Tarik Cohen motivated to bounce back from “very frustrating” 2019 season

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There were many Bears offensive players who didn’t have the season they hoped to have in 2019 and running back Tarik Cohen is near the top of that list.

Cohen saw a higher percentage of offensive snaps than he saw in 2018, but he dropped from 1,169 yards from scrimmage and eight touchdowns to 669 yards from scrimmage and three touchdowns. Cohen visited with Chris Simms in Miami this week and confirmed that wasn’t close to the year he planned on having when the year started.

“It was very frustrating not having the season I thought I was going to have,” Cohen said. “I thought I was destined for a crazy year and, during the season, it was real frustrating. I thought it got to me mentally. Looking back at it, it’s going to do nothing but motivate me for this year coming up because I’m only going to look at myself. I don’t look at any other factors out there. I feel like how I play is always determined by me at the end of the day, so I feel like I got things to work on in the off season”

Frustrating would also be a good description of quarterback Mitch Trubisky’s season. Cohen said the locker room still has confidence in him and team brass has said the same, but more offensive frustration in 2020 seems certain to lead to changes.

9 responses to “Tarik Cohen motivated to bounce back from “very frustrating” 2019 season

  1. When you have the lowest yards per catch since 1940, that ain’t the player. That’s the DEPLORABLE scheme of the coach.

    Cohen in KC or ANY of the 31 other teams would be a DANGEROUS weapon. Under Matt Nagy, he is like a 52 on Madden, lol.

  2. Run inside with no blocking does not work. Run outside with no blocking does not work. Screen passes with no blocking do not work. Nothing seemed work in that offense except passes to Robertson.

  3. dude ran laterally on every play and headed out of bounds. incredibly frustrating for fans to watch. not that the play calling was any better. Mitch’s YPA and WRs YPC were garbage because of Nagy’s play calling. But, cohen owns some of that, he avoided contact like the plague.

  4. Cohen has hot garbage at every level on offense except Robinson.
    Sad to see their talent wasted on a team going nowhere.
    Chicago should trade them both to stock up on draft picks to rebuild this mess.

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