Texans make Bill O’Brien the team’s General Manager

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The Texans will have a General Manager, after all.

The Texans have given coach Bill O’Brien the General Manager label. Also, Jack Easterby has become the team’s executive V.P. of football operations.

It’s an unexpected ending to a process that began in June, when the Texans abruptly fired G.M. Brian Gaine, with the initial plan to hire Patriots V.P. of player personnel Nick Caserio to replace Gaine. The Patriots filed a tampering charge, and the Texans abandoned the pursuit.

Before doing so, the Texans interviewed a pair of minority candidates for the G.M. job: Ray Farmer and Martin Mayhew. The Fritz Pollard Alliance objected to the decision to interview a pair of minority candidates and then to hire no one for the job. The move created the obvious impression that Farmer and Mayhew never were legitimate candidates, and that the Texans were simply engaged in an exercise in checking the box, twice.

It will be interesting to see whether the Fritz Pollard Alliance has anything to say about the elevation of O’Brien and Easterby without a job search that included at least one minority candidate for their positions, especially in light of recent criticism of the league for a regression in the hiring of African-American candidates for key positions.

“This is the way we’ve been operating for the last 8 months,” Texans owner Cal McNair told John McClain of the Houston Chronicle regarding the promotions. “They led us to a 10-win season, another division title and into the divisional round. Our goal is to win championships.”

The Texans mortgaged the future with moves made by O’Brien and Easterby on Labor Day weekend, and they enter the offseason with limited draft picks and a quarterback who may soon begin clamoring for a record contract. And in the event the Texans regress in 2020, consider this: McClain reports that neither O’Brien nor Easterby have emerged from this process with more money or a longer contract.

76 responses to “Texans make Bill O’Brien the team’s General Manager

  1. I know, let’s have guy that’s a total failure, and give him a better position

  2. Now he can shoulder responsibility for laughable playoff defensive meltdowns in both the coaching AND personnel senses.

  3. It means that Nick Casserio is probably returning to the Patriots -unless he wants to be GM of the Argonauts .

  4. This guy is doing something behind the scenes that is very shady. He has more power than Bill Belichick even and has had some for quite a while. And he’s not even a good coach. Something is up, I tell ya.

  5. This is the start of the long, slow death march to total disaster. Every team in the division has been to the championship game except the Texans since O’Brien was hired. I guess that never dawned on McNair. Texans didn’t just lose to better teams, they got blown out. Don’t expect the division to roll over next year.

  6. Normally you’d call this doubling down but they’ve stuck with O’Brien so many times this is like quadrupling or quintupling down at this point. How many star players careers are going to be wasted before they finally realize O’Brien is not the guy to get them to where they want to go?

  7. Cream rises to the top. Something else floats. Cream or something else? ROFL

    Maybe Miami can continue to fleece the Houston Pretenders.

  8. They might as well. The team is tied to O’brien for at least the next two years anyway, because he traded the team’s next two first round picks to Miami. Even if they wanted to fire him as HC (and now GM), who would possibly be willing to take the job? It would have to be a hell of a sales pitch beyond, “Here’s your team. By the way Miami has your 1st and 2nd round pick next year, and your 1st in 2021.”

  9. Excellent move. O’Brien has proven himself as a top coach and talent evaluator in this league. They will be back in the playoffs again next year.

  10. You contradicted yourself. You say that the Texans interviewed two minority candidates for the GM job. Then you say the two men were elevated to positions for which no minorities were interviewed. Which is it? Were they interviewed for the GM job?

  11. This is actually smart. No need to hire a GM when you’re gonna clean house after next season anyway. Instead of firing O’Brien and a GM, they’ll just have one guy to fire.

  12. News Flash! Texans go all-in for 2019 season and win 10 games. 10-win teams RARELY win championships. Now that they let some stars go and will be strapped on the cap, how do they see themselves getting the additional wins to get to 12-4 or 13-3?

    The defensive meltdown in the playoffs tells me this thing is going to blow up faster than a double wide in a Texas tornado.

  13. It would be entertaining to hear the new GM has decided to ‘move in a new direction to get us over the hump’ and fire the coach. Got my fingers crossed on that.

  14. While I know O’Brien was already doing this job, but the last thing this guy needs is more responsibility…he barely can manage that team, and if they lose that QB, he’s a losing coach…

  15. The Houston Texans – Living proof that The Peter Principle is alive and well in the NFL.

  16. Just when you think the most ridiculous decision in Texans football history was deciding to fake punt from your side of the field giving away a playoff game Cal McNair comes along says hold my beer and easily tops it .

  17. if all you have to do to become a GM is blow a 24 point playoff lead in the blink of an eye then i should get some interviews next offseason

  18. This guy really should have been able to get the Texans further than they have gotten. An elite qb, one of the best wr duo’s in the league, a decent stable of rb’s, and that’s before we get to a top 10 defence. And now you want to make hi GM?

    Man its no wonder the fans are frustrated as hell

  19. Makes sense. Sorry it goes against the fake story that Houston was waiting for Caserio after the 2020 draft. It was apparent this was the next step after the owner made a statement in 2019.

    Cal McNair

    We’ve been really busy working on [team management] this offseason. It’s a flatter organization with a faster management style. The organization is totally re-energized with a team-based approach and new leadership based on sub programs with each sub program being fully optimized as a goal.

    I know it’s a lot, but it’s a lot of improvements and we can’t wait to get out of the office on the fields and get back to winning football games.

  20. O’Brien has had personnel control for years now. It’s not like they would ask him to suddenly give it up to some outsider. For better or worse, this was inevitable. It is also probably meaningless – no raises, no extensions. These two guys already had total control of the team, this just made it official so that they can drop the “committee decision” act.

  21. Wow, O’Brien gets to buy the groceries, but has to eat his own cooking. I’d say: indigestion.

  22. GM O’Brien has done a better job than Coach O’Brien. Perhaps GM Bill can force Coach Bill to get a real Offensive Coordinator.

  23. pbdisciple says:
    January 28, 2020 at 4:48 pm
    You contradicted yourself. You say that the Texans interviewed two minority candidates for the GM job. Then you say the two men were elevated to positions for which no minorities were interviewed. Which is it? Were they interviewed for the GM job?

    Probably had something to do with the Rooney rule

  24. You can officially write this team off. The worst start up franchise in league history ,next to the Saints.I saw Tampa and Seattle when they came into the league on 76
    Three and four years later,they’re playing to go to the Superbowl. They made the right choices right out of the box,they hired the right people. Woolf has been in Oakland for years with Al Davis,Tampa hired him as GM.Seattle hired Chuck Knox who had a lot of success with the Rams in the early 70’s as a head coach. I’ve finally come to the conclusion these people here in my hometown are all about image and money,they could care less about winning.

  25. I cant believe the nerve of Cal McNair to reward mediocrity. First of all what has he done that he hasn’t already done. He’s made it to the divisional round multiple time only to get blasted in each of the losses. Not to mention that every coach in his division has made it to a AFC championship game despite not winning the division. B.O.B. is BUM when it comes to coaching. Consistently making mistakes that a 12 yr old on Madden would know not to do or not to do as far as game management. Stale playcalling. Never having had a top 10 offense in 6 yrs. Deshaun hides his flaws. I’m tired of this story. He is not the guy to get the Texans over the hump. And this post is just barely scratching the surface. But I digress…

  26. As a life long Dallas Cowboys fan I must say. “If only the Cowboys could have done as well as the Texans with O’Brien at the helm.

  27. All the Fritz Pollard babies ever do is whine and complain. I haven’t seen one word of praise mentioned regarding the Browns hiring a black GM.

  28. You seriously have to wonder what Texans ownership is thinking here. At best, they’re settling for 1 and done in the playoffs. The mentality to take the next step just doesn’t seem to be there.

  29. Since 1968, the Houston Oilers/Texans have only won 8 division titles with 4 of those coming in the last 5 seasons under Coach O’brien. He deserves a real shot. The fans have seen worse.

  30. This can’t possibly blow up in their face. Look how well he did against the Chiefs the first 15 minutes!

  31. We are canceling our Season Tickets to the Texans and Buying Astro’s Season Tickets!
    O’Brien Embarrassed the entire City of Houston vs the Chiefs!
    Should have been “fired” after Kansas City game.
    We have “Suffered” under the McNair Family Ownership for Years!
    We are Done!

  32. the talking heads want to blame the FG to go up 24 for the loss. But the truth is the fake punt was what energized KC and put them on the road to the SB. Just a stupid play call, when you are up 24 pts and the other team has been playing with no emotion.

  33. lesepi says:
    January 28, 2020 at 4:29 pm
    Cream rises to the top. Something else floats. Cream or something else? ROFL

    Maybe Miami can continue to fleece the Houston Pretenders.


    Pretty sure Miami hasn’t won a single trade over the past year. Sure feels like Arizona (Kenyan Drake), Pittsburgh (Minkah Fitzpatrick), Tennessee (Ryan Tannehill), and Houston (Laremy Tunsil and Kenny Stills) are pretty happy with the guys that they got. But sure, good luck with your draft picks.

    As for the Bill O’Brien GM move, I am personally disappointed with it. I actually think O’Brien has a decent eye for talent, but he obviously does not have an eye for value. He got little in return for Clowney (who would have been great to have in the playoffs when we couldn’t get pressure on Mahomes), and then overpaid for Tunsil and Duke Johnson. I personally think the team would have done better last season if they would have stuck with Gaine at the GM spot.

  34. This reminds me, I need to rewatch the KC game when they came back from 24-0 and then KC proceeded to go on a 41-7 run. (Correction 51-7 run…)

    They promoted that coach?

  35. here bill take this clip board and a candy bar and go upstairs and uhh… take some notes or something

    but seriously texans might regress a bit but it is time for them to build there team around the qb. honestly i think they should dump jj watt and get some recievers. JJ is going to want to hang around now that they have a superbowl worthy qb, cut him! if he wants to come back pay him for the player he’s been over the last 3 years.

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