Dak Prescott won’t commit to showing up, if he’s tagged

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The dance continues between the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott, and the music could soon take an ominous turn.

With Prescott having completed his rookie deal and with the Cowboys facing the question of whether to sign him to a new contract or to apply the franchise tag, Prescott declined to commit that he’ll show up for offseason workouts if the team chooses to tag him.

We’ll get to that when we get to that,” Prescott said during an appearance in Miami, via the Dallas Morning News. “I look forward to talking to my agents and when that [tag] comes to play, the direction that we’ll go. Until that’s a reality, I won’t worry about it.”

But it’s clear that he’s planning to stay away if the team applies the tag. Asked whether he plans to spend much time in Dallas in the coming weeks and months, Prescott said no.

“Report that,” Prescott added. “Be sure to report that.”

Prescott admitted that he’s “a little disappointed” a deal hasn’t been done, but he can’t be disappointed by the leverage he now has. If they don’t sign him before applying the tag, he can stay away from the offseason program, the mandatory minicamp, training camp, and the preseason while still showing up and getting every penny of his franchise tender. Good luck getting a team ready for Week One without a starting quarterback.

Also looming over this delicate situation is the question of which tender the Cowboys would apply. If they opt for the non-exclusive tag (at about $26 million), another team could try to sign Prescott, in exchange for two first-round picks. To keep that from happening, the Cowboys would have to use the exclusive tag, which currently would cost $33.4 million. Either number would become the starting point for a long-term deal.

As previously explained, the best play for the Cowboys would be to sign Prescott to a long-term deal before the tag deadline, with an average value in the range of $31 million. If that doesn’t happen, things could get very interesting for Prescott and the Cowboys.

77 responses to “Dak Prescott won’t commit to showing up, if he’s tagged

  1. even if he plans to report, he has 0 incentive to promise to do so and millions of dollars of incentive to keep it close to the vest.

  2. He’s a decent QB. No question. The problem with all decent QBs is that they want to be paid like great ones.

  3. Well Dak Prescott hasn’t committed to being a very good QB either so none of this should surprise anyone.

    Media needs to stop blowing this guy up. Even in Dallas we think he is adequate at best. Flashes of very good but never going to be elite, and he is asking for elite money.

  4. Tags need to go. Long overdue. Let the player go to FA if they want to. Though we never know the asking price of said player/agent and other details if both sides can’t agree so it’s hard to have a proper opinion.

  5. Given the right opportunity, Dak has the skills to become an ELITE backup QB in this league.

  6. The best play is to not overpay QBs who aren’t a difference maker.
    If Dak is tagged he should try and have a good year.
    Either the Cowboys pay more or he leaves.
    To sit out a season is stupid.
    He loses income, and is rusty, and less likely to have a steller 2021.

    The risk to Dak is he’s not a top 10 QB. He’s ok, but not great.
    He benefitted from a good Oline, Zeke, and Amari Cooper.
    His stats would be far worse without all that support.

  7. He won exactly zero big games when they needed him most this year. Tag him, trade him, and draft your quarterback of the future, who’ll be on a rookie contract for half a decade.

  8. You finally learned the lesson being the nice guy gets you nothing. I’m proud of you Dak.

  9. Elliott held out and Jerruh caved so the precedent has been set. Good thing too, they may not have finished as well as they did last year, 8-8 or 7-9 or whatever their record was …..

  10. Jerry will get scared and will end up overpaying Prescott, making it extremely difficult to resign the rest of the team or attract free agents.

    Prescott will get paid and will have a roster with missing pieces.


  11. Super Bowls are won by teams with great QB’s or inexpensive QB’s. Dak isn’t either of those.

  12. “If they don’t sign him before applying the tag, he can stay away from the offseason program, the mandatory minicamp, training camp, and the preseason while still showing up and getting every penny of his franchise tender. Good luck getting a team ready for Week One without a starting quarterback.”

    No, good luck in trying to get a long-term contract if the QB is skipping OTAs, preseasons, etc. Obviously you’re ignoring the fact that those training camps are there to HELP Prescott have a great season…

    Seriously, no team is going to commit to a QB if he looks bad because he didn’t have the right prep work in the off-season (learning McCarthy’s offense, getting timing down with receivers, etc.).

  13. Oh no!!! Where will the Cowboys find another superstar to throw 5 yard passes?!?!

    Pay the man Jerry….. nothing but success with Dink and Dak under center.

    40 million per, get it done!!!

  14. Once Jerry started making the personnel decisions, the Cowboys have been a non-factor in the NFL. He loves to overpay his “stars.” He vastly overpaid Zeke even though he struggles with the law every offseason. He’s about to break the bank for Dak who’s a middle of the road QB. Finally, he’ll make Cooper one of the highest paid receivers despite the fact that he disappears in big games.

  15. Does anyone have any idea how much the Cowboys have already offered (what has he already rejected)?

  16. fine pickle of a situation jerry has put himself in, now isn’t it?. should have locked him up cheap 2 years ago.

  17. “To sit out the season is stupid”

    Neither Dak, nor anyone else, is talking about him sitting out the season. The only discussion is about sitting out all preseason activities. Obviously a big difference.

  18. So he could potentially get franchised for 1 year and be compensated a truck full of money and the problem there is???????

    Dak, understand you have a few more question marks on your resume and it makes it a bit hesitant to give you ALL the money.

    You sir are at the “Show Me” year in 2020

  19. Starting QBs that are not on the rookie deal command $26M per year as base salary. Even the numbers dictated by the transition and franchise-tag show this! That’s just the way the cookie crumbles when the cap goes up every year. To say that a starting QB of Dak Prescott’s caliber should make less than Mike Glennon did THREE YEARS AGO ($15M/year; $18M payout to play 4 games in a season and get benched) is asinine.

    If a team says “That’s my guy for QB”, then they have to pay him as the market dictates. JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER JOB. It’s called being equitable to your peers.

  20. As a capably fan I hope he doesn’t show up and come back to bite him… he is a decent QB that can not take over a game if TB is ha omg a bad game. He is nowhere near Wilson or Mahomes as far as skill so he should not be paid on that level!!!!

  21. I love these posts. Dak was 3 yards away from setting the Cowboys single season record for passing yards, with an underperforming Amari Cooper and he has to prove himself in another year?

    I’m not saying he’s elite by any means, but how many elite QBs are out there? 5 or 6? He will probably get the $40m per year because of the value on the position and his 2019 year. Jerry could’ve probably got him for $5m per year less if he had signed him before last season.

  22. Please just trade him for picks. I know Jerry wants to win now but please don’t handcuffs for the next ten years. You are not going to go to the Super Bowl this year with Dak. Amari is a question mark. No true tight end( Witten is way past his prime. Offensive line showing wear and tear. Zeke is in decline and secondary is soft. Face reality Trade Dak get picks save cap space get Brady and add talent.

  23. I’d go with the non-exclusive tag at $26 mil. Would gladly take 2 1st round picks for him. Tag him immediately. Would love to use one of those picks this draft..!

    On the flip, if Dak accepts his tag, & takes this team to the NFC Championship or better, in the upcoming season, pay him. It’s time to poop or get off the pot. He hasn’t proven he’s worth putting the franchise in cap hell for the next however many years.

  24. pbdisciple says: “Anyone who’s broken the bank at QB win the SB yet?”

    Um, plenty…

    Brady, Brady, P.Manning, E.Manning, P.Manning, Rodgers, Brees, Roeslisberger, Brady, Johnson, Warner, Elway, Favre, Aikman, Young

  25. Dax threat is nothing to Goff at. He is worth more than Goof and more durable than Wentz. He worked for cheap. Pay the man, Jerry.

  26. Why does Dallas never bring in a vet to back up Dak ? I assume it’s because the vet would win the job from Dak having the pressure to perform instead of going out and playing happy go lucky.

  27. This is what you get when you keep telling an employee he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, he’s all yours now.

  28. joetoronto says:
    January 31, 2020 at 9:39 am
    This is what you get when you keep telling an employee he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, he’s all yours now.
    The Cowboys have turned into all hype and not much to talk about when it comes
    to playoffs. There the wait till next year and you will see team.

  29. The tag isn’t that bad for QB’s. At $33.4 million he should welcome it. Then hope they tag him again. Then go the Kirk Cousins route. He can then pretty much hit the open market if he wants. It’s so much for 1 year its not a risk like other positions.

  30. Leave it Jerry to screw up another negotiation, Dak should have been signed last yr before Wentz and Zeke…now you have to pay him more because of the delay….Franchise him and you can guarantee he will walk after two yrs.

  31. He’s pretty good but pretty good isn’t the same as elite. You’d have to think long and hard before paying him huge money on a long-term deal. He has proven he can definitely HELP you win but but he cannot win games on his own, which is really what you are hoping to get in a franchise QB.

  32. Dallas Cowboys:

    Best OL? check
    Best RB? check
    Best WR? check

    If Dallas is the best at these positions is it the TEs fault the Cowboys choked? Or maybe its the qbs play that spelled their demise.

    I hope Jerrah signs him for ten years at 40 mil per. Boys are wasting Elliotts prime.

  33. He’s a decent QB. No question. The problem with all decent QBs is that they want to be paid like great ones.

    And since the NFL is paying decent QBs handsomely, Dak wants his turn.

  34. Jerrah set his table, now he has to eat at it.

    Elliot held out and got what he wanted, hence the precedent has been set – why shouldn’t Dak do the same thing?

  35. 1. Mike McCarthy was instrumental in Aaron Rodgers’ development, completely overhauling his footwork and throwing mechanics. He could do a lot with Dak.

    2. Mike McCarthy had the stones to replace the absolute legend, Brett Favre, with the relatively unknown Aaron Rodgers. Dak and his agents may wish to consider this very carefully before trying to get cute with McCarthy.

    3. Perhaps Jerry Jones is smarter than some people think.

  36. First of all, zero teams are going to give up two first-round draft picks to sign Dak–ZERO. Secondly, a contract averaging $31M per year? No way. That’s a contract you give to guys like Wilson, Rodgers, Brady, Mahomes. Dak isn’t even close to being in the same league with those guys. I think even the non-exclusive tag (~$26M) is too much for Dak. He’s essentially a game manager QB. Sure, he might win a few games by himself now and then but he’s not going to be a game-changer like the four QBs I mentioned above.

    I think Dallas should think long and hard about drafting another QB this year to replace Dak and prepare to move on without him. If they sign him to a long-term deal they will regret it and they likely won’t make the playoffs during the length of that contract because in the coming years they’re going to have six players taking up more than half of the salary cap. That’s insane.

  37. IF Jerry truly offered a top 5 contract then he’s done his part. Dak should sign andget it over with. I really can’t see Stephen Jones, not Jerry, paying him $40mil. And can people please stop trying to compare it to Zeke’s contract. It’s something totally different.

  38. Nice to see your commitment to the concept of team, Dakota. If I were Jerruh, I’d be shopping you around for multiple first round picks so I can dump your lack of commitment upon someone stupid.

  39. Dak has no noticeable seperation ability wise from the likes of cousins and goff. I reckon the cowboys are waiting to put a sneaky 20-25m deal on the table for brady before they commit to paying dak big

  40. “1. Mike McCarthy was instrumental in Aaron Rodgers’ development, completely overhauling his footwork and throwing mechanics. ”

    It’s amazing how once a person gets to coaching the Cowboys how their legend grows.

  41. Hey Cowboy fan, is he really worth that kind of JACK, he could ruin that team with a huge contract!

  42. Put the non-exclusive tag on him at $26.4M and see if some other franchise wants to steal him and sign him long term for the kind of money he wants while giving up two first round draft choices. When it doesn’t happen, his market value has been set. If some franchise is stupid enough to do that Dallas is off the hook and they can pick up a less expensive QB who will do just as well handing the ball to Zeke and passing from behind that OL.

  43. Jerrah will milk this contract “talks” for all he’s worth! His ego doesn’t allow for anything else! Me, me, me! And in the end will overpay for Dak for more publicity!

  44. TIf everything people on here are saying about Cooper is true, that he isn’t a top teir WR and disappears in big games, then Dak’s season is all the more impressive. If you put his backup into the starting lineup the Cowboys win at most 6 games. So Jerry’s best chance as fielding a winner is Dak. Having said that he will have to pay substantially to retain his services, the report is that the Cowboys offered him a $30MM/yr contract and you turned it down, choosing to bet on himself and take on the health risk of playing out his rookie contract. So the author’s suggestion that the Cowboys should sign him to a $31 million/year deal is idiotic, he didn’t hold out for an extra 4-6 million over the course of a new contract. The Franchise tag amount for this season is $33.4 MM, it goes up 20% year over year, so next season Dak would be in line for a Franchise Tag amount of 40.1 million and year three would be $48.1 . . . a three year total of $121.6 million or $40.5 million per year. This is most likely the starting point in negotiations for Dak and his agents and it is where the $40 million/year demand is coming from.

    For those who think if Dak is Franchised he should show up for voluntary workouts, mini-camps and training camps, I say why would he. The Cowboys are forcing him out of the free agent market that he played his way to by playing without any guarantees beyond the fourth year of his rookie contract. Dak did everything right last year, he showed up for everything while under contract. The fact is that by Franchising a player the team retains their signing rights but the player isn’t technically under contract until he signs the Franchise Tag contract . . . if I were Dak I wouldn’t attend any offseason activities and take the risk of a freak accident that blows out my knee or cracks a bone in my back or rips apparate my throw shoulder or fractures my throwing thumb, etc. etc. etc.

    I would wait until right before the season and sign the Franchise tag, then play out my 16 games and collect my 17 $2 million checks. Then I would force the Cowboys right back to the same negotiation table and make them Franchise me for $40 million or pay me or let me walk into free agency.

    As for the non-exclusive tender, the problem there is that a new team would have to meet Prescott’s contract AND give up two first round picks. Any Franchise willing do that has to think they are on the cusp of making a Superbowl run and only a decent QB away from said run . . . I don’t know a lot of teams in that shape . . . maybe the Raiders or the Broncos. Having said that, more than likely a Dak market deal would result in something akin to the restricted free agent deal that New England struck with Miami for Wes Walker. NE did not sacrifice the compensation it should have taken to sign Walker away from Miami as a RFA, instead the two sides agreed to reduced compensation to give NE the rights to sign Walker. I simply don’t see any team that wants to legitimately compete over the course of the next 4 -5 years sacrificing two first rounders for Prescott. If that did happen then Jones would have essentially turned a 2016 4th round pick into a four year starting QB and two first round picks.

  45. BillyRayBob says:
    January 31, 2020 at 12:13 pm
    “1. Mike McCarthy was instrumental in Aaron Rodgers’ development, completely overhauling his footwork and throwing mechanics. ”

    It’s amazing how once a person gets to coaching the Cowboys how their legend grows.


    Nothing has grown. I’m a lifelong Packers fan and I’ve known about this, and talked about it, for years. I was actually hoping McCarthy would go to Cleveland to work with Baker Mayfield.

  46. 1 lifetime Playoff win and the guy wants 40 million. Dallas should punt he’s nowhere worth it!

  47. clappingginger says:
    oh please give him the non-exclusive. I’d take 2 first rounders in a hearbeat!!

    There are some goofy owners and GMs in this league, but I can’t think of one that would give up two No. 1 draft picks for the privilege of signing Dak Prescott to a mega-deal, which they’d all but have to do after committing that kind of draft capital for a starting-caliber QB who’s not under contact.

  48. i would take the 2 first rounders in a heartbeat, couple of guys that could fill in nicely for couple of years, tanninhill

  49. The consensus is he’s not worth the big money contract. This armchair QB agrees with the majority.

  50. Why does Dallas never bring in a vet to back up Dak ? I assume it’s because the vet would win the job from Dak having the pressure to perform instead of going out and playing happy go lucky.
    Yes, because really good veterans are just falling off the QB tree like ripe fruit. smdh

  51. Wanting to be paid top money for his moxy and adulting skills. Is there another position in sports that can pay 32+ million a year like the Dallas QB job?

  52. TheGuru says:
    McCarthy did draft Hundley from UCLA right?

    Ted Thompson drafted Brett Hundley, and claimed after the fact it wasn’t planned, but considered it a “value pick” when he was still on the board. Mike McCarthy likely had little say in most Packers draft picks.

  53. JJ won’t do this because he falls in love with average players, but I would call Dak’s bluff and should see what it would take to move up into the top 5 of the draft to grab a quarterback. Then let him walk and see he is not worth the money he thinks he is. Really, why else would teams play to stop the run and make Dak beat them? That screams out that teams are not afraid of Dak. In other words, they know he is not that great.

  54. They need to fix this somehow in the next NFLPA discussions or something. But QB market is getting out of hand, it’s no longer how good you are, but just who’s the last to get a contract.

    In reality Dak should get like $15m. Fair value nowadays, I’d offer him $25m $30m avg a year at most, give him a little signing bonus and some stability, but there really is no reason to be paying Dak more than $30m. Is he truly your guy? They can get a serviceable QB and make the rest of that team a powerhouse. Look at how far the 49ers got with Jimmy G.

  55. Or how far the Titans got with Tannehill. I say Cowboys should go for Mariota or something, get him way cheaper, and a change of teams might be a good thing for him, Mariota could live up to his potential who knows. At least it’ll be a cheaper risk, Dak just doesn’t look elite, he’s a game manager and hasn’t done much consistently vs. good teams to have me think otherwise. If Cowboys are OK with the NFC Least division title and one-and-done every year then go ahead and break the bank for Dak.

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