Drew Brees will “give it a month or so” before making his decision


For Saints quarterback Drew Brees, the decision is simple: Play for the Saints in 2020, or retire.

On Saturday, the timetable for making the decision became a bit more clear.

“I’m really waiting until football is totally done,” Brees said Saturday from the Pro Bowl, via Amie Just of NOLA.com. “Obviously being here, I’m just very much focused on my family and this opportunity to be around the guys, playing the game.

“Then, I’ll kind of lay low for a little bit, get away and then assess. I kind of have a process in mind. And I’ll give it a month or so.”

Saints G.M. Mickey Loomis has said that the team wants him to continue. The presence of restricted free agent Taysom Hill complicates things, however. Hill, who turns 30 this year, has become a potent weapon on offense, arguably the best player on the field when the Saints lost to the Vikings three weeks ago. The Saints, on one hand, would surely like to keep Brees for as long as they can. On the other hand, they surely don’t want to risk losing Hill to a team that isn’t already paying $20 million or more for a starter.

Would Brees accept a role that is a click or two closer to part time, accepting more and more reps and opportunities for Hill in what would become a sort-of transition year? It’s possible that the Saints both want Brees and want to keep Hill, not simply for cameo appearances and special teams.

The role envisioned for Brees and Hill necessarily will impact the offer the Saints will make for Brees. And with Brees on the record about not playing for another team, the Saints (unlike the Packers in 2008 with Brett Favre or the Colts in 2012 with Peyton Manning or possibly the Patriots in 2020 with Tom Brady) don’t have to worry about Brees balking at a proposed role or compensation package and emerging with a competitor.

So while the decision is simple, the dance could get complicated. Unless the Saints and Brees have the same idea in mind as to how much he’ll make and how much he’ll play, Brees could decide that the time has indeed come to walk away.

35 responses to “Drew Brees will “give it a month or so” before making his decision

  1. Regardless of the choice he makes, the Saints are in good shape with Bridgewater and Hill. Teddy was awesome while Drees was out and who knows what potential Hill has

  2. Honestly, the Saints don’t need Brees anymore. They have Teddy Bridegwater (if they want him) and Taysom Hill, who are fine QBs that can take the team forward. Brees is definitely on the down side of his career, and the Saints don’t need to tie up tons of cap money with him. He should retire gracefully and walk away with all that money he has in the bank. The Saints won’t miss a beat.

  3. Sounds like they are not considering Teddy Bridgewater as their starter if Drew Brees retires. Hill is not a starting quarterback, and he did not start a single game in 2019 for the Aints. If I were the GM of a team looking for a starting quarterback, I would definitely rank Bridgewater higher than Hill. Bridgewater brought the Vikings to the playoffs, and he did not lose a game this season substituting for Brees.

  4. This is such a comic opera. He’s coming back. There’s too much money at stake. Money you’ll never ever get again. And Drew has always been about the money.

  5. If I were the patriots I’d go after Brees hard. Year after year they have a mostly top 5 defense. We all know it’s done through cheating but Goodell still allows it so it is what it is. But with a qb like Brees, they could open up the offense and throw routes other than slants and outs to the slot receiver.

  6. It was great watching Brees and the great Saints teams for many years. The Saints have a great coach and will do well without Brees. He won’t be worth the $30M+ he’ll want for one season and I think he knows he is done.

  7. Drew is just doing a money grab at this point. He can’t throw the deep ball, and hasn’t been able to for years now. Taysom Hill seems to be the future for the Saints.
    Sean Payton likes the dual threat he provides why wait any longer?

  8. Hill is great in small doses and change-up but I suspect as a full time player the surprise effect would diminish and stopping him is mo different than scheming for Jackson or Watson.

  9. With the weapons the saints have on offense either TB or TH can Succeed. The advantage of TB would be longer sustained drives keeping the other team off the field and their defense fresher.

  10. ahzroc says:
    January 26, 2020 at 9:20 am

    Brees had the highest QB rating of his career in 2019: 116.3
    The guy is money in a regular season home-dome game against the AFC South. In the playoffs, against a good team, not so much.

  11. Brees had the highest QB rating of his career in 2019:

    Meaning, he didn’t make any adjustments, regardless of what opponent D did.

    That is why he failed again, and again, and again in playoff, with 100 million dollar Michael Thomas.

  12. I think Brees will play at least one more year because personal records are important to him and he also wants an ego inflating goodbye tour.

  13. Since he counts over 20 mil on the Saints salary cap if he retires, and who knows how much more if he doesn’t, I don’t think it’s his decision to make.

  14. Which old semi washed up QB will call it quits first. Brady seems to have a one more season blessing from Kraft in NE, while Brees gets to call his shot in N.O.

    The obscure who cares stat books want to know…along with ESPN because you know they will hype up either one in their final stat push on a Monday Night!

  15. Drew. I hate to break it to you but this is just a chance for you to grab more money out of the Saints. With you and Bridgewater both being free agents who is going to be under center next year/ Your not going anywhere and you know it Drew. Sign for the league minimum so they can sign better players on “your team” and you’ll really get my attention. Tom Brady has been underpaid for over a decade. How many rings are on your fingers? Brady is working on the other hand. Tom Brady collect rings PERIOD. If they wanto run him out of New England then so be it. If I were the L.A. Chargers I would offer him the moon. We’ll see how great Bill Bel is if Brady walks.

  16. ahzroc says:
    January 26, 2020 at 9:20 am

    Brees had the highest QB rating of his career in 2019: 116.3


    And yet he choked again when it came time in the postseason….

  17. Get so tired of these guys hanging on. He’s 40, he can’t throw with consistency anymore, especially on the deep ball. Retire and spend time with your family. The Saints will be fine. They can lose in spectacular fashion in the playoffs without Drew Brees for years to come.

  18. db105 says:
    January 26, 2020 at 9:32 am
    Brees will come full circle and end his playing career with the Chargers.

    I could certainly see the Chargers doing something like that but if they were smart, they would build for the future. They have a talented nucleus that would have been decent if Rivers had not been their qb. Getting Brees would judt be a temporary band-aid.

  19. He’ll be back and he says only with the Saints. He likes those dome and warm weather division numbers.

  20. He’ll be back! But if he does retire he could always become an assistant coach at his hometown state championship Westlake HS!

  21. Taysom Hill is a gimmick, not an every down QB. That explains why he is 30 and just now getting on the field a few times per game. Nonsense to think he could take over for Brees… but then again this site puts forth silly ideas all the time.

  22. He scored what against the Vikings during wildcard?….
    If he can’t beat Cousins…might as well retire…

  23. Take 15 million plus incentives, if he wants to get back to the superbowl so they can sign other players. (unless he just cares about inflated records)

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