Goodell: We want to help Antonio Brown get on the right track

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell fielded a question about Antonio Brown’s status early in his press conference from Super Bowl LIV in Miami on Wednesday.

Brown has been out of the NFL since being released by the Patriots in September in the wake of a lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault. He has not been suspended or placed on the Commissioner Exempt list as a result of that lawsuit. Brown was also arrested last week and charged with three crimes, including battery.

Goodell offered no update about any league discipline and instead focused on Brown’s well-being. He said that was the top priority for the league and talked about the resources that the NFL and NFLPA have in place to assist players who may be struggling with off-field issues.

“We want to help get him on the right track,” Goodell said.

Goodell added that he’s confident that can happen, although the timeline for any return to action will likely take a while to take shape.

41 responses to “Goodell: We want to help Antonio Brown get on the right track

  1. He needs to follow through with that mental health examination.
    Then some much needed follow up care.
    I’ve said it from day one: that burfict hit rattled something lose up top.

  2. I know that is probably what he has to say but how can we just move on from him? He’s a terrible person and that will never change.

  3. This is one I am going to have to think about for a while. is it the NFL’s responsibility to help a former employee get help? Has the NFL helped anyone else?

  4. Why? Seems like a complete waste of time.

    Let him implode/explode. He thinks he’s smarter than anyone.

  5. “We want to help get him on the right track,” Goodell said.


    yep, because we all know he is clearly off the rails right now.

  6. I know several people whose personality changed after a blow to the head. They were otherwise healthy, just slightly different. I can’t help but think about the headshot he took from Burfict and how it may have messed him up

  7. “We want to help get him on the right track”….as long as that track leads out of town for good

  8. The way AB has been getting worse, what’s next for him?
    He’s 1st place in the race to be the next ‘OJ Simpson’.

  9. Why are effort wasted on someone who won’t even help themselves?

    Let’s put the resources into helping players who – you know – actually need a hand?

    Keep coddling him and see how that works out.

  10. you can want to help somebody all you want, but until that person realizes there is a problem and wants help, there is nothing you can do.

    Right now AB thinks its everybody elses fault and everybody is out to get him, he has that victim mentality. and you cant help somebody like that until they change the way they see themselves and realize its HIS actions causing the problems.

  11. You can lead a dead horse to water, but he ain’t gonna drink no matter how many times you lecture him so to do.

  12. I notice no one asked the follow up of:

    “And how exactly have you attempted to do that?”

    This guy vets all questions in advance and MSM know better than to go off script………

  13. Translation hey AB $55K from the XFL is looking better everyday and you ain’t coming back to the NFL EVER!!!!

  14. lesepi says:
    January 29, 2020 at 2:49 pm
    You can lead a dead horse to water, but he ain’t gonna drink no matter how many times you lecture him so to do.

    I think you just combined two old adages there…

  15. If it is a mental thing he needs to get it checked out. Former W.R. Brandon Marshall did something like that and got it checked out. You never want to wish mental health issues on your own worst enemy. But still if it is not, then he needs to pay for his mistakes.

  16. You can’t help someone when they don’t think they have a problem. Untill he realizes and acknowledges his bad behavior/anticts there is nothing that can be done.

  17. Goodell is so “player first” that he’s bungled investigations, hid $120 mil from players shared revenue pool, suppressed concussion research and wants to add more games

  18. So Antonio has made at least 70 million in his 9 year career, not including endorsements. By all accounts he hasn’t spent that much of it paying his bills.

    Can he not afford to take care of himself and needs his former employer and former union do so?

  19. Who knows…maybe if the NFL didn’t drag their feet with the investigation, the Saints might have signed him and this never would’ve happened. Doesn’t change the fact that Brown would blow up eventually but at least it would’ve delayed it for a little while.

  20. This is just Robert Kraft paying Goodell to get AB back so Kraft doesn’t lose Tom Brady to free agency. Think about it Patriot fans, if Tom was coming back wouldn’t he have already signed a deal to come back. Why wait until free agency ? Hahaha losers

  21. Roger has one motivation. Protect the league from legal liability related to player injuries. CTE is the threat not just to players lives, but to the survival of the league.

    Junior Seau
    Aaron Hernandez

    Brains are radioactive in the NFL legal department.

  22. I doubt you know ‘several’ people who this has happened to. It is not a common thing.

    I was a cop for 25yrs and a Marine before that. My friends suffer from head trauma.

  23. Goodell is so phony!! If Brown was a 2nd rate player, Goodell wouldn’t even know his name.

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