Goodell: Bills stadium issues have to be settled in coming months

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Among the questions that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell fielded during a press conference in Miami on Wednesday was one regarding the Bills’ stadium.

New Era Field is one of the older buildings in the league and it was renovated in the last decade, but there’s been continued talk about more expansive renovations or building a new stadium for the team to call home.

On Wednesday, Goodell said the NFL wants the Bills to be in Buffalo and be successful while adding that it is important for the team to have a stadium that is “competitive” with others in the league. He also said that the decision about which route to pursue is something the Bills and the local government have to hammer out in the near future.

“Those are things that the group has to settle collectively and to address over the next several months, if not sooner,” Goodell said.

The Bills’ current lease at New Era Field runs through the 2023 season. The team has the option to terminate the lease this year, but the Bills have not yet exercised it.

34 responses to “Goodell: Bills stadium issues have to be settled in coming months

  1. I don’t know how much money is going to fall out of Buffalo/New York’s pockets when the owner and league hold them upside down and shake them.

  2. Competitive stadium? Didn’t know stadiums played against each other. How do they decide which one is the home stadium? When are the stadium playoffs? Will they complete in London, Mexico?

  3. In other words, time to hold the city of Buffalo and its taxpayers hostage to force them to build a new stadium for the Bills’ billionaire owner.

  4. I don’t compete stadiums against each other — its ridiculous. You go to a game becasue the team is good and you want to see them play. Many of large college program’s stadiums are not as nice as NFL stadiums and they have large crowds.

    The quality of the football on the field is most important for the customer.

  5. Basically Roger is saying to Buffalo (not the Pegula’s) either build us a new stadium or get used to hearing something like the San Diego Bills.

  6. Haven’t lived in upstate NY in decades, but I’m guessing that Buffalo fans are for the most part fine with the stadium (especially those who are old enough to remember the Rockpile), so leave Buffalo alone. The NFL is getting so greedy and out of touch with its fans.

  7. New York State residents already pay more taxes than residents of most other states. The Pegula’s have enough money to fund a new stadium out of pocket. They don’t need charity at the expense of their fans.

    If Goodell wants Buffalo to have a new stadium, maybe he should pass around a hat at the next owner’s meeting so all of the NFL billionaires can help out.

  8. Have you ever been to Buffalo? There’s nothing competitive about Buffalo at all, and there never will be.. Period… You could build the biggest, baddest stadium ever built, and you still won’t get repeat customers other than the locals, because there’s nothing else worth seeing in Buffalo it’s a depressing city

  9. How bout you start with their deplorable fans.

    NFL Tailgating isn’t about which frat boy or sorority sister can funnel the most Pabst Blue Ribbon through their nose.

    It’s about GOOD beer, good food, good music, and good friends.

  10. It’s the only NFL stadium in NY state. The “NY” Giants and Jets both play in NJ. The fans love Buffalo’s stadium. Don’t interfere, Goodell. We’re doing just fine.

  11. The Bills will be relocating to Toronto where there is more money and an established Bills fan base (established through proximity and through the Bills in Toronto series which was an annual event for many years)

  12. “It’s the only NFL stadium in NY state. The “NY” Giants and Jets both play in NJ.”

    And the Bills play in Orchard Park, not Buffalo. So if you want to be consistent “Let’s go Orchard Park”.

  13. If the state of NY can fund “other” projects, they can help fund part of a new stadium. Maybe Toronto and TorontoJoe can help pay for the new stadium.

  14. This is off topic…. But can someone explain to me why Bills fans jump through tables??? I think it’s awesome, but why?

  15. Pegula has married the Bills to downtown Buffalo, the Sabres and other ventures around the area. They aren’t going anywhere…like Oakland…….ooops….too soon?

  16. NFL Tailgating isn’t about which frat boy or sorority sister can funnel the most Pabst Blue Ribbon through their nose.


    You’ve obviously never been. We drink Labatts. Sure there’s a few frat boys around… But it’s mostly hard-working, hard drinking, hard headed, die hard fans.

  17. New York’s only football team deserves a stadium that will last far into the future. Let the Pegula’s build whatever they’re willing to pay for.

  18. There is literally zero chance that the best fanbase in football loses this team to another city.

    Ownership has a plan. It’ll happen. The Bills are a team of destiny.

  19. The Pegulas have been buying up the properties near the arena downtown. This is not a coincidence. However, many fans (mostly young) will not want to hear it, but it will be an indoor stadium….

  20. johnnycantread says:
    January 29, 2020 at 2:45 pm

    Buffalo wants the Bills, but the taxpayers don’t want the bills.


    Nobody wants the jills, there legacy is of a perennial loser and what city wants to be associated with that?

  21. Fans should revolt and let these rich billionaire owners build their own stadiums, how ’bout that Rogie Goodell?

  22. How does a new stadium make the bills more competitive? Will it hold more people? Or will it just allow the team to charge more for tickets?

    Games always sell out now. So it won’t attract more fans to the game.

    Maybe more corporate boxes? But then there are only so many business in wny.

    Is Goodell going to Chicago and Green Bay saying they need to knock those stadiums down and build new ones? They are older than Buffalos….

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