Yes, you can bet that the 49ers will blow a 28-3 lead (but you shouldn’t)

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The number of Super Bowl prop bets is limited only by the creativity of those devising them. For Super Bowl LIV, the folks at PointsBet have plucked a fairly low piece of low-hanging fruit in crafting a prop wager that calls back to Super Bowl LI.

Via David Purdum of, the odds of the 49ers blowing a 28-3 lead have been set at 100-1.

It’s an obvious reference to San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan’s most recent Super Bowl experience, as the Falcons offensive coordinator. Three years ago, Atlanta led the Patriots 28-3 in the second half, and the Patriots stormed back and won.

Apart from the lowbrow humor of the bet, it’s a horrible wager at 100-1. Given the lessons learned by Shanahan during that experience and the potency of current team’s running game, a 28-3 lead definitely would not be blown this time around.

That the 49ers would even build a 28-3 lead is a longer shot than 100-1; building it and blowing it is more like a million to one shot, at best.

But people will spend money on anything, and more than a few Patriots fans who are perusing the menu of options may be inclined to burn some cash on a proposition that should be paying off much, much more than $100 for every dollar wagered. Then again, if they’ll buy the bet at only 100-1 in the name of sticking it to the Falcons more than 1,000 days later, why not offer it at that rate?

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  1. I would love to see Frisco get a 28-3 lead and I will take my chances on them blowing it. Sure beats being down by 28-3. Jimmy G. has 7 4th quarter comebacks (1 with New England, 2 in 2017 when he was 5-0 as a starter, and he is tied for the lead in the NFL with 4 this season). That is 1 out of every 3 games he has won as starter. In comparison, Russell Wilson has 21 4th quarter comebacks out of 86 total wins. That means only 1 out of every 4 (24.4%) Russell Wilson victories were 4th quarter comebacks. That is not too bad for a quarterback who has been snubbed by the pro bowl. Go Jimmy G. Go 49ers.

  2. The Chiefs have fallen behind by double digits early in each of their two playoff games and come back. Why would it be impossible for them to do so again?

  3. First of all the 9ers aren’t going to score 28 points, they will be lucky to get 17. Y’all keep sleeping on the Chiefs D and all you experts are going to be asking yourselves on Monday the 3rd wow we really looked foolish thinking Jimmy G could do what Pat Mahomes can.

  4. As I always say, TEAM win SBs, not people. JG threw like 8 passes in the NFCCG, so “JG doing what PM can” is ludicrous. SF doesn’t win because of JG, they win because of that defense and an intense running game. Mahomes wins, well…he just wins. It is not a QB duel, even if it were a QB duel.

  5. “The Chiefs have fallen behind by double digits early in each of their two playoff games and come back. Why would it be impossible for them to do so again?”

    Because the 49ers aren’t the Texans or Titans. You get behind big against that defense and you only allow them to further unleash a dangerous pass rush that has been knocking QBs around like ragdolls all season long when everyone has been healthy.

  6. I’d take that bet, Chiefs start slow then kick into overdrive. bet 100.00 win 10k ,anytime i go to casinos i never get my hopes up ” i planned on losing 100 anyways” BUT HAD FUN DOING IT.
    Sure beets that person who put up 684k on the 49ers by 2.

  7. whoa now, why the reference to pats fans makng foolish wagers? we know there are a lot dumber fan bases out there. believe it or not, some spend thousands on fake game equipment, some can’t grasp the concept of temperature dependent air pressure, some even believe their owner is a great gm, etc.

  8. As a lifelong Falcons fan–since the mid- 70s–I still can’t believe what happened after we basically had the trophy in hand. Rereading “28 to 3” is still surreal. Who loses that lead at the end of a 3rd quarter?! And what other “genius” coordinator who is the son of a SB-winning coach would need to learn in such a brutal way on such a stage to play situational football the next time? Damn peewee coaches know that. Thanks again, Kyle.

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