Dak Prescott won’t talk to Aaron Rodgers about playing for Mike McCarthy

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When teams hire new coaches, players on those teams sometimes give a ring to players who played for those coaches in the past to get a sense of what it is like to play for them.

That won’t be the case for Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. During an interview with Prescott this week, Chris Simms asked if he would be giving Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers a call to talk about new Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy.

Prescott said he wouldn’t, because he wants to go into his relationship with McCarthy without any preconceived notions about the coach.

“No, not at all,” Prescott said. “I don’t care to get a feel from somebody else off of their judgment or their relationship. I know relationships are completely individual and I don’t even want to warp my mind off of what somebody else thinks.”

Prescott has had a brief conversation with McCarthy and they aren’t able to dig deep into the plans for 2020 until later in the offseason, but the quarterback said he’s excited to play for a coach who has won a Super Bowl. Prescott said that McCarthy has “the formula, he has got the way to do it and that is enough for me” heading into their first season together.

21 responses to “Dak Prescott won’t talk to Aaron Rodgers about playing for Mike McCarthy

  1. I think the jury’s still out on Dak as the answer to get the Cowboys where they want to go, but I like his approach. He’s a smart guy…

  2. This was Dak’s polite way of saying that he doesn’t want to talk to Rodgers, but can you blame him?

  3. Prescott is really smart to reserve his judgement for his personal experience, rather than listening to disgruntled players.

    Fact is, this coach is significantly more qualified than the Clapper.

  4. Smart move by Prescott, no telling what kind of baggage Aaron would lay on him.

    Aaron has never been known to want to talk to other QBs anyway.

  5. “That says a lot about Aaron – and not in a good way”

    It says just as much, or as little, about Dak as it does Aaron. Perhaps the two don’t know each other. Or perhaps the reason is as simple as Dak said.

    The conclusions you draw about Rodgers without knowing the man just may not be true.

  6. Rodgers doesn’t even talk to his own family most of the time…

    Dak is wise to avoid talking to Aaron.

  7. To be fair, its two very different teams and two different offenses. To think McCarthy will bring his same offensive strategies to Dallas is to suggest he didnt’ learn a thing since he’s been fired. I think McCarthy will take (at least) a slightly different approach in 2020 and if he’s smart (and there is no evidence of that either), it will be with a different QB.

  8. Great attitude with Dak…a leader.

    Aaron? Well his own family won’t deal with him. What does that tell you about passive/aggressive boy in decline?

  9. The Cowboys will be even more interesting than usual to watch this year. I want to see if MM has really changed.

  10. No one in the league should talk to Rogers. He is old, washed up and doesn’t get along with his new coach either.

  11. It’s nice to see we have some new people here, although I have a real strong sensation of deja vu. It’s almost like they post word-for-word the exact same things as some guys that just up and disappeared.

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