Kyle Shanahan wanted to change hats, wife said no

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Kyle Shanahan isn’t afraid to go against the grain — whether it’s with league-issued gear, or a hat that must be lucky because it defies any other explanation.

The 49ers coach decided to wear his own black hoodie Monday night for interviews, rather than the white outfits the league was passing out to both teams.

Likewise, he’s sticking with his big red flat-billed baseball cap on the sidelines, though he might not like it as much as others do.

“I liked it, but I wanted to change,” Shanahan said, via Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle. “And I told my wife I was going to do that, and she freaked out on me. She tells me that was the reason we’re winning. I know it’s not, but if I don’t wear the hat and we lose, I’ll have to deal with that forever. I’ll finish it out this year, there’s only one game left.”

Certain (younger) people have suggested the hat is cool, even if it does give Shanahan a certain Great Gazoo quality.

But Shanahan was having fun with it Monday, as he tries to keep his team loose in advance of the biggest game of the year.

12 responses to “Kyle Shanahan wanted to change hats, wife said no

  1. People think him wearing that hat is cool cause he’s a coach that’s going to the Super Bowl. If the Niners had gone 2-14 this year he’d just be considered a dork trying way too hard.

  2. That hat is awful given others he could be wearing and I’ve been wondering why he’s apparently so wedded to it. As for Shanahan, at least he’s sane enough to openly acknowledge he doesn’t feel it has anything to do with the 49ers performance. As for wifey, if she were to actually insist on being endlessly annoying about the subject for some childish reason at some point you get about four inches from her and look her straight in the eyes and tell her that time’s up and you’re not playing when you say that particular conversation permanently ends as of this second. If she actually has the nerve to continue re-visiting the subject after that then you probably married the wrong woman. I understand he was probably being facetious for the most part, but seriously, it’s the Super Bowl, if you don’t want to wear the hat then don’t wear the hat, her input not needed.

  3. I understand both sides as a third baseman from pee wee ball through high school, if I made a good pla discreetly I snapped my fingers twice. When I made a poor play I snapped my fingers once. That action for me erased the play and was ready for the next play

  4. The wife is right you can’t change anything until after the game. That means anything too. Wear the same everything you wore for the championship game, and eat the same meals, and do the exact routine, but most importantly run the same plays you ran that got you there. Don’t all of a sudden try to be something you’re not, and come into the Superbowl with all of these gadget plays nobody has seen before just to be cute on the big stage. Just do what worked all year… and smash those pretenders the Chiefs into oblivion

  5. Miss the days when HC’s wore business suits on game day. Modern fashion has no class. Women don’t even wear dresses anymore. And don’t get me started on tattoos.

  6. ” I know it’s not, but if I don’t wear the hat and we lose, I’ll have to deal with that forever. ”

    Had to laugh aloud at this, as I suspect, most married men did who read it.

  7. I wonder what percentage of people who read this really do believe the hat might have or actually has some degree of influence on whether or not the 49ers win or lose football games? Lots of goofy people in the world who are convinced they have insights into any number of things they don’t have the remotest clue about.

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