Drew Brees’ decision on his future will dictate Saints’ other QB decisions

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Sean Payton concedes it’s unlikely the Saints will be able to re-sign all three quarterbacks. The team doesn’t have a quarterback under contract for 2020 with Drew Brees, Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill all scheduled for free agency in March.

The Saints first have to figure out what Brees is going to do. He has said he either will retire or return to the Saints.

Payton is hoping Brees decides to play a 20th season, which would be his 15th with the Saints after beginning his career with the Chargers.

“It will start obviously in the next few weeks here with Drew, and he and I spoke a little after the season before the Pro Bowl, and I think he is going to spend time with his family and really give some thought to playing again next year,” Payton said Thursday on PFT Live. “This will end the right way. In other words, I am excited with the opportunity of him possibly coming back. We would love to have him back. I thought he played at a high level, and yet a little bit of time here at the end of the season is healthy for him and I think that is step one before you get into Taysom and Teddy.

“We were fortunate, and we felt we had a great room with those three players. We relied on Teddy, and he went 5-0 with us [while Brees was injured], and so when Drew got back, there were a few things we changed when Drew was gone. . . .The message for all of us really is whenever we leave, the train keeps going. Then, of course, Taysom is doing more and more things.”

Hill has become a valuable Swiss Army knife, but he wants to become a starting quarterback.

“He just loves playing football, and so when you watch him, it is kind of contagious, and you can see it with our sideline,” Payton said.