Drew Brees: If Taysom Hill taking 30 snaps helps us win, I’m all for it

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Saints quarterback Drew Brees hasn’t decided if he’s playing or retiring in 2020, and no one knows if restricted free agent Taysom Hill will remain in New Orleans. But if Brees and Hill are both Saints this year, Brees will be happy to share the workload.

Brees said on PFT Live today in Miami that he and Saints coach Sean Payton haven’t specifically discussed what the offense will look like, but Brees knows the Saints love getting Hill involved in the offense, and Brees is fine with that even if it means he’s less involved.

“We haven’t gotten that far but I’ll be the first one to sit here and tell you, if I’m back and Taysom is there alongside me, call the plays that are going to put us in the best position to win. And if that means Taysom Hill is taking 30 snaps a game, 25 snaps a game, so be it. I’m all for that,” Brees said.

Brees praised Hill for the way he played in the Saints’ postseason game, saying, “The guy pretty much took the game over.” And Brees said he knows everyone in the locker room wants Hill on the team because “Guys on the team love him.”

So don’t be surprised if both Brees and Hill play for the Saints next year, and if they run a two-quarterback offense that makes the most of the skill sets of both Brees and Hill.

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  1. Hill is the most interesting potential off season move. If some team loves him they could give him a poison pill contract that will force the Saints to either let him walk or let Drew go. Unless Drew wants to play for small money next year.

  2. Yeah, Brees is such a selfless saint. Big of him. Never misses a chance to tell the world how virtuous he is.

  3. Breaking Sports News: Roger G and the NFL no longer allow the use of dual QB’s. Roger explained that its too complicated for our part-time officials to handle, and out of fairness, other teams would be at a competitive disadvantage with such studs as Brees and Hill sharing time on the field.

  4. 30? that’s cool.

    25 is excellent, I could go with that cuz I’m so way unselfish and always team-oriented you know. That would be about right so I can still be the star and share the glory, thereby showing how so great I really am, virtuous beyond belief, perfect is who I am.

    31? Dog, what you want from me?

  5. Im not ready for Brees to retire until he gets that 2nd SB. Come on whodats go and get a couple huge free agents or a genius DC and finally punch it thru in the postseason. We couldve had Lsu and Saints winning it all in the same year smh

  6. The conversation isn’t how to fit Hill into Brees’ offense. It’s how is Brees going to fit into Hill’s offense. Payton is ready to move on.

  7. Brees is currently playing at a historic NFL level.
    hes had 3 top seasons in a row…
    2018- PFF #1 QB , ahead of Mahommes
    2019- PFF #2 QB-( Highest QB rating of his career, 116.3) tied with Russell Wilson, behind Tannehill, and again ahead of Mahommes
    4th straight season over 70% completion…

  8. I really do not see how that can work in the NFL. It has more or less washed out, even in college. I would have to say that Brees really does not have an intention of sharing 1/4 to half of his snaps with Hill. Frankly, I am not sure they can afford both either.

  9. Hill has thrown 13 passes in his career. That’s a good quarter or a very light half for Brees. Can’t replace Brees, one of the best to ever throw it.

  10. 30 snaps equates to approximately 50% of the plays. Question becomes is Brees willing to sacrifice approx. 50% his next contract?

  11. @Jdog63 says:
    January 31, 2020 at 12:34 pm
    Hill is a gamer, period.
    I’m still grieved that the Packers let him go, one of McCarthy’s (or Ted’s) worst decisions.
    Well he wasn’t going to take Rodgers off the field. However, if McCarthy truly loved him, he could make a play for him involving Dak.

  12. What about if Teddy takes all the snaps? Is he ok with that? Because the Saints went 5-0 when Brees was hurt. A respectable 8-4 when Brees did play. But not undefeated.

  13. The hype train keeps a rollin’. Hill is a nice complementary player but he definitely is not a quarterback. True NFL starting caliber QBs don’t just spring out of nowhere at 30 years old. He reminds me a bit of Joe Webb, but obviously much more effective.

  14. Taysom Hill is going to be 30 years old. He’s thrown 13 passes in his career while completing less than half of them (with one being intercepted) for a rating of 46.6. The dude is not suddenly going to turn into a great full-time QB.

  15. Would any team have the guts to play a backup 30 snaps per game while paying their starter ~$30 million per year? If the backup looks great then the pressure mounts to make him the starter plus you’ve massively overpaid for a guy who is on his way to holding a clipboard. And if the backup doesn’t look great the pressure is on to give those plays back to your highly-paid starter.

  16. So Brees is gonna play for near half of what he made last season bc he’ll be playing half the snaps ?

    This is silly.

    Either Brees is good enough to be the guy or he’s not. And since the Saints use Hill to make the long passes, or Bridgewater, that means Brees isn’t .

  17. Either Brees is good enough to be the guy or he’s not. And since the Saints use Hill to make the long passes, or Bridgewater, that means Brees isn’t .


    So if Brees comes in and completes 5/5 passes for 42 yards and Taysom runs the remaining 32 yards to finish the drive with a TD, you think that’s somehow a bad thing? A touchdown drive is a still touchdown drive, is it not?

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