Kyle Shanahan on fourth quarter: We had to move chains, not eat clock

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For the second time in four years, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan found himself answering questions about blowing a double-digit lead late in a Super Bowl.

The 49ers were up 10 points in the fourth quarter against the Chiefs when Tarvarius Moore picked off a Patrick Mahomes pass with 12 minutes left in the game, but they took just 4:07 off the clock on their next two possessions while running the ball three times and calling five passes.

When Shanahan met the media after the 31-20 loss was in the books, he said that he felt the Niners had “to move the chains” and that the clock was “not an issue” because the Chiefs still had three timeouts. There are sure to be those who question whether passing the ball was the best way to move the chains given how well the 49ers have run the ball and there will also be those who wonder why Shanahan wasn’t more aggressive at the end of the first half.

Shanahan opted not to call a timeout after the Chiefs were stopped on a third down, which allowed 40-odd seconds to run off the clock before the 49ers ran their first play. He said he didn’t want to give the Chiefs the ball because “the last thing we’d do was allow them to score before half,” but it turned out that the 49ers needed those points when all was said and done on Sunday night.

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  1. They were not out coached.

    They were out manned.

    The rush on both sides hides a ton of flaws.

    I see a huge dropoff in that team.

  2. I’m concerned that this loss will damage the chances of asst coach Sowers enshrinement in Canton next year.

  3. I cannot believe how poorly the 49ers/cupcakes handled their last possession of the 1st half. If you are going to defer possession until the second half, then you should try to get the 2 fer score. Even a field goal scored to end the 1st half would have done wonders for this team for inertia. The 49ers proved they are a gutless team – unwilling to try to keep the Chiefs on their heels on defense.

    BTW – I wonder how Cam Cheating of the Carolina Paper Tigers feels after Patrick Mahomes had the audacity to fall on a fumble! ROFL!

  4. Jimmy G just isn’t ready to make superbowl winning throws. He had Emmanual Sanders open for a TD and he missed it. He needs to be better.

  5. He got blasted in the Monday night game vs Seattle for being too aggressive and it left time on the clock for Seattle to score, now he’s getting blasted for doing exactly what everyone said he should have done vs Seattle

  6. Kyle, when you get 5.2 yards per carry, running the ball “moves the chain’s” and uses up the clock. Up by 10 with 9 minutes to go, 1 and 10 you ran the ball for 6 yards, then 2 passes… so you used no time off the clock AND did not move the chains.

  7. This loss will destroy 9ers chances of making another Superbowl appearance; probably not until a decade time due to hangover and choke job.

  8. Crazy it has now happened to him twice. Second half of the fourth quarter is Kyle’s deer In headlights time. And that end of the first half was just inexcusable. Not good news when your GM is shown frantically making timeout signals in the box while you stand there cluelessly letting the clock run down.

  9. Big shout out to John Lynch for coming down to the field @ the start of the fourth quarter so he could get out on the field to collect that Lombardi.

    Shoulda stayed up in the suite, ya Jinx.

  10. Kinda funny how if you eat some clock YOU PROBABLY WIN, or maybe even- hell idk try to score some points at the end of the 1st half!

  11. Shanahan cost the 49ers this Super Bowl. I was screaming at the TV to run the ball. Chiefs couldn’t stop it. 2nd and 5 and two incomplete passes. Seriously?

  12. What? Move the chains and NOT eat clock? Why did Little Shanny think it needed he needed a binary response? You can RUN the ball and EAT the clock. You would think he would have learned from his last Super Bowl appearance.

  13. The prevailing criteria for evaluating coach’s decision: If it works, it was a good call. If it doesn’t, it was a bad call.

    With 11 minutes left in game up by 10, SF ran for 6 yards on 1st down. Then they threw the ball for 12 yards (no one criticized that call because it worked)

    With 6 minutes left up by 3, SF ran for 5 yards on 1st down, then they threw an incomplete pass on 2nd & 4 (everyone is criticizing that call)

    Throwing on 2nd & 4, was not wrong because it worked.
    Throwing on 2nd & 5, was wrong because it didn’t work.

  14. Yeah…but what was the best way to move the chains. You were averaging over 5 yards a carry…vs putting the ball in Jimmy’s hands in the 4th qtr under a lot pressure, which he has shown isn’t his strength.

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