Roger Goodell acknowledges Rooney Rule isn’t working, change needed

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The Rooney Rule was established in 2003 with an intent to give minority candidates more opportunities for head coaching and football operations jobs. But the league has come under fire after the current hiring cycle ended with only one minority candidate hired as a head coach.

Just this week, the Browns hired Andrew Berry, who is a minority, as General Manager, but the Texans gave head coach Bill O’Brien the title of General Manager and promoted Jack Easterby to executive V.P. of football operations.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell agreed during his annual state of the league news conference Wednesday that something needs to change.

“We believe diversity makes us better as a league,” Goodell said.

The league soon will start a series of meetings in an attempt to find a solution.

“Clearly we are not where we want to be on this level,” Goodell said. “We have to a lot of work that’s gone into not only the Rooney Rule but our policies overall. Clearly, we need to change and do something different. There’s no reason to expect we’re going to have a different outcome next year without some changes. We’ve already begun engaging on what change to take and trying to figure out what steps we can take next that will lead to better outcomes.”

Ron Rivera’s hiring by Washington marked the second consecutive season only one minority candidate earned a head coaching opportunity.

12 responses to “Roger Goodell acknowledges Rooney Rule isn’t working, change needed

  1. So let me get this straight, owner’s should hire based on skin color? Not the person? How is this in of itself not racist?

  2. African Americans account for roughly 12% of the population, and the number of African American coaches consistently hover right around the number. This is a non-issue made into an issue for no reason other than politics.

    Forcing equality of outcome only ensures further inequality, because individuals are inherently unequal regardless of their identity.

  3. People always say hire the best person for the job but the average coaching career is 4.3 seasons. Obviously the best don’t always get hired.

  4. They need to change the name and call it what it is. Affirmative Action, so stop calling it the Rooney Rule and just tell the owners how many “minorities” have to be hired. This way a team can know based on the current amount working that if they fire a Head Coach or GM they can hire who they want, or who they have to.

    So stop playing games by calling it different names and then complaining when you are not getting the results you want. Just come out with the truth and say what you want!

  5. Why are there no women head coaches if they make up 51% of the population? Guess we need a Miss Rooney Rule.

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