Joe Burrow, and his father, tired of talking

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The father of presumptive top pick in the 2020 NFL Draft Joe Burrow has become a bit of a family spokesman.

But he said in his latest interview that his son is tired of the interview circuit and the moment, and so is he.

Via Dave Clark of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Jimmy Burrow said during an interview with WLW Radio that both of them needed a break, after Joe led LSU to a record-breaking season and a national title.

“(Joe’s) not doing any interviews right now,” the elder Burrow said. “He had enough those last few weeks and really it even got to the point where he only did the ones that were mandatory. . . . It was just getting to be so overwhelming to him, and he was so locked in that it was just a distraction.

“So now he’s just taking some time off from the media and maybe here in the next two days, I’m probably going to do the same. But you know, we both enjoyed sharing the story and sharing his journey. It’s been good.”

Joe Burrow has set the stage for what many presume to be the Bengals’ choice to draft him, saying previously that his son has no problems with returning home to Ohio to play for a team that went 2-14 last year. But he was also careful to not cross any other possible destinations off either.

“We’re just happy that Joe’s put himself in a position where he’s got a chance to be drafted really high,” the father said. “And I know the politically correct answer may not be what everybody wants to hear, but it is what it is. It’s true: Any NFL team is gonna be an honor for Joe to play in. That’s really true. I’m not just saying that. He’s put himself to the point where he’s gonna have a great chance to be drafted high and play in the NFL. And that’s all he can focus on at this point. . . .

“He knows it’s a challenge, but in his mind, he’ll be ready for it. He also knows there is a great learning curve between college football and the NFL, especially for a quarterback. . . . He knows there’s a lot to learn, and he’s gonna have to be patient. Everything that’s happened — he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. So we’re just looking forward to whatever does happen in the draft and his future.”

What seems apparent is that barring a major surprise, he’ll be the top pick. By someone. And at that point, he’ll have a lot more interviews to do as soon as he becomes the face of that particular franchise.

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  1. Totally sympathize with that, but he better get used to it! You saw how baker broke down with all the mandatory interviews when times were tough.

  2. IDK, it may be minor reasons but this is the 2nd Yellow Flag for me.
    There’s a coddled aura around Macauley IMO.
    Doesn’t mean much… I know I’m not saying much… just sayin…

  3. Nice work by the media to spin this in a negative light… The guy has MONTHS before the draft even happens. There will be plenty of time for interviews.. Trying to spin this as Joe being some kind of spoiled kid who’s blocking out the media, is just plain dumb.

  4. Joe set your schedule of when you will be available, like once a week, Learn how to talk without saying anything of substance and they will stop talking to you. See Bill Belichick….

  5. Shades of LaVar Ball?

    Oh, so you want football, not basketball?
    Ok. Try this.

    Robert Griffin Jr.

  6. “It’s better to have a weary dad step in then an angry mom get involved…”

    Sexist much? Some players don’t have a Dad.

  7. This is the modern age. Video yourself for a few minutes each week and put it on Twitter or whatever platform and skip media interviews. Keep it positive: talk about working out, eating right, being grateful, your favorite players, and looking forward to the draft and the chance to play in the NFL. Be humble, not too serious and do not complain about anything.

  8. Kind of comes with the territory, no. I’m beginning to change my perception of this dude. First he says ‘whoever wants to pay me money to play football, I’ll play for them’. Now, it’s this? Better fix it quick, kid. You’re starting to sound like a diva wide receiver.

  9. Reminds me of Mr Manning stepping in all the time for Eli and Payton. Yellow flag to teams who draft him your players daddy needs to be happy

  10. Joe will sort this out. Any player that had the season that Joe had would be bum rushed by so called “sports journalists” hungry to make a name for themselves. Being saturated with interviews would be expected after so many, so give this guy a break. He is the real deal, even if there are some naysayers. Don’t believe that? Then go back and re-watch his Heisman speech….#HEISMANJEAUX

  11. It would be really great if he went back to class and finished his education and focused on that. The kid could go Ryan Leaf and all tgg hg at money will only go so far before he needs a real job.

  12. @flashdeath says:
    January 28, 2020 at 11:23 am
    It would be really great if he went back to class and finished his education and focused on that. The kid could go Ryan Leaf and all tgg hg at money will only go so far before he needs a real job.”
    Joe Burrow received his Masters in liberal Arts from LSU 6 days after receiving thr Heisman Trophy…
    Try to keep up

  13. The lime light might be too big for him. When you are the face of a franchise you don’t get to pick and chose when the lime light is on you. Especially if you are the #1 overall pick. Scrutiny is coming for you whether you like it or not. Scrutiny will come even if it’s unjustified. This isn’t the first time I’ve questioned where he has it between the ears or not. Lord knows he has the talent. I’d never question his talent.

    Ready or not, here I come.
    -The pressure of being an NFL QB.

  14. Understandable! After the same question has been asked over 100 times these reporters need to chase another story!

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