Tua Tagovailoa’s agent hopes he doesn’t have to start this year

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Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa believes he could start right away if need be.

But his agent, who has been around a few quarterbacks in his day, thinks sitting for a year might be the best thing for his client.

Longtime agent Leigh Steinberg told Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press that he thinks not starting immediately might have benefits.

“I will tell you that Patrick Mahomes [was] greatly helped . . . by the fact that he had a year to learn and he learned behind Alex Smith, and Alex Smith was a generous mentor,” Steinberg said, mentioning another client of his who happens to be playing this weekend. “It takes the right personality in the existing quarterback to bring along the next young quarterback, but if you look at Aaron Rodgers, Carson Palmer, Philip Rivers, none of them started the first year and my wish for Tua would be that he would go to a team that would give him a year to learn the system and do everything before the pressure of being a starting quarterback was upon him.”

During yesterday’s visit to PFT Live, Tagovailoa said he’d be fine with either playing immediately or having an internship, though he acknowledged the benefits of watching.

“Well, I’m okay with both, either if I have to go out there and play you know I’m going to go out there play, but you know if I had to sit behind someone I think that’d that’d be I think a lot better for me to,” he said. “You know in a sense where I can learn under someone who’s a veteran, who’s been playing in the NFL you know just understand the game a little bit more. You know before getting thrown into the fire I guess, but yeah there’s no doubt I wouldn’t mind if it was both sides.”

That’s what any player has to say at the moment, but Steinberg has been around long enough — and seen some immediate evidence — to think it would help his client’s development.

18 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa’s agent hopes he doesn’t have to start this year

  1. Would make sense if he goes to Miami where they still have Fitz under contract for next year.

  2. Learn behind Derick Carr of the Sin City Raiders with Coach Gruden barking plays at you…I believe that would be a great fit for you and the City.

  3. The agent saying that Tua could have to sit for a year doesn’t help his client much, imo.

  4. Realistically, the Lions are not going to win the Super Bowl with Matthew Stafford. It might make sense to take Tua and stash him on the bench until Stafford’s deal is up.

  5. We’ll see how far he drops. The best move would be for some team to trade with the 49’ers for pick 32 (see what I did there?) and then select him so that you can red shirt him for the first year and have his 5th year option.
    That said, some GM is almost certainly going to pull the trigger and pick him higher than that. Time will tell…

  6. No thank u on tua the raiders have been in the qb Delema enough in my 26 years of being a raiders fan ride it out with car get him some weapons…….. r.i.p. carr trade rumors

  7. I don’t see a team sitting Tua Tagovailoa as a rookie. Tua is the most experienced QB in this class by far and away and is ready to start, the team who will be drafting him will a team who NEEDS A QB and who’s hungry to win, internships are a thing of the past Tua will play. Only reason Mahomes didn’t play is because Smith was there but Mahomes could of played year 1. Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen etc all started year 1. 2019 1st overall pick QB Kyler Murray started as a rookie and set numerous rookie records & is now ready & primed to take a huge jump forward in his 2nd year in the NFL which is the benefit of starting as a rookie as that game experience is invaluable and no one is expecting Tua to win out of the gate year 1 anyways, it’s the experience and in game reps/development that’s valuable.

    As good as Tua is and as unique a talent he is where ever Tua goes i’d bet money he is starting year 1. I personally think Tua ends up in either Miami or Detroit, I think Tua is going to be a very good NFL QB .

  8. Yeah, because that worked out so good for Tannehill with the dolphins. Look at him now, out of a crappy team, new scheme, and played lights out!

  9. that sounds like code for his health is a complete mystery and a year of “mentoring” will be a buying a year before we find out he’ll never be the same player ever again. more and more red flags with this kid …

  10. Basically saying his health is still very much in doubt and needs as much time as possible before he plays. I wouldn’t draft him in the first round.

  11. I think any team that drafts him already suspects he’ll miss his rookie season just like when Willis McGahee was drafted. The good news for Tua is that means he’ll probably drop to the latter half of the first round. He’ll be able to learn behind a starter and have a year less of wear-and-tear on his body (and hip) and one year closer to being a free agent. Anyone who thinks he’s going to play this year is either delusional or is not considering his long-term health. You don’t spend a first round pick on a guy to ruin him after one year.

  12. Waiting for which team drafts him and starts him by week three! Don’t follow the Redskins lead and start Haskins way, way too soon with Tua!

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