Browns add their first fullback to the roster

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New Browns coach Kevin Stefanski is already doing things differently.

He’s adding players to the roster at positions they didn’t employ last year.

The Browns announced the signing of fullback Johnny Stanton.

The Browns didn’t have a fullback on the roster last year, and Stanton provides a known commodity for Stefanski. He went to camp with the Vikings last year as an undrafted rookie from UNLV, and spent part of the year on their practice squad.

The Vikings used plenty of fullback C.J. Ham last season to pave the way for Dalvin Cook last year, so it makes sense that he’d want to have someone in camp to play the role.

8 responses to “Browns add their first fullback to the roster

  1. O’Dell is having a hissy fit right now because Stefanski rightly is working on the run game.

  2. The final 8 teams in the NFL playoffs, including Stefanki’s Vikings, all had decent run games with heavy play-action pass usage. Stefanski’s offensive system is very good, but the WRs have to buy in (Diggs whined all year about it). I question if the Browns’ diva WRs will go with this new offensive flow. They should if they want to win.

  3. The analytics guys consistently pointed to the Browns getting away from 21 personnel as the biggest reason Baker regressed.

    Will be interesting to see what happens next year.

  4. Good character guy. Grinder. Had a nice career at UNLV. Changed positions mid-season to help out the team.

  5. Plus you have the added benefit of him being a former QB. 6’2″ 245. Could use him in Taysom Hill type roll if he has any speed.

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