Expect Kyle Shanahan to exploit Chiefs’ penchant for defensive holding

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It’s a good bet officials will call a defensive holding penalty or pass interference penalty on the Chiefs. The question is: How many?

The Chiefs led the league in penalties on passing plays during the regular season, according to Matt Maiocco of NBCSportsBayArea.com. That included a league-high 21 defensive holding penalties, with three declined.

Kansas City’s 10 defensive pass interference penalties tied for 17th, but its 227 yards on those infractions was second most in the NFL behind only the Jets (254). The Chiefs were called for two more pass interference infractions in the postseason.

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan might even call for a penalty on the Chiefs before it happens as he did in the NFC Championship Game.

The 49ers held a 34-20 lead over the Packers and faced a third-and-three with 5:56 remaining when Shanahan called a play for George Kittle on a short out route. Before the snap, Shanahan told side judge Eugene Hall that Packers cornerback Will Redmond was going to impede his Pro Bowl tight end.

“That’s how he installed the play, too,” Kittle said, via Maiocco. “So, yeah, that’s what happened.”

Two officials, including Hall, threw flags for the obvious penalty on Redmond.

Officials called defensive pass interference, giving the 49ers an automatic first down and 5 yards for the spot foul. The 49ers burned another 2:25 off the clock and kicked a 42-yard field goal.

“When it’s man-to-man coverage, you hope the play is on your sidelines so you can alert guys to stuff,” Shanahan said this week. “Sometimes it’s tough for those guys, especially when you have switch releases and receivers moving in and out.

“So you just try to give them a heads-up where we’re looking. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t. Usually it has to do with whether they [call] PI or not.”

15 responses to “Expect Kyle Shanahan to exploit Chiefs’ penchant for defensive holding

  1. Reid and Shanahan are easily in the top tier of offensive game planning and scheming up plays.

    Both defenses will be tested more then they have all season. Especially when you add in the fact of two weeks dissecting the opponents defensive film.

  2. Stop. Shanahan doesn’t need to call out anything or anything. He called out the play against Will Redmon because Redmon used to play for the Niners and is notorious for pi calls, especially in practice when matched up against Kittle. Shannahan knew Redmon would hold. The Niners are going to play the game just like the Chiefs are. Acting like they are going to take put Mahomes and complain to the refs about holding is ridiculous.

  3. Defensive holding… wait Coach Shanny. You have Robert Salah and Richard Sherman, both were part of the Seahawks famous grab and release defensive plan who are teaching and showing your DBacks how it works, and you’re worried about KC holding your receivers???

  4. Hope that the league does not stop calling defensive holding as they did in the Super Bowl between Denver and Seattle played in New Jersey. No more game fixing please.

  5. I doubt that will happen unless they were playing the patriots,and we know that definitely isn’t happening

  6. The NFL should make a rule where if the coach tries to persuade game officials to call a penalty before a play is run, 15 yards and loss of down. It is basically cheating to direct officials to make a call and watch a certain player on a certain play. Especially when a coach knows there will be some sort if contract because of a plays design. If not for prior notification of what might happen, the official might not even see the penalty, or even call it if he does see it.

  7. Gee I wonder how many times opposing teams have been called for defensive holding, illegal contact or pass interference when aying the Chiefs? Probably not as many as should be called because opposing teams almost have to push the limits against KC’s receivers to stand any chance of stopping them. I’d say Kelce gets held on almost 80% of his routes.

  8. Chiefs won’t have to exploit so for holding, all of the KC receivers will be long gone and past the defensive backs.

  9. I am an avid reader of this site, but am starting to wonder why? Hurt Mahomes… The chiefs hold on defense… Are you kidding me? The Patriots practically tackled my boys for the entire AFC championship game last year, and I didn’t see any articles on that. Very convenient.

    I haven’t heard this much Chiefs bashing since we lost to the Titans 2 years ago. …but i understand the motivation. The coastal bias is kind of ridiculous. I thought you guys were above this.

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