Chiefs installed as early favorites to win Super Bowl LV

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The confetti is still in the air in Miami, and there are people anticipating the Chiefs to enjoy it again in Tampa next year.

Via David Purdum of, the Chiefs have already been installed as next year’s favorite to win Super Bowl LV.

The Chiefs were given 6-1 odds for next season, followed by the Ravens (7-1) and 49ers (8-1) in numbers posted by Caesars Sportsbook.

The Saints (11-1) and Patriots (14-1) are next on their board, but both teams have uncertainty at the moment about their quarterbacks, with Drew Brees and Tom Brady heading for free agency.

The Bengals and Washington  (200-1) are at the bottom of the list, and they’ll pick first and second in the upcoming draft in hopes of changing their fate.

The Dolphins, Giants, Lions, and Panthers are at 100-1.

14 responses to “Chiefs installed as early favorites to win Super Bowl LV

  1. Sammy Hagar is the early favorite for the halftime show…..he can’t drive SB55….😁🙄

  2. Chiefs will cut Watkins and probably Hitchens. Fisher will be gone if he doesn’t restructure his contract. Chris Jones will probably unfortunately be gone as well. Next year is the last year you get Mahomes at a discount. Chiefs should have about 40-45 million as of now. Pick up a WR in free agency. Rumors have been that they are looking at Dobbins at RB, which they need an upgrade at CB will need work at well as they have some free agents. All in all, they have Mahomes and should be back in the mix, really contending with Baltimore as of this moment with the Titans, Texans, Chargers, Raiders, and Patriots all contending as they have or should have done this year.

  3. Reid didn’t deserve it refs cheated and Shanahan lost the game bypassing points before the half had tons of time he Could have put up 7 points or at the very least 3 points before the half instead he ran out clock You need points to beat chiefs he’s a complete idiot.

  4. This shouldn’t be a surprise. This happens after both college and pro football championships every year. I wished they offered a bet on who they will make the next championship favorite.

  5. It’s always a fools errand to predict this years Super Bowl teams as favorites for next year. Ask the Rams, Falcons and the list goes on and on. Take a look at this yers playoff teams and pick out the six that aren’t going to make it next year.

  6. The Chiefs have a great QB so you can see them as favorites to repeat…until reality happens. Injuries can take their toll. That guy who left in free agency is missed, etc.

    It’s not impossible to repeat-but it is difficult.

  7. Last chance before Mahomes gets his $40 million. Then, its mid to bottom level roster building that is paramount. Coaching, coaching, coaching and developing players who are on the cheap. So hard to do… I just think of Baltimore with Flacco and even Seattle with Wilson. It is one of the many reasons why what BB has done in NE is truly remarkable. But Reid is a very good coach, and I think he can get at least one more trophy, perhaps two. We’ll see…

  8. Lots of talk about the Chiefs becoming the “next dynasty,” but the reality is, they will most likely be the next Colts/Steelers/Seahawks/Packers – i.e., teams that will be competitive and maybe win a couple Super Bowls, but will have plenty of “down years” when they just miss the playoffs. No other franchise in the NFL has been able to reproduce the combination of coach/QB/GM the Patriots have had for the past 20 years. Being able to field talented, balanced teams with good depth to withstand the attrition of an NFL season while staying under the cap is really, really difficult. It also helps if your HOF QB is married to a rich supermodel and doesn’t mind taking below-market deals.

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