There’s another Lamar Jackson on the way to the NFL

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Lamar Jackson can’t think about becoming the league’s MVP yet.

He’s simply trying to get drafted first.

Nebraska cornerback Lamar Jackson is at the Senior Bowl this week, hoping to display the skills to allow him to join his Ravens quarterback namesake in the league.

“He’s doing his thing in the league and I’m on my way,” the younger one told Ryan O’Halloran of the Denver Post. “There could probably be some marketing money in that.”

The 6-2 1/2, 206-pound cornerback had three interceptions and 12 pass breakups for Nebraska last year, and has the kind of confidence that will serve him well in the NFL. He cited Patrick Peterson, A.J. Bouye and Jalen Ramsey as his favorite players at his position.

“With my intangibles and athletic ability, I can star in any style,” New Lamar said. “I feel like I’m best in press-man and can be one of those guys you put on an island in a game. But it’s great to be in zone coverage looking at the quarterback’s eyes and getting my hands on some footballs. . . .

“When you’re talking about the NFL, every receiver is capable and lined up out there for a reason. I can’t wait to be on that stage. If I do get one of the main guys I look up to and lock them down, it will be a check on my list.”

Of course, when he gets on that stage, he’s going to have to get used to be known as The Other One.

7 responses to “There’s another Lamar Jackson on the way to the NFL

  1. Could you imagine Lamar Jackson intercepting Lamar Jackson? Man, that guy can almost do it all

  2. I wish the young man all the best. The NFL though is filled with the very best of the best. Coaches are more adept and finding your weakness. And the game is played ar a much faster speed. Three interceptions at Nebraska is good. But who. Did Nebraska play. A good schedule and were improved. But the 53 man on each nfl roster was also a standout at every level he played until he reached the nfl

  3. Probably a better QB too when his team doesn’t know the opponent plays ahead of time from Bluetooth Guy.

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