Tom Brady posts cryptic message to Twitter

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady posted a cryptic message to his Twitter account on Thursday night in the form of a grainy black-and-white photograph.

The photo showed a silhouette of Brady walking in the tunnel of a stadium with the football field in the distance. It’s tough to tell if he’s is walking toward the field or toward the camera in the photo in question, which carries no attached caption explaining the intended meaning of the shot.

Brady is set to be a free agent in March with a real possibility existing that he will play football for a team outside of New England next fall. While retirement is a possibility, Brady has stated his intention of playing in 2020 and said he will be open-minded about the free agent process and what it could bring.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft has stated a desire of keeping Brady as well and the photo could just as easily indicate he’s returning to Gillette Stadium as opposed to leaving it.

Until Brady clarifies the intent of his message, the uncertainty about his future with the Patriots remains.

103 responses to “Tom Brady posts cryptic message to Twitter

  1. He was seen talking to mark Davis, he bought property in vegas, now this black and white photo? He’s going to the Raiders, makes too much sense gruden loves old qbs.

  2. Brady is keeping his name in the News to keep pressuring the Patriots to step up with contract offer to appease the fan base.

  3. It looks to me like he’s thinking hard of what to do next. A cross road where even he is uncertain for the 1st time in a long time of where the road will go.

  4. Zoomed in on photo, it’s clear from that angle but he’s walking towards the field. Probably doesn’t mean anything

  5. It’s clear that he’s walking out of the stadium (insinuating he’s leaving the Pats).

    He probably wants to take the last year of his career playing for a winner who actually has a shot at a Superbowl. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. To me it definitely looks like he’s walking into the stadium. But….I can’t tell if that’s Gillette or not. And if it’s Gillette is that the visitor’s entrance or the home entrance.

  7. He should keep walking for good and keep his legacy in tact. Staubach completed his last pass to an offensive lineman. Ain’t no shame, even though you did have find a way to top that. Ahahaha.

  8. Gotta be honest as a pats fan — weather this means anything or not.
    Kind of a soft move by BRady.

    Just let us enjoy the SB without you, and let Jimmy G enjoy his experience.
    This screams of wanting attention 3 days before the big game your not in.

  9. Stay with NE one more season. Announce toward the very end of season it’s time to go.

    Icing on cake is Patriots get to see him in playoffs one more time. If not, they have the knowledge that his last home game will be it. No long goodbyes, just a game or two heads up.

    He has nothing else to prove, he had had an incredible NFL career. But it is very hard to be a starting QB at his age for 2, 3 more years.

    End it the way it began-in NE.

  10. Brady’s the best ever by a lot. I hope he plays longer than George Blanda wherever he wants. Belichick will go 5-11 next year without him.

  11. He’s washed up. Everyone could see it this year. The physical tools are gone, the dink-and-dunk didn’t work because they have TERRIBLE WRs and no TEs. He should retire before he embarrasses himself.

  12. He’s in Tennessee I think. If you zoom in, there’s a sign to the left of him that says, “Volunteers”.

  13. In the picture he is surrounded by cold and darkness — obviously going to the Canadian Football League to play for the Saskatchewan Roughriders (or one of the other three teams in that league called the Roughriders).

  14. He’s a football player with no game to play. Empty stadium. Nothing for him to do this postseason. It’s a bit lonely without the postseason for him.

  15. I say he quitting. The team tanked and so did he! Time to retire and spend quality time gardening!

  16. If he loves making it to the Superbowl, the Raiders would be an unwise choice….he wouldn’t even win the division.

  17. It is a very good photograph. I think the photographer got his intended reaction, to get people to talk. Cryptic? Maybe. It is a very good photograph.

  18. January 30, 2020 at 9:04 pm
    He’s in Tennessee I think. If you zoom in, there’s a sign to the left of him that says, “Volunteers”.

    I do believe you are right. Brady was in Tennessee today with Giselle visiting an all boys private school.

  19. Looking closely at that photo, it’s very clear that Brady is walking away from the field…as another poster pointed out, just look at his legs…that’s not what it look at the legs…..he’s walking away

  20. How about he and mean joe green(using old footage)are in coca cola commercial during superbowl.

  21. Pats fan here. All it means is that he will be playing (obviously walking toward the field). I’m much more worried about the house he purchased in Vegas and the conversation he had with Davis.

  22. There is a black and white photo of Kobe walking towards the court in the exact same way. It is obviously a tribute to Kobe. Don’t know why nobody can figure this out.

  23. I think he should tell everyone he is retiring, sign a contract on the DL than show up for camp….in Minnesota.

  24. He’s walking towards his car so that he can get to Miami to give Mahomes a ride home after he loses his first Superbowl

  25. or or or and I am just spit balling here……the season is officially about to be over and you see either see the end clear or looking forward to another season. Either way we see the field behind him.

  26. To me he’s walking into the field. It looks like the water in the foreground is still rippling

  27. If he went to the Raiders i would be 100% done with football until he left the Raiders.

  28. Raider fan here. Plenty of reason to “hate” him. Don’t want him in Vegas, but anytime a player of this caliber retires, i feel it like a loss for the whole game.

  29. It’s amazing to be a Pats fan. Regardless of where he plays next year he has won 6 titles with NE.


    Now go away and cry yourself to bed on that thought…we’ll be just fine, with or without Brady.

    If Brady is not back to NE next year and the Pats go and win another Super Bowl…my god how many heads would explode!!! Would be the funniest thing ever…

  30. Come to think of it..if it happens with Brady under center it would be even funnier…with all the cryptic messages and all!!!

  31. Meh…It’s a still from a Super Bowl commercial. He’s helping Baker “take care of the house.”

  32. Patriots fans are in meltdown about this, but really, does it matter?

    I hope he does go back to that team. He’s going to be 43, and no way is that O line going to be nearly as good without Scar.

    They’re a 3rd place team in the AFCE with or without Brady next season. Can’t wait.

  33. He’s walking out of the stadium. Leaving the pats or retiring. Either way we will see if it was Brady or BB


    But what if he leaves and then both of them have bad seasons OR both of them have good seasons. Then how do you know if it was TB or BB???? 🤯

  34. As a NE fan, I can see keeping Brady, but he’s not mobile (not that he really was). Its a mobile league. Teams don’t really have to deal with him scrambling or running and can focus more on coverage and direct pressure. I think that’s one of the reasons his passing performance is down.
    He’s still down the bottom in taking sacks and his completion percentage wasn’t terrible (60.8%, by comparison Aaron Rodgers was only 62%), but he doesn’t run much. 34 yards rushing. Most veteran QBs are in the 150+ range, young guys even higher.

  35. And this is why I continue not to like this guy. This is the SB weekend, you are not in it, but two very good teams with very good players (including a truly generational talent who could play ANYWHERE) are. This isn’t about you. Or the Patriots. Or NE. Or even the East Coast. Get over yourself.

  36. Super Bowl week, and Brady can’t stand not getting the attention…

    { Cue Simple Minds: }

    ♫ “Don’t you, forget about me
    Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t
    Don’t you, forget about me” ♫

  37. cletuspstillwaterjr says:
    January 30, 2020 at 7:22 pm
    I am loving watching all of the NE fans meltdown. We knew this day was coming and it is sweeter than we thought.
    It really isn’t as bad as you think in New England. Most of us (I’m a season ticket holder) have seen this coming and accept it. We know that Brady is not the answer for the next 5-10 years so it is ok to move on.

  38. Brady started this season paying really well, but as it wore on his performance got progressively worse. Whoever signs him for premium money is just setting that cash on fire. Brady can no longer carry a team to the Promised Land.

  39. Tom is going to have fun with this. He will go to free agency, keep an open mind, and weigh his options. His approach is hiding in plain sight.

  40. Brady is behaving like a politician which is natural for him because his post-NFL career will be in the Beltway.

  41. This is just Tammy being Tammy a diva needing attention. He is not the sweet boy next door like so many think…he has a massive ego in need of constant messaging.

  42. TB12: *trolls his fans and NFL media with Instagram*
    NE Fans: “God, I love TB12 so much, I can’t wait for him to troll us again! TB12 is the GOAT troll!”

    On a serious note, if Tom is going to change teams you know it would have to be an NFC team. No way to cement his legacy like beating Bill in SB.

  43. bam5239 says:
    January 31, 2020 at 11:07 am

    On a serious note, if Tom is going to change teams you know it would have to be an NFC team. No way to cement his legacy like beating Bill in SB.
    That’s assuming Bill is taking this Pats team to a SB without Brady. No chance.

  44. cletuspstillwaterjr says:
    January 30, 2020 at 7:22 pm
    I am loving watching all of the NE fans meltdown. We knew this day was coming and it is sweeter than we thought.


    Maybe in your dreams NE Fans are melting down but in New England I can assure we are not melting down. Most of us felt a sort of embarrassment of riches with all the Super Bowl victories, and almost a sense of relief now that they are not in the playoffs this year.

    But you know, whatever floats your boat.

  45. Brady’s left leg ( the one to the viewer’s right) is bent and foot pointed down in a position only seen from the front. Physically impossible to bend and appear the way it does if seen from his rear. Ergo: he’s walking out of the tunnel, away from the field.

    Take it from a pro photographer.

  46. Cryptic Tweet

    Brady just wants the spotlight

    Look at his foot…he’s clearly leaving the stadium

    My god…the man will play where the man will play…give it a rest!

    Congrats to the Chiefs

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