Andy Reid: Chiefs’ GM scouted Patrick Mahomes as “the greatest player he’d ever seen”

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Chiefs coach Andy Reid isn’t taking the credit for the team’s decision in 2017 to package two first-round draft picks, plus a third-round pick, to move up and select Patrick Mahomes.

Instead, Reid said tonight at Super Bowl Opening Night, General Manager Brett Veach was the most enthusiastic about Mahomes, calling him the best draft prospect ever.

“You knew he was going to be great. Brett Veach said it. He’s our General Manager. He said he’s the greatest player he’d ever seen,” Reid said on NFL Network. “That’s quite a tribute to the kid. Now that I’ve been around him, and you’ve watched him play, he’s pretty doggone good.”

That was quite a bold stance for Veach to take, and it was a bold trade for the Chiefs to make. A trade that a whole lot of other NFL general managers wish they had managed to pull off.

12 responses to “Andy Reid: Chiefs’ GM scouted Patrick Mahomes as “the greatest player he’d ever seen”

  1. Well, he’s got proof of 9 other teams who were ahead of them, as well as the other teams that traded out of their pick. So, he can say he said that “he was the best ever” and show he traded up to get him.

    Veach looks like genius.

  2. he’s got a long long way to go to fulfill that hype but we’ll see. hey the good thing is, big fat andy gets another shot. not a jefe fan but i don’t want andy to be embarrassed again mismanaging the clock in the big moments. i like him.

  3. Da Bears thought Trubisky was better…….Trubisky will go down with the bad QB’s that the Bears have had for 50+ years.

  4. Andy is very careful not to toot his own horn but he’s the best coach of NFL QBs the league has ever seen. Favre, McNabb, Alex Smith, Mahomes. He also had a substantial say in picking McNabb who turned out to be, by far, the most successful QB of that 1999 draft. A draft where 5 QBs were taken in the first 12 picks.

  5. Of course Dorsey made the trade but what the article is saying that at the time Veach as head scout was the one who recognized Mahomes high ceiling as a player before Reid, before Dorsey before anyone.

    Dorsey as gm pushed the button but without Veach’ s input it would have never happened.

    Dorsey was let go for a variety of reasons one being the fact that he didn’t want Patrick and had to be pushed into the idea by Reid ,Veach and the team’s organizational leaders as a whole .

  6. He has had a great start to a career that looks very promising indeed but how much credit should go to Reid? Think about this, had Mahomes gone to DC, do you really believe he’d be the guy he is now? Coaches and organizations matter a lot.

  7. Veatch taking all the credit is something else..least he could do would be to thank Dorsey for the opportunity to do his job……But in todays game of self promotion he will probably go a long way

  8. Trades and drafts are all moments of faith. The big difference is Mahomes was coachable and fools like the former Great Gimmick in Washington was above being coached. Mahomes put in the time to practice and to perfect his craft. The Great Gimmick was too busy blaming others for his problems and making commercials.

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