Report: Greg Olsen interested in playing for Ron Rivera in Washington

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Greg Olsen will not return to Carolina, he and the team agreed last week, but he may return to playing for Ron Rivera.

Olsen would consider signing with Washington to reunite with Rivera, the Washington Post reports.

The Panthers hired Rivera as their head coach in 2011, and they traded for Olsen later that offseason. Olsen played for Rivera in Carolina until the Panthers fired Rivera last season. It would make sense for the two of them to reunite, Rivera because he would like a strong veteran presence on his team, and Olsen because he would like to play for a coach he knows and is comfortable with.

However, Olsen turns 35 next month, and if he’s in a hurry to play for a winner, he may question whether Washington is the place to go. He also is sure to have job offers if he decides to work in television rather than play another season.

15 responses to “Report: Greg Olsen interested in playing for Ron Rivera in Washington

  1. Of course he would be interested that’s the only coach he’s ever played for, but if he were smart, and if there’s a team that’s ready to contend now that’s interested in signing him, then he’d be better off to go someplace else, because Washington isn’t ready to win right now they still have a lot of work to do. Olsen doesn’t have that kinda time left right now in his career to be part of some rebuilding effort. However, if he’s happy to go play for the lax Ron Rivera, and not have the pressure of winning that comes with playing for another coach who’s more driven, and who demands more from his players on a regular basis than Riverboat laid back Ron Rivera then by all means go to Washington and play for Ron

  2. Ron Rivera sign Greg Olsen and get Cam Newton!!!!! U already have Josh Norman!!! Trade dwayne Haskins to the Lakers for Lebron James!!!!! Washington Redskins will win the World Series!

  3. He should go back to the bears. They REALLY need both a TE that can catch.. And an experienced vet who Tribustky can rely on when hes in trouble (thats most of the time.)

  4. Olsen should come to Buffalo with McDermott and Beane. Carolina connection,
    they can pay him , A chance to contribute to a playoff contender and 2 young TE’s in need of a mentor.

  5. Don’t rule out the Bills, that Car to Buf connection is strong. Bills have a half Carolina front office.

  6. Irresponsible reporting as usual. Olsen said nothing about playing for the Redskins. His comments indicated he’s open to playing for 31 teams, and if he’s smart he’ll chase a ring with a team that’s not incompetently coached, which rules out the redskins.

  7. Players and former assistants following a HC is nothing unusual! But at 35 why bother? Maybe to coach for Rivera but not play!

  8. Greg Olsen is just as if not more injury prone than jordan reed. We need to shoot for Austin Hooper in free agency and draft a young Tight End as well

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