Tarik Cohen regrets preseason Super Bowl talk

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Some of the Bears made it to Super Bowl Week. But they are not here as a team, representing the NFC on Sunday, which was the preseason talk in training camp.

The Bears lost a heart-breaker in the postseason to the Eagles to end the 2018 season, creating hype and hope for 2019. Instead, the Bears fell to 8-8 and out of the playoff picture.

“There was a lot of talk surrounding us about the Super Bowl, and that’s not what it’s supposed to be about,” Bears running back Tarik Cohen said, via Jason Lieser of the Chicago Sun-Times. “It’s supposed to be about staying low and hard work, and at the end of the season, you’ll be there. Now that we have the noise off of us, it’ll be better for us.”

Cohen promises a humbler 2020 Bears team, which still will have the same Super Bowl hopes internally but now as underdogs outside the organization. The Bears are going to try to quietly walk the walk this season.

“I had a bad taste in my mouth at the end of the season, and that’s why I’m really ready to get back at it,” Cohen said.

18 responses to “Tarik Cohen regrets preseason Super Bowl talk

  1. Imagine if the bears had beaten the Giants or the Packers (who they had a 20 point lead on) last year. They would have been the #1 seed in the NFC and probably would have had a good shot at the super bowl.

  2. Watching Cohen shush his own fans at home, after scoring, and constantly running east-west out of bounds is what left a bad taste in my mouth. This Bears team is a mess.

  3. It was baseless chatter in the preseason.
    If anything it only helped-delude a fanbase into thinking Falsebisky was legit.

  4. Yeah remember when Matt Nagy re-played the double doink to the team and ranted endlessly about losing that heartbreaking game as supposed “motivation” the entire offseason? How did that work out for you Bears?

    Champions know and have always known you cannot look back at your losses as motivation. IT NEVER WORKS. The 2010 Vikings tried that after their heartbreaker vs the Saints, and they never got over their loss. the 2019 Saints wouldn’t shut up about the Rams ref loss in last year’s NFCCG all year long. IT NEVER WORKS

  5. Called it! Delusional Bear fans that it was SuperBowl or bust. Well, I guess it was bust. They are only going to get worse not better. As they have squandered cap space and draft capital.

  6. I’d rather have players believe that they can win the Super Bowl than those that limit themselves because they don’t have the confidence to exceed expectations…

    There is only one Super Bowl winner and 31 teams are all losers every year, regardless of making the playoffs or not. Just get back up and get into the fight again next year.

  7. This always happens with the Bears. Always. They make the playoffs once every 5 or 6 years with a flukey 13-3 or 12-4 season that wins their coach the Coach of the Year award, choke in the playoffs at home, and then start believing their own hype but crash back down to earth and end up getting a new coach just a couple years later. From a Bears fan of the last 35 years.

  8. I heard the talk of winning the SB from plenty of Bears fans because of this great Defense but no one could answer how its possible with a mediocre QB and no O line?

  9. Bears need to get this rule understood: Under promise and over deliver. Trubisky was the over promise and the under delivery

  10. Bears are going nowhere. The league had caught up with this team in how they play offense and defense. They need a new QB. They need a new head coach…and frankly, they need a new GM. Watch Pace trade away 2021 and 2022 draft picks in this coming draft. He is all about winning now at all costs. The only thing that will cost this team is the lost of future draft picks…yes…Pace is digging a big hole. And when he is kicked off this team, the new GM will not have the draft picks to rebuild this team. Pace’s last words….”Trubisky is our quarterback”. Now where did i hear those words before? They fired a bunch of coaches when they should have fired themselves.

  11. Lots of experts on here talking trash before the Superbowl is even played. There is a long off season to make adjustments. The Bears definitely have a lot of young talent to possibly make some adjustments and be in the mix. Anyone denying that is just a saltly Lions fan that changes his name a million teams out of spite that Trubisky owns and is undefeated against his pathetic Lions.

  12. Well…KC won the superbowl with the QB that the bears should have drafted. This will haunt the bears and the bears fans for a very long time. Trubisky doesn’t have it and will never have it. If you could teach this stuff to a young QB then the NFL would be overloaded with great QBs. Nope…bears are going nowhere because we have a nowhere general manager, a nowhere head coach….and a nowhere ownership that puts up with the bull coming from this team..again.

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