Eagles congratulate Andy Reid

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The Eagles issued a classy gesture toward Andy Reid after his Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV.

A tweet with Reid’s picture and the words, “Time’s yours, Andy,” went out from the Eagles’ official account the moment the Super Bowl ended. It had 20,000 retweets within half an hour.

“Time’s yours” is Reid’s signature line at press conferences, after he has given an opening comment and tells the media that the rest of the time will be devoted to their questions.

Reid spent 14 seasons as the Eagles’ head coach, winning six NFC East titles and one NFC Championship Game. The only thing Reid didn’t do in Philadelphia is win a Super Bowl.

When Reid was fired, most Eagles fans agreed that while it was time for the franchise to go in another direction, they’d be cheering for him to succeed elsewhere, especially if it was for an AFC team. Many Eagles fans will be happy to see Reid hoisting the Lombardi Trophy tonight.

19 responses to “Eagles congratulate Andy Reid

  1. Regardless, the Philthydelphia football team has won only one Snoopy Bowl. They need to disappear and draft a real QB. And send that visor-wearing buffoon packing. You let Any go. You have no class.

  2. I like to make clear something the article did not, this is the organization that thinks that way. As an eagle fan i do not congratulate any coach who wins that is not an eagles coach. This guy made the Eagles the second third best team in the league during his tenure. If you ain’t first, ya last.

  3. I was rooting for Andy Reid all the way! Congrats coach! Wish it came sooner for the Eagles but I am glad you finally got a ring! No one is more deserving.

  4. Hats off to the Eagles organization for that.

    most Eagles fans agreed that while it was time for the franchise to go in another direction, they’d be cheering for him to succeed elsewhere

    Maybe the first time Philadelphia fans have ever shown some class.

  5. Will you clowns stop thinking that an entire fan base thinks alike? There is good and bad in every fanbase. And the moron who commented first? How old are you? Time to grow up.

  6. The Eagles never completely stopped believing in Andy, the organization just needed refreshment. I didn’t take long before they again consulted with him about how to move forward & Won the SB before him with his former Protege

  7. As an eagle fan i do not congratulate any coach who wins that is not an eagles coach.

    Well, you’re an idiot with no class…sooo….

  8. Damn right. Congrats to the Chiefs and to Andy Reid, two deserving champions.

    Congrats (and condolences) as well to the 49ers, who played with the hearts of champions and had a great season. They’ll be back.

  9. Reid made the Eagles relevant again. I was rooting for him tonight and through much of the game I thought it was going to end like so many of the Eagles disappointments with him as head coach. He apparently learned something from SBXXXIX because he went to a hurry up offense with 8 minutes left unlike the previous SB he coached in.

    Meanwhile Kyle Shanahan learned nothing from SB LI—although it may have been a little early to go to strictly a running game, at no time did he try and roll Garappolo out to throw the safe 5-6 yard passes to keep the chains moving. And I thought his clock management at the end of the 1st half was awful.

  10. I can’t speak for all Eagles fans, but as far as I’m concerned no one is more deserving of a championship than Andy Reid! His contribution to the Eagles organization is unmeasurable, specifically in establishing a culture of winning. Congratulations to him and the KC Chiefs!

  11. I’m never happy when a division rival wins a Super Bowl but I certainly don’t begrudge Andy Reid for winning a championship because aside from being an excellent HC he also appears to be a cool guy.

    On the other hand, I’m glad that an excellent HC but total jerk like Marty Schottenheimer never got to the Super Bowl.

  12. As an Eagles fan I’m very happy for Andy Reid. Although it was disappointing that he didn’t win the big one here, I think it’s safe to say it ended up working out for everybody. His affect is still felt on the Eagles, couldn’t be more happy for Big Red!

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