After long road to the Pro Bowl, Jaylon Smith calls the game “a blessing”

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Some players don’t think the Pro Bowl is worth their time. Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith is not one of those players.

Smith, who suffered a severe knee injury in his final college game, missed his rookie season because of that injury, and for a time didn’t know if he’d fully recover, is in his first Pro Bowl this year. He’s looking forward to being out there on Sunday.

It’s a blessing anytime. Just growing up as a child, you always watched these games and they used to be in Hawaii,” Smith told the Dallas Morning News. “I cannot wait until I get an opportunity to play in the Pro Bowl. For this to happen, it’s a blessing man.”

Smith made the Pro Bowl because Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly dropped out. For every player who is chosen to the Pro Bowl but doesn’t participate, someone else considers it a great honor. Smith is in that latter category.

10 responses to “After long road to the Pro Bowl, Jaylon Smith calls the game “a blessing”

  1. Good for Jaylon. But does anyone else think it’s absurd how many Cowboys somehow make the Pro Bowl, yet Dallas hasn’t been a relevant teams since the early 90s?

    It’s impossible to tell which Cowboys Pro Bowl player truly deserves it (very few of them), and which ones are in just to goose the ratings because they play on The Media’s Team (most of them).

  2. Since the majority of football fans and players really don’t give a darn at all about this meaningless game, is it really bragging rights for when players participate?
    “Jack Smith has played in 5 Pro Bowls.”
    Yeah. So what?
    Bragging rights belong to those who win the Souper Bowl. Except for the Patriots.

  3. I like him but he didn’t have a great year. I think the loss of Vanderesch who was better in coverage forced him out of position a lot. He needs to get better in coverage and/or play closer to the line of scrimmage. Honestly Sean Lee was Dallas’s best linebacker this year and he didn’t even play that much.

  4. I agree somewhat that Smith did not have a good year. He was very inconsistent
    in some games he was horrible. The previous commenter is right, Sean Lee had as good
    or maybe better year. I thought the Cowboys should have left Lee in on third downs
    instead of Smith. Watch Smith in coverage. Watch him against screens, he wants no
    part of breaking up the blocking, much like his run defense he takes a side,
    sometimes it work, and when he picks wrong, watch out!
    I also agree that Dallas players get too much credit, they are sort of like
    Notre Dame players in college.
    Lastly when you run a campaign to become captain and then to get into the
    Pro Bowl you need to earn it. Smith has played about 8-10 really good games
    in four years, The rest of the time we have seen average or below average play.
    I’m betting the Cowboys are second guessing his contract.

  5. Another example of a Cowboy player backing into a slot on the Pro bowl.
    There’s no way he earned it this year.

  6. Sorry Jaylen you didnt have a Pro bowl season, yes you did lead the team in Tackles but also lead in miss tackles, also you care more about your brand that winning football games.

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