Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid get each other — and geometry

Getty Images

You can tell by the results that Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and coach Andy Reid are speaking the same language.

And they’re also figuring out all the angles, and quickly.

The two often joke about finishing each other’s sentences, and backup quarterback Matt Moore was surprised when he walked in midseason and saw it first-hand for the first time.

Moore said that on one of his first few days in Kansas City, a film session quickly turned into high school geometry class.

“We’re in a meeting, and coach Reid is talking about a pass play, and he was talking about a triangle — where guys were on the field, and he said, ‘This is a perfect triangle right here.’

“And then, at the same time, him and Pat both said ‘Isosceles.’ Which, why would they say that? That was  one of my first weeks there and they said it at the exact same time, and I looked at Pat and said ‘Is that normal?’

“And he said ‘Yeah we do that a lot.'”

That kind of communication, in any language, goes a long way toward explaining their success on offense all year, as well as the 86 points they’ve scored in two playoff games.