49ers’ Mike Person was cut by three Super Bowl teams before finally making it

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San Francisco 49ers guard Mike Person will arrive in Miami today to play in his first Super Bowl, after three near misses.

Person, who has been on the rosters of six different franchises in his NFL career, was previously cut by the 49ers in 2012, the Seahawks in 2013 and the Falcons in 2016. All three teams went on to go to the Super Bowl.

This year, Person is a starter for the 49ers, so he can feel confident he’s not going to be a surprise Super Bowl week release. He’ll play in Super Bowl LIV.

“Yeah,” Person told the San Francisco Chronicle, “this feels pretty good.”

Person has felt the sting of watching his former teams on Super Bowl Sunday, and although he roots for the friends he made, it doesn’t feel good to miss out on it.

“With Atlanta, I had a lot of really good buddies,” Person said. “And I was cheering for them, obviously. But it was just kind of bittersweet. On one hand, you want to see your buddies be really successful. On the other hand, it’s ‘I could be part of that.’ And you feel like you should be a part of that.”

Now former teammates in several cities will be cheering for Person in the Super Bowl.

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  1. It is so much easier to like and root for the big fat guys. The big uglies. All these guys do is play with by-and-large none of the drama of the supposed skill prima donnas.

    Good luck to this guy.

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