Roger Goodell on XFL: People investing in football is a positive

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is happy to welcome Vince McMahon and the XFL back to the pro football landscape.

Goodell told FOX Business that he sees the return of the XFL as a good thing because it demonstrates the level of interest in the sport.

“I personally look at it as a positive because people are investing in football, and they’re investing a significant amount of capital to create new football leagues,” Goodell said. “That just shows you the popularity of our game. In fact, what I usually hear starting next week is, ‘I’m going to miss football for the next six months. What am I going to do?’ They’re going to have an opportunity to see the XFL starting next week. People are investing in football. I think that only creates greater opportunities and, frankly, more fans.”

The XFL will have significant exposure for its kickoff weekend, with games on ABC and FOX on Saturday and games on ESPN and FOX on Sunday. The XFL won’t reach anything close to the viewership for the NFL, but America has a large appetite for pro football, and a few million Americans will be watching the XFL next weekend.

7 responses to “Roger Goodell on XFL: People investing in football is a positive

  1. The NFL is more worried about the upcoming CBA negotiations than it is about the XFL.

  2. The only thing better would be if the NFL plays year round like baseball! XFL in the spring IS good for football!

  3. The quality of quarterbacking is going to be paramount. It is very hard to watch a brand of football where quarterbacks are missing wide open receivers.

    The quality of play has to be solid. We already know there won’t be any amazing talent on the field, but if the play itself is good that would help watchability.

  4. Just after seeing the best teams square off they want to feed you guys that couldn’t make a practice squad. Why start so soon? You are feeding people ground beef after they just had steak.

  5. the XFL will fail if they dont unveil some major star power soon. Theyre currently trying to sell us on Connor Cook, Aaron Murray, and Landry Jones as faces of the league. Im not tuning into that.

  6. A television viewing bridge towards the return of the CFL in June – what’s not to like?

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