Tua Tagovailoa was “very close” to staying at Alabama in 2020

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During the 2019 season, the idea that Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa would enter the 2020 NFL draft seemed like such a foregone conclusion that fans talked about tanking for Tua. But Tagovailoa himself says that was never a sure thing.

Visiting the PFT Live set in Miami today, Tagovailoa said he had a hard time making up his mind and nearly stayed at Alabama for the 2020 season. Ultimately, however, he felt that the best decision for his family was to turn pro.

“I was very close,” Tagovailoa said. “I sat down with my family, my parents, got to see where their hearts were with this whole thing.”

Tagovailoa said he found it a little crazy that “fans are rooting for [their teams to draft] you and you haven’t even decided you’re going to the NFL yet.” But he ultimately made that decision, a harder decision than most people thought it would be.

10 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa was “very close” to staying at Alabama in 2020

  1. Saban wouldn’t admit it but he wanted Tua to leave. If Tua stayed, then one of their other QBs likely would have transferred. Since the NCAA started the transfer portal, kids transfer at the drop of a hat. Very few are willing to wait to play. If they aren’t starting, they transfer to a school with a starting spot open, even if that team is nowhere as good.

  2. Just trying to sell he’ll be ok. He’ll never be the same and right now is the only window he had to get paid. If anyone drafts him I with their first pick the whole organization needs to be fired.

  3. Definite red flag for this kid’s judgement if he was really that close to staying at Alabama. Injury or no injury he’s going in the Top 5, and is either #2 to Burrow now or #2 to Lawrence in 2021. There was literally nothing to be gained by staying other than risking a hobbled broken hip Tua not nearly as effective as he used to be, which would’ve sent his 2021 draft stock into the toilet. or worse yet he’d be too injured to play much and again draft stock in the toilet.

  4. Ya but then we met with the agent ‘wink wink” that were not supposed to have and he pointed out the cost if I got injured in my senior year so we said, hey this is really about the benjamins anyway so bye bye bama

  5. I think Miami will still take him. They started winning when they realized he would drop a couple of spots and they wanted to see who was worth keeping on their current roster.

  6. Miami needs to pass on this. Jordan Love or Herbert would be a better pick but seriously Miami needs to build both lines. Would love to see Miami adopt the 49ers philosophy and create a run dominant team that gets after the QB. Seems to have worked pretty well in SF.

  7. I think it’s fairly clear at this point that, dumb or not, Tua actually wanted to stay in college but was overruled primarily by his father. Anyone familiar with Tua’s backstory knows he’s the product of a very patriarchal family where dad always has final say and that most likely HE decided this was what’s best for the Tagovailoa clan. We can all sit here and pretend it’s perhaps more complicated than that for the sake of decorum and taking Tua at his word, but famous athlete or not he’s got a heavy-handed father whom he hasn’t broken away from yet and that’s really the simple fact of the matter with that situation.

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