Chris Jones: We want to put the game on Jimmy Garoppolo’s shoulders

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The fact that the 49ers only threw the ball eight times in the NFC Championship Game has been repeated over and over since they beat the Packers and the Chiefs have certainly heard it once or twice.

Defensive tackle Chris Jones said on Wednesday that a team that can run that much and still put up more than 30 points is “dangerous.” As a result, he thinks the best way for the defense to go is to take that away from the 49ers and put the game on quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo‘s shoulders.

“1,000 percent,” Jones said, via Tom Pelissero of NFL Media. “And we’ll see where it goes from there.”

This isn’t the first time that the 49ers have heard talk about Garoppolo being their weak link and Garoppolo responded to Jones later on Wednesday. He said he thought it was great Jones feels that way and noted that other teams have tried that approach over the course of the 49ers’ run to the Super Bowl, but that he remains confident that their offense can find a way to win every time they take the field.

4 responses to “Chris Jones: We want to put the game on Jimmy Garoppolo’s shoulders

  1. Careful what you wish for. Take out the run game, Jimmy will shred you. Take out the passing game, our backs will destroy you. Pick your poison.

  2. So do the Chiefs.
    Garoppolo is ok as a QB, but he plays in a QB friendly system with a good running game and Kyle Shannahan is a good OC. The few 49ers games I’ve watched I’ve seen garoppolo throw multiple dropped interceptions. He got lucky.
    If you do that in a big game, all it takes is one and it could be the difference.

  3. Multiple dropped interceptions???? Dude you didn’t watch any 49er games. Jimmy has done nothing but win, and hasn’t made anymore bad plays, than any other QB in this league. KC better hope they don’t start slow, because they won’t come back against this 49er defense. Garappolo has plenty of weapons and the best O Line in football, he will do fine if he has to throw it 25 times. Chiefs got a problem because they won’t stop the 49ers running game. Teams with better defenses than Chiefs haven’t stopped them all year. Jimmy just wins.

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