Robby Anderson knows Jets want to keep him

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Soon-to-be free agent wide receiver Robby Anderson is willing to hear the Jets out, but he also sounds like a man who wants to hear from others as well.

Anderson told Bob Glauber of Newsday that the Jets have made it clear they want to keep him.

“I know they’ve communicated that they do want me back,” Anderson said. “So, we’ve just got to see how it plays out.

“I don’t think they’ve gotten to numbers, but I know obviously they want to be at the table, and I think they’re planning to be at the table to keep me in-house.”

The 26-year-old Anderson caught 52 passes for 779 yards and five touchdowns last season, solid numbers but not spectacular, and not completely his fault considering the Jets’ quarterback situation.

“I want to be where I feel like the best situation for me to be great is, to be the person I can be outside of football,” Anderson said.

Asked if that’s the Jets, he replied: “I would hope so,” he said. “Just got to see what comes available, what’s out there.”

Anderson has already rejected the notion of  the hometown discount, which every player should, at least until owners start paying hometown premiums.

8 responses to “Robby Anderson knows Jets want to keep him

  1. 52 catches? Would have been 85+ if he was in a competent offense. He was always wide open. Overthrown too many times or not enough time to overthrow him.

    His big issue is his off field ‘attitude’. He’s an accident that has happened and might happen again. That’s where I would be hesitant. He’s extremely talented.

    As far as that talent, sure some of you geniuses can look at the numbers and comment (everyone does it) but watch the games before you judge, next time.

  2. Disagree with the “meh” characterization. He’s got some wheels and manages to get open with regularity. He reminds me a bit of a faster version of Deondre Hopkins. I’d love to have him on the Bears, who need a reliable speed receiver.

  3. I think he’s perfect for the free agent market. If he lands in a system that utilizes a burner effectively I think his production numbers dramatically increase.

  4. He’s good. Would like to see him stay with the Jets because he has good chemistry with Sam. Not worth what he thinks he is though so don’t think he’ll be a huge draw. If he is, then let him walk.

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