Raiders can easily escape Derek Carr’s contract, if they can land Tom Brady

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If the Raiders want to pursue Tom Brady, it won’t cost much to unload Derek Carr.

Carr, who has a new house in Las Vegas next door to coach Jon Gruden that Brady could buy, has a contract that pays out $18.9 million in 2020 salary. Of that amount, $2.9 million becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the waiver period, later this week.

But that’s a small price to pay, especially since the offset language in the contract would generate a dollar-for-dollar credit — and if Carr is cut someone else would pay him far more than that. The bigger question is whether Carr would be traded. Given the current quarterback market, $18.9 million becomes a bargain.

The Raiders would take a $5 million cap charge by trading Carr before June 1. As the salary cap busts through the $200 million mark, it’s also a small paper price to pay in order to upgrade from Carr to Brady.

It’s a moot point unless and until: (1) Brady doesn’t re-sign with the Patriots; and (2) Brady chooses to sign with the Raiders. If he does, the Raiders won’t have to think twice about dumping Carr.

31 responses to “Raiders can easily escape Derek Carr’s contract, if they can land Tom Brady

  1. This makes sense….Let David Carr go for Tom Brady who is 14 years older, who had David Carr’s stats with 100 more attempts and a completion % 10 pts lower than Carr’s . Who is used to winning when he has to do and work half as much ….The sooner people realize Brady is the product of the patriots organization and not this elite talent the sooner he will ride off into the sunset as the make believe GOAT

  2. Wishful thinking Florio! This only happens if the Raiders trade Carr to NE! And that’s not going to happen!

  3. Think Brady would target divisions where he can compete for the division title. Walking into the AFC West with KC as a member of either the Chargers or Raiders, I do not see it happening. See Brady targeting AFC South or NFC East as the road to playoffs would be easier

  4. Why would the Raiders want Brady? Doesn’t make sense. An old QB on the decline that’s very expensive.

  5. Drama Queens Jon and Tom could have a great reality show, but which would lead and who would follow?

  6. Go for it Tom! Get a big contract and massive indorsements and cash in. You deserve it for giving a hometown discount for all these years! Go out with some sizzle!

  7. Oh, ok, now I see.
    Now you want us to believe Tom Brady is a better QB than Derek Carr.
    And not only that, you think Brady wants to live next door to Gruden.

    But ok, whatever.

    The part I find interesting is Carr sucking up to Gruden by buying a house next door to him. What? He did? Oh, so Gruden bought his house after Carr did? Oh ok. That makes a lot more sense. So where does Mayock live?

  8. Trade Carr if needed get picks for him.Use picks next year to get Clemson QB with Brady helping tank this year. Brady doesn’t have his youth to carry a team anymore. Especially not a Raiders team with so many holes.

  9. I like Derek. I really do. I think he should be the QB next year. But what bothers me most is how territorial and insecure he is about his place as the teams qb. He literally sounds like my ex gf talking about how we this and we’re gonna do that and I’m the head of this team and we’re all on the same page. He’s way too emotional about it and I get it. But the the great ones are like “hey it’s all a business and if they find someone better than me then that’s on me. I can only worry about what I can control”. Stop talking to the media Derek like they’re your mom or sister “I’m getting really tired of hearing this from him/them golly!” His post game press conferences just seem so phony and over emotional. It’s like he’s trying to build relationships w everyone on the media just like an insecure gf builds relationships w your kids and parents only to prove how much harder it would be to move on from them. There’s something phony about it that reeks of insecurity. Not sure if any of this makes sense but anyone else agree??

  10. Patriots toying with the Raiders again.

    Tom using the Raiders as leverage while simultaneously weakening the already fragile Gruden-Carr relationship. Implosion in LV 2020. Different state, same ol Raiders.

  11. I like Derick Carr but he’s a system QB who plays up (or down) to the level of the coaching he receives. As such he only really thrived under Bill Musgrave who was smart enough to utilize Carr’s strengths and not try to alter his personality.

    If Carr leaves the Raiders and goes to a team with good offensive coaching, decent weapons and a functional o-line then he could thrive again to the extent that he earns Comeback Player honors and is even in the running for offensive MVP (as in 2016).

    As for the Raiders acquiring Brady? It would be another one of the failed publicity stunts that the team has gone with in recent years (acquiring Marshawn Lynch, hiring Gruden, the trade for Antonio Brown). Brady is a HOF QB but he is way over-the-hill in terms of his QB skills. As such he would be a huge downgrade as a replacement for Carr.

  12. Why would the Raiders want an over the hill mid level QB like Brady. Without Belechek telling him what to do he is lost…

  13. As Al Davis put it, “the greatness of the raiders is its future”. Brady is not the future, he is now the past.

  14. Would Derrick Carr win in a Patriot uniform….That’s your answer! So The 9rs dominated three quarters then Mahomes went Mahomes we need Defense Defense Defense and some wide receivers to help Carr out.

  15. Raiders are not so foolish to waste their time and money on someone who spends every waking hour seeking attention. Besides, Brady can’t win a single game unless he has access to the opponent’s signals. His career is built on cheating.

  16. Makes a lot of sense. Get rid of a young up and coming QB who has spent the last 2 years figuring out Gruden’s system for an old QB with little time left. Not gonna happen!

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