Dak Prescott still optimistic Cowboys deal will get done

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In advance of what could be one of the wildest free agency periods for quarterbacks ever, Dak Prescott remains positive that he’s not going to be part of the drama.

Prescott told NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport that he still expects something to work out with the Cowboys before the start of free agency.

I’ve got confidence something will get done,” Prescott said. “We’ll just leave it there. Obviously being the Cowboys quarterback is second to none. There are very few positions in all of sports that are comparable to it. So when you put that in perspective, my mindset is to be in Dallas. And I’ve got the confidence in my team to get something done and the confidence in the Cowboys that we’ll be able to.”

He didn’t want to delve too deeply into details or timelines, and there’s not much point in that at the moment anyway, so far from the opening of shopping season in mid-March. But he’s also dealing from a position of strength, which might help ease his mind.

But the Cowboys have a long list, and have made it clear that keeping Prescott and wide receiver Amari Cooper were the top two priorities. They can use the franchise tag to make sure they retain Prescott while working on a long-term deal, keeping him out of a deep pool of possibilities — with names like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Jameis Winston, and Ryan Tannehill set to be free agents, and other big names such as Cam Newton potentially available.

“It is gonna be wild,” Prescott said of the pending market at his position. “But for me, as I said, I hope I am where I am, but it’s definitely going to be interesting, it’s going to be exciting and it’s great for this league.”

And if the Cowboys ever justify the faith that has been spoken of by both sides, it will be a lucrative one for Prescott.

10 responses to “Dak Prescott still optimistic Cowboys deal will get done

  1. Pay him more than Goff and Wentz and be as sad as the Rams will be when they realize they are hamstrung by a huge contract to an ok QB.

    If Dak wants 34MM I’d tag him and draft a new QB.

  2. laxman1944 says:

    High risk investment
    not at all, Dak is a top 15 q.b. in the league & besides what other option do the Cowboys have if they don’t sign him, good q.b.’s don’t grow on trees or hang out on the streets.

  3. I keep trying to explain to PFT that Prescott doesn’t have a position of strength…or weakness. He wisely wants to remain the Dallas Cowboys QB, which reduces his leverage, but the Cowboys want to keep him, which gives him leverage. It’s obvious that both sides want to get a deal done, without holdouts or (ideally) tags or anything else, and thus neither side can too strongly push the other. A mutually beneficial agreement is probable.

  4. If they re sign him to the amount of money that’s been talked about then that will set them back for 10 years. Dak is not taking any team anywhere. He is a good QB if you have a lot of talent around him. Even then look at the team this year. Very Meh. I would not do it.

  5. Cap Space is not the issue. The fact that it hasn’t gotten done yet is troubling. They may not state publicly, but the two camps must be far apart on numerous issues. Neither side indicates a deal is getting closer. Franchise tag may have to be used and likely be the pressure needed to get Dak to accept less than he obviously wants to agree to, currently.

    I think Dak will ultimately end up signing a moderately high end contract (Top10) that his distractors think is way too much and his fans find insulting.

  6. Well he could have signed that deal worth 33 Million a year that was offered to him in September but since he wants to be greedy I don’t think a deal will get done soon.

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