Joe Burrow to work with Jordan Palmer before draft

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Carson Palmer had some words of warning for Joe Burrow.

Now, his brother is going to have a chance to work with the presumed top pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

According to Albert Breer of, the LSU quarterback is going to do his pre-draft training with Jordan Palmer.

Jordan Palmer bounced around with six NFL teams (appearing in five games), along with stints in the Arena League and the UFL.

He’s since carved out a niche working with young quarterbacks, with Bills quarterback Josh Allen among his recent clients.

Carson Palmer recently suggested that the Bengals — who own the first pick and the rights to take Burrow — aren’t serious about winning Super Bowls.

13 responses to “Joe Burrow to work with Jordan Palmer before draft

  1. That’s the guru you should go to (said nobody, ever)

    Jordan Palmer’s illustrious NFL career:

    TD – 0
    INT – 2
    Passing yards – 66
    Passer rating – 28.7

  2. Look around the league, tons of coaches were not great players. Doug pederson, gary kubiak, Kyle shanahan, Frank Reich, kellen Moore, Byron leftwich, those are just off the top of my head, there are probably zillions more examples. Ridiculous to judge coaching potential based on playing ability.

  3. The evil Bengals kept Jordan on their roster from 2008-2010 to be on the same team as his brother. Knowing he had no chance to do anything in the league.

    By rights, yes – the Bengals should have definitely hired a better backup QB. Any team looking to win the Super Bowl would not rely on Jordan Palmer as your backup.

    Jordan was cut the same offseason Carson was traded.

    Everyone – Burrow is going to Cincy.

  4. Amazing Carson is so hard on the bengals. All they did was give him $84 MILLION dollars, put his brother on the team for 6 YEARS (2.3 Million)…

    Trade him when he asked… Yeah Carson, the bengals were terrible…

  5. Of course you don’t have to be great in college to be a good teacher…but just exactly what has this guy ever done as a passing teacher? Who can he point to?

    C’mon. The presumptive #1 pick in the draft should be taught by the guys that teach proven NFL players, not a failed CFL/XFL QB whose claim to fame is his brother started a lot of games.

  6. Those who can, do. Those that can’t, teach! I suspect Burrow will be teaching Palmer instead of the other way around!

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