Joe Burrow: You want to go to team that’s “committed to winning Super Bowls”

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The plot thickens.

Yesterday, former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer said the Bengals aren’t serious about trying to win Super Bowls.

Today, word arrived that his brother Jordan Palmer would be handling the pre-draft training of presumptive top overall pick Joe Burrow.

Now, Burrow’s using some similar phrasing to the older Palmer brother to describe his goals for the coming months.

“You want to go No. 1,” Burrow said during an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show. “But you also want to go to a great organization that is committed to winning. Committed to winning Super Bowls.”

It would be reasonable for Bengals fans — and perhaps the Bengals themselves — to connect those dots and panic.

Of course, it’s possible that those three factors are unrelated, and that Burrow won’t be influenced by people who have beef with the franchise closest to his southern Ohio hometown.

Burrow’s father has already said his son would be fine being drafted by the Bengals, and Burrow himself indicated previously he wasn’t against the idea, saying: “Whoever wants to pay me money to play the game of football, I’ll play for ’em, it doesn’t matter to me.”

If the Bengals wanted to move that pick, they’d have no lack of suitors. The Dolphins are reportedly interested, and there would probably be a line of people curious to move into that slot if the Bengals want to move it.

41 responses to “Joe Burrow: You want to go to team that’s “committed to winning Super Bowls”

  1. Panic because of something Carson Palmer said? Bengals fans have been through too much to act like Palmer against Ed Reed or Troy Polomalu.

  2. The Bengals were a good team for a number of years but have faded.
    It’s because of drafting, not because they didn’t over pay a key free agent.
    Burrow isn’t a sure thing to make it as a starter, many highly regarded QBs fail every year.
    Just worry about holding up your end, then everything will take care of itself.

  3. Nothing like the Bengals publicly admitting that they aren’t interested in winning Super Bowls.

  4. The gauntlet has officially been thrown down for the Bengals.

    If there were ever a time for them to go bold re: acquiring talent and / or shaking up their administration, it’s now.

  5. Can you blame the guy if he didn’t want to play for the Bengals? If the Bengals org, under Mike Brown, have shown us one thing, it’s that they aren’t really committed to winning. They seem to be committed to do just enough to make money for themselves. Not the team, not the community, not the fans… themselves.

  6. The Bengals have won the AFC North 3 of the last 10 years. Been in the playoffs what? 6,7 times in that time frame. Of course, they have done poorly in the playoffs. But 20 teams each year don’t make the playoffs.

    I believe there are many other teams that have not been that successful. The browns for example, the dolphins, the redskins.

    I don’t recall this type of talk when the Browns were selecting 1st for multiple years in a row. Strange indeed.

  7. whodatalien says:
    January 31, 2020 at 11:56 am

    He’ll be a top 10 QB day one in the NFL no matter where he plays
    This has been said about so many QBs who ended up flaming out. Like Burrow a lot, but let’s wait and see.

  8. The Bengals definitely haven’t looked like their top priority has been winning, but you can also say that about quite a few franchises. Maybe Mike Brown won’t be calling the shots going forward. We’ll have to see. If you’re fortunate enough to get a QB like Burrow, winning shouldn’t be that difficult. Carson Palmer was a really good QB, but he’s nowhere near Burrow. Maybe only Mahomes is in Burrow’s league, so no knock on Palmer.

  9. It’s not easy to defend the Bengals. Though one thing I don’t hear much about Carson Palmer is how he left Cincinnati and they went to the playoffs every year the next 5 years led by a rookie Andy Dalton. I wonder if Palmer thinks what if he would have stayed with that roster and having AJ Green. They may have been special with Palmer but he walked away.

  10. Who would really want to play for the Bengals? The owner is known for his cheapness. It would be funny if Burrow announces he won’t play for the Bengals, no matter what they do.

  11. I’m going to keep my eye on this guy. I just can’t help thinking that something is brewing !! With His cigar smoking in the locker room and the comment about whoever wants to pay me…. I’m just saying.!.!

  12. ericn42000 says:

    Jerry trade Dak and a 1st to Cincinnati for this kid thanks

    LMFAO on so many levels.

    Try adding two more firsts, at least 1 second and 1 third. Plus Dak is a FA. You will have to give him away if you tag him.

    1 first and Dak. Lol.

  13. Intrafinesse you are wrong! Although I agree with NOT going after some veteran player that his previous team decided not to re-sign or pay what he was asking, I do believe that the Bengals unwillingness to pay either Kevin Zeitler or Andrew Whitworth as well as poor drafting in 2014 and 2015 has been responsible for their present funk. It WAS NOT Marvin Lewis’ fault.

  14. That means he’d rather go to any team other than the Bengals. All Mike Brown is interested in is lining his pockets and providing jobs for his extended family. That’s in start contrast to when his father Paul Brown ran the team. I feel sorry for anyone who gets stuck by being drafted by the Bengals. I think I’d rather sit out the year in hopes of a better team (which would be practically any other team) drafts or trades for me.

  15. The only thin the Bengals are committed to or will ever commit to is making money. As an ex-season ticket holder (for way too long) I truly believe this. And while diehards will either never admit or be to delusional to see it, How can you possibly explain their business model as one that committed to winning? Very little scouting, no real GM, cheap young inexperienced coach (who they can sell as a “new Dey”…..

  16. “Welp

    Scratch the Bengals, Browns and Chargers of his list”
    – – – – – –
    I think the Browns are “trying”, they’re just really really really bad at it.

  17. charliecharger says:

    January 31, 2020 at 12:23 pm

    Maybe only Mahomes is in Burrow’s league, so no knock on Palmer.


    Burrow could turn out to be a good player. But did you seriously try to compare a guy that in his first 3 years(2 starting) won a MVP and now have a chance for a Super Bowl to a guy that has yet to take even a NFL snap in a practice? But not only that then said Mahomes may be on Burrows level?

  18. There are plenty of teams that have barely sniffed a Super Bowl for several years. Bengals, Browns, Jets, Dolphins, Chargers, Raiders, just to name a few. You can’t count out half the league. It only takes a few players and a little luck to get there. Who expected the Rams with Warner, Patriots with Brady (the first year), the Ravens with Dilfer, the Giants in 07 or 11? You just never know.

  19. Burrow will likely be the missing piece in Cincinnati! Obviously, Carson Palmer wasn’t! It all depends on whether Mike Brown opens up the purse strings! Does Brown have what it takes to build a team around Burrow!

  20. jerseybirds says:
    January 31, 2020 at 11:44 am
    Then I suggest Joe Joe pulls the Eli and refuses to play for the Bengals.

    Or he could pull an Elway.

  21. Even Bengals fans don’t dispute the contention. All they can come up with is “ well after Palmer left they went to the playoffs five straight years”.

    Yeah, that’s a great track record of success you have there. 52 seasons in the league. 14 playoff appearances. 5 playoff wins.

    Think Burrows wants any part of that? No. He will take the paycheque, thank you very much, but winning? Not happening.

  22. The 2006 Bengals were a Super Bowl contender until the Steelers rolled up on Carson Palmer’s knee in the playoffs. The 2016 Bengals started 10-2 before Andy Dalton broke his thumb. In between, the Bengals made the playoffs five straight years. Hard to believe you could accomplish any of that without being committed to winning Super Bowls.

  23. People are wishing and hoping Joe Burrow pulls a Eli Manning so they can have something to talk or write about..

  24. Mike Brown is clueless and hopefully short lived as owner – problem is Katie and husband are cut from the same mold! Very rare Brown family speaks in public – heard Katie on radio and her answer to what was your memorable Bengal moment of coarse she said 88′-89′ super bowl
    but never said anything about trying to get that feeling back all these years later! They are riding the wave and making money satisfied being mediocre!!

  25. I have to question Burrow’s judgement in seeking the help of Jordan Palmer. Jordan rode the coattails of big brother Carson and was his backup in Cincy. Not because he was qualified, but as a favor to Carson. That was the royalty and kid-gloves treatment Carson received in Cincy. Jordan lacked the discipline to even focus on football, he was always busy peddling some stupid mobile app that would tell you what you missed at a movie theater if you went to the restroom. Can’t make this stuff up.

    Takes some real gonads for Carson to insult the Bengals organization. Not only did they give his kid brother a job, but they made him one of the highest paid NFL players. Mike Brown might be cheap, but he spares no expense on QBs he believes in. Brown also signed players in free-agency that Carson wanted. During Carson’s tenure, our defense was very good under Zimmer. Offense had tons of weapons at WR, RB and TE…offensive line was pretty good too.

    Despite all this cash, talent and time spent on Carson, he could never put it together. He QUITS at the end of 2010 and we draft Dalton in the 2nd round….then we make the playoffs 5 years in a row.

    The mistake the Bengals made with Carson was coddling him like a man-child. He got too big for his britches, never competed for his job and lacked any leadership because he was too busy being selfish. Now, he attempts to poison the future of the very organization that made him wealthy and built a team according to his whims.

    Carson is the very definition of a loser. He can’t help bemoaning his lost opportunities. He lacks grace and the introspection to see his own faults. Even now, he suffers from the hubris delusion of thinking he’s capable of recognizing the difference between ordinary and championship teams.

    If Burrow wants to keep parroting the Palmer boys, he should expect scouts to start questioning his maturity. Personally, if Burrow is even a shade of the self righteousness of the Palmer boys, I hope Brown trades the 1st for Miami’s 3 1st rounders.

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