Ryan Fitzpatrick confirms he’ll play in 2020

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Ryan Fitzpatrick wasn’t definitive about his 2020 plans late in the regular season, but said that he didn’t expect a difficult decision about playing another year.

That decision has been made. Fitzpatrick told Ian Rapoport of NFL Media that he plans to play a 16th season.

The Dolphins have already said that they “fully expect” Fitzpatrick back, so it seems that the quarterback will be in Miami for another year.

With that bit of housekeeping taken care of, the next step for the Dolphins will be to figure out who else will be on the depth chart. Josh Rosen remains on hand and many expect the Dolphins to take a quarterback early in this year’s draft.

24 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick confirms he’ll play in 2020

  1. This guy has been under the radar for years and is quietly putting together an almost legendary career. Eight different teams, 15 years and will likely hold a clipboard as a backup if he wants to later. He just goes out and slings it. He’s outlasted more first round picks than I can count. Brilliant.

  2. Josh Rosen might be another trophy added to the collection of John Gruden to backup Carr it might not be a bad idea considering Josh is a first round pick that keeps sliding down the depth chart—is confidence must be BUSTED!

  3. Love crazy legs Fitz, I would rather see Miami use all the picks for instant starting OL/DE/DB/RB instead of picking a QB.
    Trade back and get more picks and set up for Lawrence for next draft. Fitz and Rosen can win games.

  4. This Steelers fan would be very happy to see Fitz as a transition QB for a year or two. He is the kind of guy Pittsburgh fans would embrace. hard working, blue collar, get it done. The hockey beard is nice for Penguins fans, as well.

  5. I have always wonder what this guy might have done on a team with:
    1) Decent pass blocking
    2) Solid set of receivers
    3) Good defense

    He has NEVER had all three on ANY team he has been on.

    He has always been on a team with limited talent, being expected to carry the offense, or if they had ONE of the above they didn’t have the other two.

    So, he always got labeled as a “journeyman” or “backup that can’t start” but I really don’t see it.

    Yes, he takes too many chances, but usually because he HAD TO in order to give his team any chance of winning.

    Would really like to have seen him play when he didn’t HAVE to throw six zillion times to win.

  6. billsfaninmiami says:
    January 31, 2020 at 10:32 am
    If you have 3 QBs, you have none.,.


    Try telling that to the Saints.

  7. It didn’t end well in Buffalo (or anywhere) for Fitz, but he made the Bills watchable again. Not winners, but fun to watch. He and Stevie Johnson came out of nowhere and entertained us for a solid 2 years. Then, he took the money bag and ran.

  8. I would love to see what Fitz could do with the Patriots. With solid coaching all around him, who knows how his career would have went. He reminds me of Flutie, playing sand lot ball – love watching it.

  9. Nice guy to Tudor your replacement after 16 years! He has a lot of knowledge to share with Tua!

  10. His teammates seem to enjoy playing with him. He is probably a good locker room guy and someone that you would want on the team and possibly to help bridge the future with whomever they draft this year.

  11. he is the best FF QB when he is on a team with pretty much no chance to actually win anything. then he just goes out there and lets it fly, big numbers baby. but if there is legit expectations for the team to do good, he will instantly fold.

  12. Damn, I would’ve liked to see him backing up Danny dimes, he can string together wins.

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