Andy Reid brings in Donovan McNabb to speak at Chiefs practice

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Chiefs coach Andy Reid brought in a special guest to speak to his team at today’s practice: Donovan McNabb.

McNabb, who quarterbacked the Eagles in Reid’s only previous Super Bowl appearance, was at the Chiefs’ practice today and spoke to the team before practice.

“He’s been there and done it,” Reid told pool reporter Dan Pompei. “He’s been in the league, played a long time. It was good hearing from him.”

Reid and McNabb can’t have pleasant memories of their Super Bowl experience together, a 24-21 loss to the Patriots 15 years ago. But Reid may think bringing McNabb to visit his team is just the way to exorcise those demons.

45 responses to “Andy Reid brings in Donovan McNabb to speak at Chiefs practice

  1. If Mahomes starts bouncing passes five feet in front of his receivers, we’ll know why.

  2. I can’t forget watching him literally choke and puke on the field, talk about a loser.


  3. That’s a head-scratcher. Brian Dawkins would have been a better choice (if you’re committed to having an ex Eagle). Dawk is definitely more inspirational. Still, to bring in anyone from that losing effort is strange. You don’t bring in the guy who got knocked out by the champ; you bring in the champ.

  4. If Reid had Mahomes instead of McNabb in Philly, he likely would have snared a few rings for the Eagles. McNabb was always at his worst when the pressure was at its highest.

  5. sconnieeaglesfan says:
    January 30, 2020 at 5:40 pm
    McNabb: Mahomes, don’t puke

    McNabb never threw up in the Super Bowl either.

  6. Donovan: If you are trailing by a TD or less in a close game towards the end of the fourth quarter, take your time and don’t pay attention to the clock.

  7. Donovan: If you are trailing by a TD or less in a close game towards the end of the fourth quarter, take your time and don’t pay attention to the clock.

    Odd. They were actually down 10 and McNabb ended the drive with a 33 yard TD to bring them within three. Then when the Eagles forced the Patriots to punt Reid put no one back to field said punt that bounced all the way to the Eagles 8 yard line and ran a ton of time off the clock.

    But, I guess you’re a guy who thinks he threw up in that game too, right?

  8. You guys pick one moment in time, over and over, to define a QB who has had so much success. Most players wish they could sniff the success Donovan has had. That’s why Andy invited him.

  9. Leave Brady out of it, should have brought in a real winner, the man that won multiple Super Bowls, never losing, the man who beat TB12 and BB multiple times, the one, the only, the ice man, Super Bowl undefeated champion, 2 time MVP, Eli “Crush a Pats fan dream” Manning!

  10. I’m putting money that none of these Kansas City losers will be posting after the Superbowl when their lousy franchise loses

  11. I think the Eagles enjoyed some pretty decent team success and McNabb had some decent QB-position success over his career. (McNabb led the Eagles to eight playoff appearances (2000–2004, 2006, 2008 and 2009),five NFC East division championships (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2006), five NFC Championship games (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2008), and Super Bowl XXXIX.).

    With all that said, I think the opportunity for the Chiefs to hear from McNabb and to get his “lessons learned” from his SB experience (that didn’t result in win) would be valuable. A different type of motivation. Not losing.

  12. I don’t love McNabb, but lest we not forget:

    2003 NFC Championship Game
    Eagles 4 point favorite
    49 pass attempts with James Thrash and Todd Pinkston at WR and QB coming off a broken leg
    13 total rushing attempts
    Star MLB Jeramiah Trotter cut in preseason over contract demands
    Bucs 27 Eagles 10
    Fault: Andy Reid

    2004 NFC Championship Game
    Eagles 6 point favorite
    36 pass attempts with James Thrash and Todd Pinkston at WR; Mcnabb injured in the second half due to fierce Panther pass rush and Eagles total abandonment of the running game.
    26 rushing attempts, the majority in the first half highlighting the absurdity of the play calling
    Mark Simenau, Trotter’s replacement, unbelievably misses a tackle twice on the same play, getting trucked on his second attempt, allowing the game’s only TD
    Panthers 10 Eagles 3
    Fault: Andy Reid

    2009 NFC Championship Game
    Cardinals 3 point favorite
    47 pass attempts
    16 rushing attempts
    McNabb rallies Eagles offense which walks off the field with a one point lead under three minutes to play
    Cardinals methodically move the ball down the field eating clock for game winning drive
    Cardinals 32 Eagles 25
    Fault: Defense/Andy Reid

    McNabb was a darn good QB, albeit an egomaniac. Andy Reid’s love for his pass-first before you pass the ball some more philosophy, coupled with his all too often boneheaded game day decision-making (we’ve all seen it), all too often doomed the Eagles.

    I do give Big Red credit as it seems he has committed to the running game much more often in KC. And there is not doubt he’s had a great career and is solid citizen. I’ll be rooting for him Sunday.

  13. McNabb NEVER won a big game in his entire career. As an Eagles fan I watched him and Reid squander multiple Super Bowl runs. The great Eagles teams under Reid won because of Jim Johnson, not him. When Johnson became ill and later pasted away, the Eagles fell apart and Reid was fired. Reid bringing McNabb in to speak to the players was foolish. Despite Mahomes being the best player on the planet and single handedly carrying Andy Reid to the Super Bowl, I am now 100% convinced the 49ers will win on Sunday. Book it!

  14. Terrell Owens was the MVP of that game, hands down. The team was stuck in the mud but he almost willed them to victory himself. In his shot on the highest stage, he played fully up to his potential. All these years later, I still remember how striking it was to watch.

  15. 2001 NFCCG – McNabb fumbles on the first drive leading to a free 7 points for the Rams. The Eagles lose by 5.

    2002 NFCCG – Mitchell returns the opening kick to the Tampa 26. McNabb to Duce for 6 yards. Duce runs in a 20 yard TD. McNabb leads the Eagles to 3 points the rest of the day.
    Don’t forget RONDE!

    2003 NFCCG – Yes, he got cheap-shotted but he was awful.

    2004 SB – 4 interceptions including a pick-do over-pick again joke in the Red Zone.

    2008 NFCCG – McNabb missed TDs on back to back plays starting with his shoestring throw to Baskett. Warner showed up for a shootout and McNabb showed up to lose.

    All Eagles failures were almost all on McNabb

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