John Lynch hoping this weekend proves doubly special with Hall of Fame nod

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This weekend could prove to be one of the most memorable of John Lynch’s career on multiple fronts.

Lynch could win his second Super Bowl and first as a General Manager if the San Francisco 49ers can topple the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday in Miami. Additionally, Lynch is a finalist for the Hall of Fame for the seventh year in a row and could finally find himself heading to Canton this July.

That possibility remains at the front of Lynch’s mind as the selection committee prepares to meet this Saturday to induct the 2020 class.

I’ve dreamt about it, and here we are,” Lynch said, via Jori Epstein of USA Today. “My seventh time as a finalist. So we’ve got to stop doing this at some point.

“Could be a real nice weekend.”

Lynch has made to the final 15 candidates in six of his seven seasons of eligibility. Only in his first year in 2013 did he fail to get out of the semifinalist stage. The group get trimmed from 15 candidates down to 10 and then the final five, which are then given a yes or no vote. Lynch has made it to the final 10 twice with appearances in the 2016 and 2017 classes.

Lynch was one of the 15 finalists in the 2014 class. The 14 others that were in that group of finalists have all been named to the Hall of Fame with Lynch the only one still waiting.

Lynch has been mired behind offensive linemen Steve Hutchinson, Alan Faneca and Tony Boselli the last two years and former Denver Broncos safety Steve Atwater was also among the group of five that just missed the final cut last year. First-year finalists Troy Polamalu and Reggie Wayne also are among the 15 candidates that will be debated this weekend.

5 responses to “John Lynch hoping this weekend proves doubly special with Hall of Fame nod

  1. I like Lynch, I really do, but he isn’t quite up there with some of the other guys on that list. Especially a guy on his former team that played in the secondary, who was better. Hopefully he does get in at some point , but I don’t see it this year.

  2. Or neither will happen & it will be one of the worst weekends ever.

    If he was on the Vikings that’s what would happen.

  3. If you had one game to win, would you rather have Atwater or Lynch. As a 50 year bronco fan I believe I speak for the large majority when I say that your chances of winning go up exponentially if you choose Atwater.

    Lynch was great. I love me some John Lynch, but he’s no Atwater. No one is.

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