Devin McCourty: “Doesn’t really matter” if he says he wants to stay

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It would have been easy for Patriots safety Devin McCourty to pander to his home fans Thursday.

He chose not to.

McCourty intends to play this season, but knows it’s pointless to project where he might play.

We’ll see how it goes,” McCourty said, via Phil Perry of “I think when you’re in the league for 10 years now you see how it’s a business. . . .

“Is it a cool headline if I say I want to be back? Yeah, but that doesn’t really matter.”

The 32-year-old safety is still playing at a high level, and hits the market at a time a lot of other long-time Patriots stars are as well.

And because he’s been around the league long enough to understand how the business works, he’s not limiting his options.

“I still gotta see who’s interested,” he said. “But it’s exciting for me. My kids are 2 and 1. They can go anywhere. We’re just excited to be in this position, to have played my 10th year, had a good year, still have an opportunity to play and further my career.”

It’s wise to not limit your options more than a month before the market opens, or when no one knows what Tom Brady intends to do.

14 responses to “Devin McCourty: “Doesn’t really matter” if he says he wants to stay

  1. If he leaves, sideline videotaping guy won’t be able to send him the other team’s signals. So much for playing at a high level when you don’t have inside information via Belicheat’s army of cheaters.

  2. McCourty has been a core member of the 2nd wave Pats dynasty and a great leader. He’s a respected veteran and a true professional, wish that dude luck wherever he ends up.

  3. He gone. He’ll want the same kind of money, can likely get it, and if he’s saying something like “my little kids” can go anywhere, well, he’s clearly looking to maximize his salary at age 33.

    Likely the Giants or Miami.

    I wish him well. He was, for some reason, disrespected for 10 years in NE by fans of other teams because they don’t really get how BB wants to interchange his Safeties and have them do different things, week to week.

    I had JoeJuan Williams pegged as his replacement, similar to the McCourty move from CB to Safety out of Rutgers. Even with his pending weed possession charges, which will likely be dropped, if you look at his length and style.

    High IQ out of Vanderbilt (regardless of his stupidity of his car smelling like weed).

  4. Genius level talent this guy. Since the New England Cheaters have long been cavalier with players and have treated them with the barest amount of respect with regard to their careers, I’d suspect that this offseason will be even bloodier than usual. This team definitely treats this sport like a business and they’ll do anything to win. Nothing wrong with that but I do they will do anything to win. Anything.

  5. He’s a great player and a great leader. Knows that D inside out and having him and Hightower on the field is like having 2 defensive coordinators on the field. They really showed that during the Super Bowl against the Rams. Comm between McVay and Goff would cut off and McCourty/Hightower would take over and realign the D and Goff couldn’t handle it.

  6. Browns analytics let him go because of age. Same with Jamie Collins. 1-31 is getting very easy to explain. Keep letting good old players get away for mediocre young no-names. Not a winning strategy Browns.

  7. All the franchise players in NE learned one thing: it’s fortune or fame. And they became franchise players because their answer was fame all through the years.
    If DMC will leave I expect him to leave to a competitor, because he wants to stay relevant, and potentialy win one more ring.
    Right now I wouldn’t dare to bet big bucks on Patriots winning the AFCEast in 2020, and I’m a Patriots fan to death.

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