The latest Antonio Brown attempted redemption tour has begun

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It’s Super Bowl weekend. The culmination of everything good and positive and right about the NFL’s 100th season. So, of course, here comes the guy who indelibly stained the celebration with one last distraction before the 49ers and Chiefs get things started tomorrow night.

In a sit-down interview with ESPN, Antonio Brown attempts to launch his latest redemption tour. And, of course, his generalized apology is undermined by specific statements that make it clear that he’s just saying what he thinks he has to say to get back into the NFL — and that when it doesn’t happen quickly enough for his liking, he’ll do something for which another attempted redemption tour will become necessary.

I think I owe the whole NFL an apology and my past behavior,” Brown told Josina Anderson of ESPN. “I think I could have done a lot of things better.”

OK. Fine. Good. But there’s more. And it’s the more that undermines the apology.

For example, Brown had a snarky reaction to Commissioner Roger Goodell’s recent comment that the NFL is more concerned about Brown’s well-being than his football career.

“I was pleased to hear that after 140 days that there was some positivity about me because as of late I’ve just been the cancer of the NFL,” Brown said. “The problem child, the guy who gets in trouble, the kind of guy who has the bad narrative about him.”

There’s truth in the snark. But he’s the reason he’s been the “cancer of the NFL.” From burning his own feet in a cryotherapy machine to an extended fight with the league over the helmet he’d wear to his decision to tweet his way out of Oakland to the lawsuit filed against him for sexual assault and rape to the alleged harassment via text message of a different woman who had made allegations about Brown to to being dumped by the Patriots to periodic incidents and outbursts directed at anyone and everyone he believes has wronged him in some way to his conduct at a deposition involving damage to a Miami apartment that resulted in a judge forcing Brown to do it over again (in the presence of the judge) to videos of him yelling and screaming at police and the mother of his children to being fired by his own agent due to the chronic misbehavior to his felony arrest for burglary and battery involving the driver of a moving truck, Brown has been the cancer of the NFL — even though the cancer hasn’t been in the NFL since September.

Brown also is skeptical that the league cares about his well-being, telling Anderson, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

And as to the most important question that Brown currently can address, the question of whether he needs help for a health condition that may be influencing his inability to control his impulses and emotions, Brown said, “We all need mental help.”

Anderson took it a step farther, asking Brown whether he may have CTE, a cognitive disease that can develop based on the blows to the head that football entails, tracing to the postseason blow to the head he absorbed from then-Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict more than four years ago.

“Nah, if I had CTE I wouldn’t be able to have this beautiful gym, I wouldn’t be able to be creative,” Brown said, reflecting a complete misunderstanding of what CTE is and isn’t. “I wouldn’t be able to communicate. He didn’t hit me that hard. You know, I got up and walked off the field. We won the game. I was all right. You play the game long enough, everyone get hit hard.”

While Brown may not believe he’s a victim of CTE, he continues to believe he’s a victim when it comes to the allegations made against him by multiple women.

“I feel like I never really got in a conflict with no woman,” Brown said. “I just feel like I’m a target so, anybody can come against me and say anything [that] I have to face. There’s no support, there’s no egos, there’s no rules in it, anyone can come after me for anything. No proof or whatever. ‘He said, she’s saying.’

“The media will run with it, so even if I’m not guilty, I’m already guilty because they already wrote it, put it on TV and put that in people minds. So for me to have to sit here and hear those the allegations of me is just unfair to me every time.”

Every time Brown addresses these topics, the sense becomes inescapable that he believes he’s being treated improperly and unfairly. Until he gets the assistance he needs to understand the connection between his feelings, the way he reacts to his feelings, the things that happen when he reacts to his feelings, and the consequences that civilized society will impose upon him for those reactions to his feelings, his periodic attempted redemption tours will launch.

And then go nowhere.

66 responses to “The latest Antonio Brown attempted redemption tour has begun

  1. His agent clearly coached him what to say initially with Antonio Brown being contrite. Then he went off script and Mr Big Chest crazy came out. His agent must have been facepalming so hard in the studio

  2. WHY WHY WHY is anyone still reporting on this guy??????? Especially Super Bowl week. This guy just needs to go away, he has proven he is all hot air and each and every apology is just his damage control and not truthful. You will NEVER play another down in the NFL

  3. I hope he never gets another chance in the league. There were plenty of people that had his back and he went out of his way to burn bridges with every one of them. I don’t feel bad for him, it is not sad, and he is not a victim. He is just a bad person who craves attention

  4. The NFL literally employs thousands of players and coaches from all walks of life.
    And for 99% of them, they are able to work day to day, week to week, without even registering a blip on anyone’s radar.
    Seriously, why is that?

    There’s a reason why AB has been in the news for various negative reasons throughout the season, and why there were whispers about his conduct in the past.
    And until Brown is capable of confronting the mirror and taking the necessary steps to change the narrative, he’ll continue to drown.

    Unfortunately, he still seems content to shirk his own responsibility and blame the league and everyone else within earshot for his current situation.

  5. While his point in this article is correct, can the person who recites all the things Brown has done this season really be the same person who earlier castigated the League for not making a decision clearing him to play?

  6. I reallly like the part about him not having any conflict with no woman. I’m sure the Florida police who had to come to AB’s house recently due to a conflict with his ex wife would agree, as well as the two women who have brought up accusations against him.

  7. Antonio who? Already forgot about him. The next draft class is coming in in a few months with fresh blood … no need to be concerned about a thirty-something old receiver from the past. His time has come and gone. Bye Bye Antonio …

  8. “I feel like I never really got in a conflict with no woman,” Brown said.


    Jesus, man. You LITERALLY livestreamed yourself screaming expletives at the mother of your children in front of your children.

    Just like Manziel, it won’t be long before the press doesn’t even talk about him anymore.

  9. the more and more I read about AB, have to wonder and give credit to the Steelers and Tomlin how they kept him under wraps for so long. Can’t recall any player that went from a potential HOFer to total nut job in 7 years.

  10. No amount of counseling can help someone who doesn’t have a conscience or moral compass. Sometimes people are just bad and you have to wash your hands of them. AB is one of these people.

  11. Once again ESPN is behind something that takes away from the celebration of football…It never ends with them

  12. I reallly like the part about him not having any conflict with no woman.
    Ironically, due to the double negative he was actually telling the truth.

  13. One day his act will grow old even to the media. When that day happens we will see a tantrum that will easily top all of his tantrums thus far.

  14. Im no fan of the guy but maybe he is suffering from CTE or a related brain injury…..He always had the big ego and was looking to draw attention to himself just like so many others in the NFL do, but something changed in the last couple of years to the point that he no longer has the social skills necessary to function as a human being typically would…..

  15. I’d rather see Antonio return to football and set things right with his former teammates and coaches. Finish his career the way he should have.

    Even if he wants to redeem himself, seems there’s plenty of people who don’t want to let him.

  16. finzfan49 says:
    February 1, 2020 at 9:47 am
    WHY WHY WHY is anyone still reporting on this guy???????
    While I agree with your thoughts, it’s people just like you and I that can’t resist clicking and commenting.

  17. Wow. Of course the media has to bring up CTE. Do they really think people are that dumb and think that all this is from CTE? The guy has a boatload of money , been catered to most of his life, never heard the word no and if you have questionable character that will equal disaster. The guy can turn things around if he wants to, just not sure he does.

  18. No where in this does he address the mental health evaluation he was ordered to undergo by the court system. Nor does he seem to have any sort of grasp on reality. It’s simply a person who is still blaming everyone else for the problems he has created for himself. I’ve been around a few people with some diagnosed mental health issues. His behavior is remarkably similar.

  19. Also, I think people are confusing this with someone who is entitled. That isn’t the issue here. He honestly believes that his behavior is acceptable. People who act entitled generally know they are being a-holes. They just believe their money/stature allows them to behave that way. Antonio Brown thinks this is normal behavior.

  20. I heard someone recently say OJ and AB both have CTE. So nice job media and bleeding-heart ignoramuses, you’ve now given every football player built-in carte blanche to do treat others however they want. Hey, maybe they’re just deeply-closeted gays too! Anything to deflect responsibility for their own actions and lay the blame at the foot of society.

  21. Trully sad…his actions have impacted alot of people and it’s still about him and him only…

  22. AB deflecting on the CTE question does not mean he doesn’t understand it. Refusing to discuss it in the terms Anderson tried to dictate is not the same thing as failing to understand it. Politicians do this all the time, and anyone trained to deal with the media knows about the technique.

  23. Bad behavior by children results in time-outs.
    Bad behavior by adults also results in time-outs(i.e. prison).
    We shall see.

  24. “I feel like I never really got in a conflict with no woman,” Brown said.

    Dumb as a rock Josina Anderson didn’t even try to follow up that ridiculous statement by pointing out the accusations, charges & videos to the contrary
    I also thought it was stupid to ask if he thought he had CTE. How would he know? There are people who never played contact sports who get CTE. You can’t know for certain unless you’re experiencing severe memory loss like in the case of Tony Dorsett or Jim McMahon.

  25. His comments generally reflect the same attitude he’s displayed over the last year and a half. He’s still playing the victim….everybody wants a piece of Antonio the Great. Wonder how much he paid for the airtime? At this rate, we might see an “apology” advertisement during the game. Lol

  26. Admittedly, I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV but my understanding of CTE is that the only true diagnosis is after death when they can examine the brain. True, the are signs that CTE might be present while living but not definitive.

    So why pose the question in the first place, just to be provocative? My point Is there are a lot of questions to be posed to AB, why waste time asking about CTE? It’s typical ESPN, making it more about themselves than the interviewed subject. Both could disappear tomorrow and I won’t blink an eye.

  27. It doesn’t appear as if he’s learned anything….except how to claim to be the victim.

  28. The most clear sign that he is mentally unstable is the fact that he thinks this terrible excuse for an apology accomplished anything.

  29. You can’t help someone when deep down inside of his dark soul he thinks no help is needed. I don’t believe one word in this interview. He truly thinks he has been wronged by Steelers, Raiders, Pats, NFL, women in his life, trainers, cooks, police, who ever has had misfortune of knowing or dealing with him. TRUE SCUMBAG.

  30. Sad how we jump all over one person for making a single mistake (Riley Cooper), but just continue to allow some people (Brown) to make mistake after mistake without any real consequence. He’s a legitimately bad person and we should treat him as such.

  31. “Nah, if I had CTE I wouldn’t be able to have this beautiful gym, I wouldn’t be able to be creative.”

    I’m really curious about what he means by “to be creative”?

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