George Kittle on OPI call: I have to live with it

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The 49ers had the ball with a chance to break a 10-10 tie late in the first quarter and they tried to improve their chances of doing so by uncorking a deep ball to tight end George Kittle.

Kittle caught the ball for a 42-yard gain, but the play would not stand. Officials thought Kittle pushed off of Chief safety Daniel Sorensen and penalized him for offensive pass interference, which left the Niners to take a knee and head into halftime.

“I’ve gotta live with it. It’s what it is. You know the ref makes the call, you live with it,” Kittle said after the game.

The 49ers went up 20-10 in the third quarter, so the call didn’t keep them from putting themselves into position to win the game. Kittle noted that by saying that the defense “put us in a position to win the game multiple times,” but the offense didn’t do its part and that’s the biggest reason why the Chiefs are celebrating a championship on Sunday night.