Jimmy Johnson hasn’t heard from Jerry Jones other than statement

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Jimmy Johnson made a point when he named some of the people he has heard from since being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2020.

“Oh, I’ve gotten so many it’s hard to say [who was most special to hear from],” Johnson said Tuesday during the Fox Sports news conference. “Jeffery Lurie from the Eagles. Dean Spanos from the LA Chargers. Several owners. Of course, former players. Michael Irvin, Emmitt [Smith], on and on. It’s been great.”

The obvious name he didn’t mention was Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

“No, I haven’t heard anything,” Johnson said, not elaborating.

Jones released a statement through the team congratulating his former teammate, coach and friend the day of the announcement and now faces pressure to put Johnson in the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor.

Jones and Johnson are the team’s only Hall of Famers not in the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor.

Johnson’s tenure in Dallas, of course, ended badly. After back-to-back Super Bowls, Johnson and Jones agreed to disagree . . . and to part ways.

“It was the right thing because I was ready to move on,” Johnson said. “I’ve never second-guessed myself on the ending. For me, it was never a bad thing. I was happy to move on with my life.”

Johnson, though, revealed that he later found out some of his former Cowboys players were not happy with him over his departure. The Cowboys didn’t three-peat and won only one other championship before the team of the 1990s fell apart, and many believe they should have become the dynasty the Patriots now are.

“Troy [Aikman] had dinner with me many years ago, and I didn’t realize how angry some of the players were,” Johnson said. “I thought they would have understood, but they didn’t understand. It hit me one night at dinner at my house that, geez, the players that I love are angry that I left. I said, ‘If they only knew.’ I was ready to move on. I felt bad about that, and I feel bad about that to this day for them. I don’t feel bad for me.”

24 responses to “Jimmy Johnson hasn’t heard from Jerry Jones other than statement

  1. Given the Cowboys’ record since Jerruh started making the picks, my bet would be Jerruh will never talk to or acknowledge Jimmy J. His ego won’t let him.

  2. The League itself, didnt want a three peat for the Cowboys when Johnson left. They looked the other way, while SF built an All Star team to stop Dallas. No way could they have afforded to pay all those free agents. They even made Deion Sanders give up baseball to concentrate on helping the team dethrone the Cowboys, once he signed.
    Once SF beat Dallas, there was no way the Chargers would upset them in the SB.

  3. Should have just let Jerry get the glory he wanted. If I had been a player I would have been pissed as well. You cut out on them when they were still built for more rings. What could have been………………..

  4. Jimmy rightly gets the credit for all three of those SuperBowl wins in the 90s. But make no mistake, both men contributed to the split. Jimmy was constantly disrespecting Jerry, often in front of people Jerry was trying to impress, and would go out of his way to antagonize the person who had risked his own fortune to give Jimmy his opportunity. There’s blame on both sides.

    It’s also fair to point out that by all accounts—especially Jimmy’s—there was never going to be a Patriots-type dynasty in Dallas. Jimmy would have burned himself out. Still, it’s not wrong to look back and wonder what could have been. A three-peat for sure and probably more. Missed opportunity will be Jerry’s legacy.

  5. Stealing this from a radio show because it’s funny: Jerry has agreed to honor Jimmy by putting him in the Square of Honorable Mention out in the parking lot. Seriously though, Jerry needs to fix this.

  6. Unless Jerry wins another Superbowl, he will always be an after thought for the the three Superbowls that were won with the team Jimmy built and coached (along with giving Barry a free ride with Jimmy’s team to a Superbowl) which has to drive the egomaniac nuts everyday. Too bad it looks like his cast of failed retreads that no other teams were even looking at desperate to get back in coaching will still fall short. Especially when the fight happens of who actually will call the plays and who gets blamed for the losses.

  7. Jerry Jones (Owner) will never let Jerry Jones (GM) into the Ring of Honor, will he?

  8. t.linn says:
    January 28, 2020 at 5:48 pm

    It’s also fair to point out that by all accounts—especially Jimmy’s—there was never going to be a Patriots-type dynasty in Dallas. Jimmy would have burned himself out

    It’s also fair to point out that burnout for Jimmy or no, there was this thing called the salary cap that came along and pretty well did for any chance of a ‘Patriots-type dynasty in Dallas.’

  9. Jimmy should know that Jerruh only cares about himself. I’d consider it a compliment that Jerruh has ignored me.

  10. Stephen Jones & his sister hopefully add Johnson to the Ring of Honor one day. Jerry won’t ever do that , but they should once its all theirs. Hope Jimmy is still around to see it.

  11. I thought I heard many years ago, (jimmy telling the story) that when he got fired from the Cowboys he cried and was really regretful. I am surprised to read that jimmy said he was ready to move on and had no emotion about it. I completely agree with 2 statements on this thread: 1) Jimmy will always get the credit for all 3 super bowls 2) jerry will be remembered for mediocrity afterwards and no real threat for championships all these years later.

  12. What probably galled Jones the most is that Johnson outsmarted him, repeatedly. After that ’93 season, Jimmie knew he was done coaching the Cowboys, so he goaded Jerruh into granting him exactly what he wanted… his freedom.

    In hindsight, Jones knew he should have held onto Johnson contractually so that he could’ve leveraged draft picks out of anyone (Dolphins, Jags, Eagles) wanting to sign Jimmie.

  13. A thumbs up is not enough for the post of 25 years? Let it go boys, life’s too short. Ego guys would rather die than give in.

  14. Jones should rise above all the past pettiness and embrace Jimmy, put him in the ring of honor, have a home game in his honor, etc.

    Embrace the past if you want to replicate it. Jerry spends too much time trying to prove he is a talent evaluator (hint: he isn’t).

  15. Living in TX, I can tell you how it went down

    Any chance that Jerry was going to back down/realize his hubris etc went away after he said he could win with anyone and then won with Barry Switzer. That set back any sort of apology/realization etc at least a decade or so.

    Nice that Jerry said something decent with Jimmy’s induction to HoF I guess.. but no personal call out tells us the grudge still exists.

  16. Johnson never stayed in one place more than 5 years. Everyone who says Jones ran him out of town is wrong. He said it himself, he was ready to move on. Did Jimmy call Jerry, when Jerry was inducted into the HOF? I doubt it.

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