Cam Newton “absolutely” expects to be with Panthers

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Cam Newton is one of several quarterbacks whose futures are being discussed as we head into the offseason and Newton weighed in with some thoughts on how he expects things to play out while in Miami this week.

Newton was limited to two games in 2019 because of a foot injury and dealt with a shoulder injury during the 2018 season, which has clouded his outlook with the Panthers. The team that has hired Matt Rhule as their new head coach and longtime stars Luke Kuechly and Greg Olsen are moving on, which some would take as a sign that the team is ready to start fresh on all fronts.

Newton is heading into the final year of his contract and the Panthers would clear $19.1 million in cap space by moving on without him, but Newton doesn’t think they will. During an appearance on CBS Sports Network, Newton said that he “absolutely” expects to remain with the Panthers for a 10th season and shared the message he sent the team recently.

“It’s devastating to not have the coach who drafted you, but at the same time, you’ve got to turn the page,” Newton said. “I had an unbelievable conversation with Marty Hurney, the G.M., David Tepper the owner, as well as Coach Rhule, the new head coach. And I left that meeting inspired. And I told them, ‘You won’t find another person in that locker room with more to prove, not only to you, but I’ve got to prove to myself.'”

Neither Rhule nor Tepper tipped their hands when it came to their plans for Newton when they met with the media earlier this month. Getting a handle on Newton’s health is sure to be an integral part of their process and there’s still a lot of time for that to take place before any final call has to be made.

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  1. Well they can’t go into the season starting Will Grier, that’s for sure. Newton is such a unique player, would be a real shame for NFL fans if he doesn’t make it back to health somewhere.

  2. I thought a year off was the best thing for Cam. The guy was an MVP not all that long ago. If he can be healthy the Panthers would be crazy to not have him the start next year. His contract by today’s QB standards is dirty cheap. They will be in line to draft either Derrick Brown or Jeff Okudah and they will have weapons around Newton for the first time ever.

    The coaching hire would concern me if I was fan here. This guy likes to talk about building relationships and being involved heavily with players. That is college where you have them at a different stage of their life and for a limited time. This is pro ball and these guys come to work and won’t want a bunch of father figures hovering around.

  3. I can see the Panthers keeping him on to transition to whatever QB will be brought in, but the team may also see that as a progress stopper for the new QB (whether that be a QB brought in via the draft or FA).

    With Kuechly retiring, and Greg Olsen moving on, maybe the team wants a clean sweep and will move forward with another QB . I can also see Cam getting traded, as that $19.1 million salary for 2020 is a reasonable amount, and I can see him going to Miami or Tampa on a one year prove it deal. It will be interesting to see what happens. Cam has never been great IMO, but he is a pretty good QB, and still has a good amount of gas in the tank.

    Of course he has a lot to prove being on the last year of his contract and him wanting to prove that he can still play at a high level. Whatever team he ends up with will have to deal with his strangeness – he is a different sort of cat.

  4. He’ll never be the same again. Does not want to play with the same style that made him unique. He’s not a pocket passer. This guy is done if he’s done taking hits and moving the chains with his legs.

  5. This story won’t go away or even change until Cam Newton’s health is a settled issue. If he’s fully recovered, multiple teams will want him. If he is not fully recovered, it’s probably over. It’s no sure thing that a healthy Cam is back in Carolina. New Owner and new Head Coach usually means new start.

  6. Good as gone.

    Save your money brother you have become an NFL backup. I don’t know if his ego will allow it.

    They tried everything to get this to work with him. He throws high they get the largest WRs in the world.

    Not great from the pocket not great throwing on the run. So in essence he is tebow with a bit more arm.

  7. His career arc seems to match that of Donovan McNabb. Some early success but fell off a cliff around year 8 or 9.

    He’s not worth starter money anymore.

  8. If Cam Newton is healthy enough to enter training camp 110% healthy (that’s a big IF) I could see this year being a “transition year” at QB for the Panthers where Carolina drafts a QB in round 1 of the 2020 draft and then keeps Cam Newton around for 1 more season as the starter while they give the rookie what would be a redshirt year for all intents & purposes before he takes over in 2021 bringing the young guy along slowly.

    At 30yrs old though with two serious injuries over his last two seasons paired with his physical playing style over the last decade I think the Panthers have serious concerns about Newton’s ability to hold up over 16 straight games going forward though & Cam Newton isn’t a good fit for new HC Matt Rhules offense either. I personally believe that Rhule wants to draft & groom his own QB1 and I could see the Panthers deciding to do just that. If the Panthers do end up doing that they could trade Cam Newton for a 3rd round pick to some team, Newton would be a great fit for Bruce Arians offense with that big arm though Carolina likely wont want to trade him inside the division.

  9. He HAS to go if the team truly wants to rebuild. You CAN’T keep a guy around who’s more interested in his brand than he is about winning football games, and the FACT that he would regularly broadcast fashion shows on his Instagram page from the locker room on game day tells you all you need to know about his commitment to winning…He needs to go…That’s it end of story

  10. He’s not good enough to be a place holder for the next guy, Grier or whoever. It would be wasting a year. Just put the new guy in and let him learn on the fly, and don’t go with the “ruined his confidence and career” myth.

  11. This guy has been a drama queen his entire career. Cut bait.
    The last thing a new coach and owner want is a guy who cares more about his headwear than he does diving on fumbles in critical games.

  12. I don’t think Cam’s a Tepper sort of guy, mainly because of all his fashion and ME Me Me obsessions.

    Tepper’s a self-man billionaire who came up from nothing, and I’m pretty sure he wants a quarterback who’s all about team and winning and not mainly about Cuban cigars, fine wine,and goofy look at me clothes.

  13. ‘It’s devestating not having the coach that drafted you.’ This is shattering news, kinda like the Bronco that doesn’t want to move and lose his favorite nanny.

  14. I like to read the comments in articles about Cam Newton. It’s a good reminder of how most people think they know everything, when in reality they don’t have a clue.

  15. I think Cam is done in Carolina.
    Shame too, cuz I really enjoyed his post-game pressers. Must-see TV.

    I used to think the NFL would be less enjoyable without Cam.
    Now I think otherwise.
    Never did like him and always thought him a jerk.
    But he was entertaining.

  16. doctorpancake says:
    February 1, 2020 at 1:34 pm
    I like to read the comments in articles about Cam Newton. It’s a good reminder of how most people think they know everything, when in reality they don’t have a clue.

    Hmm. Yeah, I see what you mean.

  17. A lot of the hate for Cam Newton would be there if he was this year’s MVP… Let’s get that out of the way. The Panthers are not in rebuilding mode with all the talent on this roster, their problem last season was that Cam Newton was hurt. A good draft and solid moves in free agency will put the Panthers in the hunt if the new head coach and his staff are any good. The Panthers need to upgrade the left side of their OL and add a TE and WR either in the draft or free agency. We forget that before the shoulder injury Cam had the Panthers at 6-2 before they fell off the cliff. If Cam Newton can return 100% physically and mentally the will return to a division lead.

  18. I think The Panthers are ready to move on, and Cam would be better off with another team. The Panthers have a new owner and a new coach. These guys are looking ahead at what’s going to happen in the future, not reminiscing about what’s in the rear view mirror.

  19. Have you confirmed that decision with Rhule yet? Cam won’t last long in Ruhle’s scheme when you refuse to recover a fumble!

  20. the panthers have a talent crisis they need to take 2 or 3 years off and draft. they shoudlve traded newton 2 or 3 years ago when the writing was on the wall. this team cracked in 2017 , kuechly retired and ppl who hadnt been watching were surprised ppl who had been watching knew

  21. Lamar Jax is on the same path as Cam: good but not good enough to win a SB – too much run and stupidity/immaturity. Face it, pocket passers win the SB, plain & simple. Guys like these 2 can only go so far. Get used to it, Ratbirds fans.

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