Ryan Tannehill wins comeback player of the year

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The Dolphins didn’t want Ryan Tannehill any longer, throwing him into the scrap heap after last season as the latest failed first-round quarterback.

Denver didn’t want him, trading for Joe Flacco. Washington didn’t want him, trading for Case Keenum. Jacksonville didn’t want him, prepared to sign Nick Foles.

The Dolphins gave Tannehill away last spring, sending him to the Titans along with a sixth-round choice for fourth- and seventh-round choices.

It turns out the Dolphins were right about Tannehill in 2012 when they made him the eighth overall choice. They were wrong about him last offseason.

So, too, were Denver, Washington and Jacksonville.

Flacco, Keenum and Foles were benched for rookies this season. Tannehill, who went to Tennessee as Marcus Mariota‘s backup, went 7-3 in the regular season and led the league in passer rating at 117.5.

For that, Tannehill won the league’s comeback player of the year award. He was honored at the NFL Honors show on Saturday night.

He beat out a load of worthy candidates, including 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, Raiders tight end Darren Waller, Vikings running back Dalvin Cook, Cowboys center Travis Frederick, Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen and Ravens safety Earl Thomas.

Tannehill earned 16 of 50 votes, edging Garoppolo by one vote.

Once he got to Tennessee, Tannehill didn’t get a chance to win the job. He had to wait for Mariota to lose it.

When Mariota did, Tannehill seized his opportunity.

He had a career-best 70.3 completion percentage while leading the league in yards per attempt at 9.6. Tannehill passed for 2,742 yards with 22 touchdowns and six interceptions in the regular season.

In the process, Tannehill has earned himself a nice payday as he is set to become a free agent in March.

18 responses to “Ryan Tannehill wins comeback player of the year

  1. Well deserved. I enjoyed seeing Ryan succeed.

    Not sure why Earl Thomas was in the running but no biggie.
    Oh, btw, Earl, Pete says hey.

  2. Dear goodness, one year of good ball makes the Dolphins and those other teams wrong? You do realize that all those QBs you named had as much, OR MORE success than Tannehill. Flacco over a long period of time. The Titans won two playoff games with him throwing under 100 yards. You want to crown him a success? Whatever…

  3. Tannehill did a great job, but he only played 1/2 of the season. Dalvin Cook should have won it

  4. Well deserved. The fins essentially kicked him to the curb. Yet he surprised everyone and really showed up this year. Nice work RT.

  5. Well deserved. After he was traded by Miami it seemed likely that he would be a career back up, but Mike Vrabel and Arthur Smith took a chance on him and outright saved his career.

  6. why? he stunk same as always , you give the titans anyone better at QB and they couldve maybe made the super bowl. were yall this impressed with 2017 blake bortles???

  7. Garoppolo at least had to come back from injury. What did Tannehill come back from? Being average for six seasons?

  8. This year’s Brad Johnson/Trent Dilfer. Poor man version, those 2 won it all.
    Powerful D and running game make mediocre QBs look good.

  9. Garropolo took his team to the Super Bowl while coming off a serious ACL season ending injury.

    What exactly did Tannehill cone back from? Stinking? Dude was on the bench for a reason when the season began

    Jimmy G should have gotten it and not even close

  10. TheBloomer0069 says:
    February 1, 2020 at 5:42 pm
    Dalvin Cook should have won this.
    Delicate Dalvin averaged 3.23 yards per carry over his last 8 games of the season.

  11. With all the intrigue surrounding the careers of the quarterbacks who were drafted in 2012, particularly the hype regarding Andrew Luck and RG3, it’s starting to look like Tannehill will end up being the prize QB from that draft.

  12. I agree he deserves this award. Before this season I had Tannehill figured for a 3rd stringer for the rest of his career. He was one of the worst starting QBs in the league, and one of the reasons MIA stayed in the lower fourth of the league for so long. I call these things like I see ‘em.

    And I swear this year he reminded me many times of Tom Brady. There were long stretches when he simply couldn’t be stopped. It didn’t matter what the D did, he had the answer. I watched him chew up my Raiders among other teams and while that was no great feat this year, he was easily one of the best we played against. And yeah, he had a great RB, but not many weapons in the passing game.

    70% completion rate and if he’d started all 16 games would have thrown for 4400 yds and 35 TDs. A great season by anyone’s standards but for HIM, a miraculous one.

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