hope, if not for his own then at least for his kid’s sake, that he is.

  15. He seems to be suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder. People rarely act like this purposefully, there’s something brewing in his mind that he cannot handle himself. Mental illness is very real, and we need to treat it like any other illness and break the stigma and name calling. Kudos to the judge. He’s not well, and he needs help from a team of professionals.

  16. amaf21 says:
    January 24, 2020 at 10:01 am
    how about a mental health eval BEFORE he’s released? end well this will not.
    So true… Talk about closing the barn door after the horses got out….

  17. Mental health: i.e. I’ve been a spoiled athlete for such a long time I have really let it go to my head.

    I am getting tired of people blaming spoiled bad behavior on mental health.

  18. Somewhat reminds me of Brandon Marshall. He got the help he needed and extended his career. Hopefully something similar works out here. The NFL is better when a true take over talent is in the game.

  19. As much as a s___ show this has been and self inflicted, I do hope he gets help. This isn’t about him getting to play again, it’s about him getting healthy mentally. If that’s even possible at this point who knows? I still think that Burfict hit was the straw on the camels back. Viscous hit that changed AB forever.

  20. Blessing in disguise Antonio. That will also get your charges dropped if you are bi-polar. You don’t realize you’re doing anything wrong.

    This is going to help him.

  21. I don’t know exactly what a mental health evaluation consists of, but I an see him putting on his best performance and telling people what they want to hear in order to have them think he is fine. What they really need to do is watch all the videos of him acting crazy and watch the video of Brown’s timeline of demise along with all legal issues past and present.

  22. Say what you want about AB, and while he may have been something of a prima donna beforehand, that hit he took from Vontaze Burfict in 2016 changed him for the worse.

  23. Hate to say it, but it doesn’t matter what the judge ordered. In his mind he still hasn’t done anything wrong & “the man/authority” is still telling him what to do. Look at his past outbursts, people who know him say this is due to people making him feel uncomfortable or giving him rules to follow. Sort of like making an addict go to rehab, they have to want it for it to work. You can’t back someone in the corner to make them change. He had $MILLION$ of reasons to get his act right & didn’t. I DO hope it works, because there’s something obviously not right with him. But, I also think people/friends/coaches have been bending the rules/letting him get away with things for all this time now that this is who he is. We shall see.

  24. Go back and look at that hit Vontaze Burfict laid on him in January 2016.
    You can’t look at that video and not think that some damage was done.
    His egg was scrambled while it was still in the shell.

  25. He’ll have to wear a GPS monitor, surrender his passport, and can’t use social media or possess any weapons if he posts bond.

    As soon as i saw the NO SOCIAL MEDIA, I realized that this guy will probably violate this stipulation within minutes of his release. He can’t help himself!

  26. Wisconsin77 says:
    January 24, 2020 at 10:35 am
    Mental health: i.e. I’ve been a spoiled athlete for such a long time I have really let it go to my head.

    I am getting tired of people blaming spoiled bad behavior on mental health.

    Mental health is real. Millions of people suffer from many different mental illnesses. People that call them spoiled or selfish is one of the reasons that they don’t seek help.

    Over 2 percent of the US population suffers from bi-polar disease. If you’ve ever known people that had that illness and went untreated, you’d know how absolutely crazy they can act.

    We don’t know if Brown is bipolar or has some other illness, but it’s likely that he is mentally ill. Hopefully he’ll get treatment now.

  27. Seems like all the comments support some kind of mental health evaluation. Having (as a counselor practicum student) taken part in these evaluations (called “psych-evals”) on the side of the evaluator let me say that these evaluations really don’t solve much of anything, and while I don’t like Brown or what he supposedly did, b.ear in mind that may pop culture celebs (such as Kanye) undergo these psych-evals and wind up even in worse shape than before. If they do one on Brown I hope there is not evil agenda behind it, like supposedly happened to Kanye after he went on stage and ranted politically incorrect stuff.

  28. Put Odell in a psych consult too before he becomes AB. This behavior is rampant going back to TO. I don’t know if they grew up poor without a parent. Then one day, they get a huge NFL paycheck and think they are invincible on and off the field. I give AB 5 years before he is bankrupt and/or imprisoned if the consultation does not work.

  29. a 911 caller who can’t even speak proper English or articulate his thoughts coherently alleges you’re high No substantial proof

    Judge, in that case I order drug testing and a mental evaluation

    I hope Brown sues the county, judge & the state of Fl

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